New Undercover O’Keefe Video: CNN “New Day” Producer Attacks Trump and Says Kellyanne Conway “Looks like She got Hit with a Shovel” – Video 6/30/17

Undercover Video Shows CNN’s Van Jones Admitting, “The Whole Russia Thing is a big Nothing-Burger” – Video 6/28/17

Bombshell: James O’Keefe Releases Damning Video Featuring CNN Producer Admitting “Russia” Story is Mostly B.S.; Says Trump “Probably Right to say you are Witch-hunting me.” – Video 6/27/17

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Continues to Shoot Down Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome: “Does that Sound like a Crime to You?” – Video 5/26/17

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Attacks Trump for Bringing Senate to White House for North Korea Briefing; Sen. Cory Gardner Calls Question “Stupid” – Video 4/25/17

President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Louisville, KY; CNN, MSNBC Censor Trump’s Speech – Refuse to Televise – Complete Video 3/20/17

Jeffrey Lord Presses Truth that if Obama Admin Conducted Surveillance on Trump, Obama is Responsible; CNN Libs Lose their Minds! – Video 3/17/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta Complains because Trump Calls on other Reporters for Questions; Says “The Fix is In” – Video 2/15/17

Pathetic CNN Whines Trump Ignored their Rudely Shouted Questions on Russia Yesterday – Video 2/15/17

Trump Lawyer, Michael Cohen, Says CNN and Buzzfeed owe his Family a “Serious Apology” for Fake News Smear – Video 1/11/17

Trump Puts Rude CNN Reporter in His Place; Refuses to give Him a Question and Says, “You are Fake News” – Video 1/11/17

President-elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference; Hammers “Disgraceful” CNN for Hyping “Fake News” Attack on Him – Complete Video 1/11/17

Sean Spicer Tells CNN it is “Irresponsible” to Demand Trump Detail Actions on Russia while Investigation is Still On-Going – Video 1/2/17

Franklin Graham Tells CNN the U.S. Cannot Take in all the People of the World – “But We can Go to Them” – Video 12/13/16

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin becomes Irate and Emotional as Trump-Basher says the “N-word” in attack on Trump Adviser – Video 11/22/16

Kellyanne Conway Blasts Biased CNN for Fixating on Trump’s Tweets: “Accept the Results of the Election” – Video 11/21/16

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