CNN Airs Video of Sarin Gas Attack Victims being Used by Obama Admin to Lobby Congress for Syria War Resolution – Video 9/7/13

CNN Reporter: Obama Claim Syria Poses Imminent Threat to U.S. “Very Dubious” – Video 8/29/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: A “Tsunami” of the American People in September can Force Congress to Defund ObamaCare – Video 8/25/13

RNC Votes to Not Partner with CNN or NBC on 2016 GOP Presidential Debates if they Air Hillary Miniseries – Video 8/16/13

New RNC Ad: Hillary’s “What Difference Does it Make” Benghazi Remark Not Likely Part of CNN, NBC Films – Video 8/12/13

Rush Limbaugh on RNC Ultimatum: “Why should the GOP Participate in (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC) Debates Designed to Defeat Them?” – Audio 8/5/13

Trayvon Martin Friend Rachel Jeantel Says Jury is “Old School”; Helpfully Explains to Piers Morgan “New School” Language – Videos 7/15/13

A Preview of the Return of “Crossfire” on CNN this Fall; Will Feature Newt Gingrich, S.E. Cupp, Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter – Video 6/26/13


New Poll Finds Obama Approval Rating Plummets Eight Points since Last Month in Wake of Scandals – 6/17/13

Newt Gingrich

Report: Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter in Talks for CNN’s New “Crossfire” Show – 4/23/13

Two Students, Texas Lawmaker Destroy CNN’s Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment – Video 4/9/13

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Discuss the Media’s “Mania” for a Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run – Video 4/7/13

Soledad O’Brien Signs Off from Her Canceled CNN Show for the Final Time: “I Will Not see You back here on Monday” – Video 3/29/13


New Pew Research Study Finds MSNBC 85% “Commentary / Opinion” vs. “Factual Reporting”; Fox News 55%; CNN 46%

TSA Administrator Apologizes for Security Check that Frightened a Wheel-Chair Bound 3 Year-Old Girl – Video 2/22/13


Report: Liberal Anchor Soledad O’Brien “On Her Way Out at CNN” – 2/20/13

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