Magellan: If Colorado Republicans had been Allowed to Vote, Trump Beats Cruz. . .

Life-long Colorado Republican Burns GOP Registration after Establishment Colludes against Voters in Favor of Ted Cruz – Video 4/10/16

GOP’s Cory Gardner Delivers Great Victory Speech after Winning Colorado Senate Race – Complete Video 11/5/14


Early Voting in Colorado Shows Republicans Far Outpacing Democrats in Ballots Returned – 11/1/14

Colorado GOP Senate Candidate Cory Gardner’s New Ad Focuses on Senior Voters – Video 10/17/14

Hilarious! Democrat Sen. Mark Udall Four Times Refuses to Say Whether He wants Barack Obama to Campaign for Him; Laughing about it by the End! – Video 1/28/14

O’Reilly Praises CNN Anchor for Calling Out Recalled Colorado Lawmaker for Trying to Blame “Voter Suppression” – Video 9/13/13

Awesome! CNN Anchor Calls Out Colorado Dem in Denial after being Recalled for Gun Control Support – Video 9/12/13

Two Colorado State Lawmakers Voted Out of Office in Recall Election for Anti-2nd Amendment Agenda – Video 9/11/13


Magpul Industries to Host “Farewell to Arms” Event in Colorado; Will Give Away 1,500 30-Round Magazines on Eve of Ban

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Unveils New Flat Tax Plan to Spur Economic Growth

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Invites Colorado Gun Parts Manufacturer to move to the Lone Star State in Wake of Democrats’ Anti-Gun Moves – 2/21/13

Colorado Gun Control Democrat: “There are Other Ways to Address Violence”; Cites Use of “Ball Point Pens” to take Down Gunman “when He stopped to Reload” – Audio

Colorado Democrat Argues Women Don’t Need Concealed Carry Firearms on College Campuses; Just because “You Feel Like You’re Gonna be Raped” it May Not Happen – Video 2/15/13

Here is a local news report on soaring gun sales in Colorado, where the wait time for a background check to buy a gun is now at eight days – instead of what used to take about 15 minutes.

Yet, the AP is trying to push the idea that people in Colorado are less “excited” about buying guns:

Gun Sales Soar in Colorado; Wait Time for Background Check on Gun Buyers Up to Eight Days – Video Report 1/5/13

Here is a new web video from the Mitt Romney Campaign showing scenes from their huge rally in Colorado at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado in October.

New Romney Web Ad Shows Scenes from Overflowing “Red Rocks” Colorado Rally – Video

Paul Ryan Campaigned in Colorado Springs, Colorado yesterday, where he said about President Obama: “If he can’t change Washington, then I say we change Presidents.”

Paul Ryan on Obama: “If He Can’t Change Washington, then I Say We Change Presidents” – Video 10/21/12

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