Sen. Ted Cruz Announces He Will Sign Up for ObamaCare on Federal Exchange; Liberal Media Mocks – Video 3/25/15

Liberal Media “Shocked” at Barack Obama’s Absence at Paris March against Islamic Terrorism – Video 1/12/15

CNN Report on Jihadist Kouachi Brothers in France: “Two Orphaned Brothers began their Journey to, So-Called, Jihad” – Video 1/10/15

Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez: Russia Clearly Mounting “an Invasion” of Ukraine – Video 8/31/14

“ISIS Here” Sign Appears in Ferguson, Missouri During Jake Tapper Interview on CNN – Video 8/18/14

Son of Hamas Founder, a Convert to Christianity, Exposes the True Goal of Hamas – Video 7/26/14

Israel’s U.S. Ambassador Hammers CNN’s Failure to Tell the Whole Truth about Hamas using Schools, Hospitals, Mosques as Weapons Depots – Video 7/24/14

CNN Reporter on the Horrific Scene of Malaysian Airliner Shot Down: “We have to be Careful where We Point the Camera . . . ” – Video 7/18/14

Dick Cheney: Barack Obama’s Failure to Leave “Stay-Behind Force” in Iraq to Blame for ISIS Catastrophe – Video 7/15/14

CNN Anchor goes to the Mat for Obama in Interview with Texas Gov. Rick Perry – Video 7/10/14

Lois Lerner’s Attorney Claims She has Received “Death Threats” – Video 6/29/14

Ron Fournier Renews Call for Special Prosecutor in IRS Scandal: “I Now Realize How Naive I was to Give (Obama) the Benefit of the Doubt” – Video 6/24/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama and His People “Got What they Wanted in Iraq”; Withdrew All U.S. Forces for Political Advantage; Disaster in Iraq Totally “Predictable” – Video 6/15/14

CNN’s Drew Griffin: I was “Caught Off Guard” by Obama’s “Disconnect” from the Reality of the V.A. Scandal – Video 5/21/14

CNN Panel Shills for Obama’s Weakness Towards Russia’s Vladimir Putin: “There’s Not Much He can Do” – Video 4/15/14

CNN Panel Laughs Out Loud at Possibility Democrats Still have a Shot at the House in 2014 – Video 3/16/14

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