CNN Anti-Trump Stooge Threatens FBI will be Out to Get Trump Now – Video 2/3/18

Heartache: Five Ohio Democrats Tell CNN Trump is “doing a Great Job”; “I Love the Guy”; “I want my Country Back” – Video 1/25/18

CNN: Progressives Furious with Schumer for Caving to Trump on Shutdown! – Video 1/22/18

CNN Drama Queens in Full Outrage Mode over Trump’s “Sh*thole Countries” Remark – Video 1/11/18

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Destroys CNN’s Jake Tapper; Tapper Cuts Miller Off because He can’t Handle the Truth – Video 1/7/18

CNN Reports: Justice Department Now “Investigating Clinton Family Foundation for Possible Corruption” – Video 1/5/18

Roy Moore Spokesperson Tells CNN Anchor “Congrats on Unborn Child”; Moore “Stands for the Rights of Babies like Yours” – Video 12/5/17

Texas Governor Knocks Down CNN’s Fake News Attack on President Trump’s Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Region – Video 8/30/17

CNN gives Inside Look at Antifa Anarchist Protesters – Video Report 8/18/17

CNN Censors New Trump Campaign Ad, “Let President Trump Do His Job” – Video 8/15/17

Reality Check – CNN’s Own Video Headline: “Trump Condemns Charlottesville Attack” – Video 8/14/17

Republican Ken Cuccinelli Tells Leftist Symone Sanders to “Shut Up” after being Interrupted Repeatedly during CNN Interview – Video 8/14/17

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Skewers CNN’s Jim Acosta for Saying only Immigrants from UK, Australia know English – Video 8/2/17

CNN Heartache: Heartland Voters Say Trump “Tremendous” as President – Video 8/2/17

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Scolds Gloria Borger over using Sources who got Priebus Resignation Wrong – Video 7/28/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta Losing it because Trump White House won’t Cow-Tow to Him – Video Montage – 7/16/17

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