Colin Powell Slams Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Defense: “Her People are Trying to Pin it on Me” – Video Report 8/22/16

Flashback: Colin Powell Scoffed at Mitt Romney for Warning about Vladimir Putin and Russia: “C’mon Mitt! Think! That isn’t the Case!” – Video May 2012

Colin Powell Parrots Leftist Attacks against Republicans in Interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell – Video 2/7/14

Laura Ingraham Blasts Colin Powell’s Attacks on Voter ID Laws – Video 8/27/13



Here is complete video of Bill O’Reilly’s interview tonight with Colin Powell. O’Reilly went after Powell on how in the world he can call himself a Republican and yet vote twice for the most left-wing President in American History – twice. Powell managed to keep a straight face when arguing he voted for Obama because he thinks Obama’s policies are best for the U.S. Economy.

Bill O’Reilly Interviews Gen. Colin Powell; Asks Powell how He can Support the Entitlement State Policies of Barack Obama – Complete Video 1/29/13

Here is video of Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” today saying that Colin Powell’s defensiveness about former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s book shows that his head “is exploding,” even though Powell said in the interview that his head is “not exploding” because of the book.


As the old saying goes, “The pig that squeals the loudest is the one that just had his tail stepped on.”

Joe Scarborough Says Colin Powell’s Defensiveness Shows Dick Cheney’s Book is Causing “Heads to Explode” – Video 8/29/11

Here is video of Gen. Colin Powell on Face the Nation today where he said he has not yet decided on supporting President Obama for re-election in 2012.

After what Powell did to John McCain in 2008, I wouldn’t trust Powell in the slightest. He says he’s looking to see the most qualified candidate, yet he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 knowing he did not know squat that would qualify him for the office. The last 2 1/2 years have shown Powell made a terrible mistake.

Be sure that he will decide – with great fanfare – in the closing days of 2012 to support Obama just to try and give him a boost.

Colin Powell Not Yet Decided on Supporting Obama Re-Election in 2012 – Video 8/28/11

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