CNN: WikiLeaks Releases Podesta Emails that would be “Devastating” to Hillary Campaign if not for Trump Video – Video 10/8/16

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Lewd Remarks Video “Could be It” – The End of His Presidential Campaign – Video 10/7/16

Eric Trump Destroys CNN Talking Heads after VP Debate; Shoots down Shameless Lies about Trump Ties to Russia; Slams Clinton Ties to Russia – Video 10/4/16

CNN’s Jake Tapper Assumes Role of Clinton Campaign Operative in Combative Interview with Rudy Giuliani – Video 10/2/16

Hillary Hiding: CNN Panel Literally Laughs Out Loud at Tim Kaine’s Excuses for Hillary Clinton having Zero Press Conferences THIS YEAR! – Video 9/4/16

CNN’s John King: State Department Not Releasing Hillary Clinton’s Schedules till AFTER the Election “is Nuts” – Video 8/28/16

CNN Upset Donald Trump “Dredges Up” the Actual Words of Hillary Clinton about Young, Black Americans – Video 8/27/16

Incredible Compilation Video Shows Off-the-Scale Bias by CNN, MSNBC in Favor of Hillary Clinton; Active Defense of Her – Video


What Bias? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger Drink and Dance to Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Nomination – Video 7/28/16


CNN Instant Poll: 75% “Positive” about Trump Acceptance Speech; 56% “More Likely” to Vote for Trump – 7/21/16

CNN Sources: Ted Cruz Will NOT give Full Endorsement to Trump during Convention Speech Tonight – Video 7/20/16

FL Gov. Rick Scott Tells CNN: “Destroying ISIS” should be Focus, Not Gun Control – Video 6/17/16


CNN Estimate: Donald Trump Crosses 1,000 Mark with 1,002 Delegates; Now Just 235 Shy of GOP Nomination – 4/29/16

Marco Rubio Slams Ted Cruz’s “Disturbing Pattern of Just Saying Things that are Not True” – Video 2/14/16

CNN Terrorism Analyst: ISIS “will Laugh” at Obama’s Oval Office Speech – Video 12/6/15

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Defends Hillary Clinton by Blaming Ambassador Chris Stevens for Putting Himself in Danger – Video 10/22/15

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