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Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio talking with Lou Dobbs last night about his plan for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” specifically answering a question about fellow-GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s reservations about the “path to citizenship” part of the plan. Rubio explained that he in no way wants to disadvantage people who have obeyed the law. The plan will not allow those here illegally to “leap-frog” those already “in line” for citizenship. Rubio said it will only give “legal status” to those here illegally, allowing them to work and if they meet all requirements over a lengthy period of time, will allow them to go to the back of the line and apply like they should have done to begin with. Rubio stressed that enforcement mechanisms and securing the border are key components of the plan that must be met.

Sen. Marco Rubio Responds to Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of “Proposed Path to Citizenship” in Immigration Reform Plan – Video 1/28/13

Here is Sen. Marco Rubio on with Lou Dobbs last night where he discussed the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” plan he has brought forward as part of the bi-partisan “Gang of 8″ Senators.

Sen. Marco Rubio Discusses “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan with Lou Dobbs – Video 1/28/13

Here is video of Sen. Jeff Sessions yesterday on the Senate Floor reacting to the “Comprehensive Immigration Plan” put out by the “Gang of 8″ Senators. Sessions agreed that the U.S. Immigration system needs to be fixed, but he is skeptical about the plan being brought forward because the border needs to be secured first. Sessions also pointed to President Obama’s repeated moves to undermine the ability of law enforcement to enforce current laws related to illegal immigration.

Sen. Jeff Sessions Skeptical of New “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan – Video 1/28/13

Here is Sen. Marco Rubio standing with Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Bob Menendez in support of their bi-partisan “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” plan. Rubio explained his support for the plan that would provide a “pathway to citizenship” for the millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States. He explained that would come only after the Border is secured, and after those who have applied to come legally have been processed.

Sen. Marco Rubio Stands with John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Bob Menendez and Explains His Support for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan – Video 1/28/13

Today on ABC News’ “This Week,” Sen. John McCain talked about the bi-partisan push underway on Immigration Reform. McCain said he was pleased with a “new appreciation” on the GOP side of the aisle that “Comprehensive Reform” must take place. McCain said a “Path to Citizenship” has to be a part of the reform. McCain flatly said what they will bring forward is “not that much different” than what they tried to pass in 2007 with President George W. Bush.

Sen. John McCain on New Bi-Partisan Immigration Reform Push: “It’s Not that Much Different than what We Tried to Do in 2007. . . ” – Video 1/27/13

The New York Times reports that President Obama will present a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan in the near future, perhaps during his “State of the Union” Address to Congress on February 12:

NEW YORK TIMES: President Obama plans to push Congress to move quickly in the coming months on an ambitious overhaul of the immigration system that would include a path to citizenship for most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, senior administration officials and lawmakers said last week.

Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats will propose the changes in one comprehensive bill, the officials said, resisting efforts by some Republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces — separately addressing young illegal immigrants, migrant farmworkers or highly skilled foreigners — which might be easier for reluctant members of their party to accept.

The president and Democrats will also oppose measures that do not allow immigrants who gain legal status to become American citizens one day, the officials said. . . .

Mr. Obama is expected to lay out his plan in the coming weeks, perhaps in his State of the Union address early next month, administration officials said. The White House will argue that its solution for illegal immigrants is not an amnesty, as many critics insist, because it would include fines, the payment of back taxes and other hurdles for illegal immigrants who would obtain legal status, the officials said. . . . Read More

Report: Obama to soon Lay Out “Immigration Reform” Plan that Allows Millions of Illegals a “Pathway to Citizenship”

President Obama is set to give a major speech on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” today in El Paso, Texas, where he is expected to push for amnesty for the millions of illegals in the United States.

CNS NEWS: In recent weeks, Obama has met with current and former elected officials, business leaders and Hollywood celebrities – all of whom agree with his position on the matter – to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

Proponents call the proposal a “pathway to citizenship” for the roughly 12 million illegal aliens in the country, but critics call it “amnesty.”

“It will reflect his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday. “We weren’t able to achieve it in the first part of the president’s term but it remains a priority of the president, even though it’s hard. He takes on hard things because he believes they’re important to get done. Hard things often need bipartisan support.”

“One thing I would note,” Carney continued, “is there was bipartisan support at the highest levels of the Republican Party – including the president, George W. Bush, including Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s nominee in 2008.”

The proposal has even less support today, however, with McCain and other Republicans having largely reversed themselves on the issue. Obama is likely less concerned about pushing the proposal than about appealing to a political base in the lead up to his 2012 reelection campaign, says Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, a pro-border enforcement group. . . . Read More

Obama knows there is no way to get this passed with the Republicans in control of the House. His Press Secretary was quoted as saying, “We weren’t able to achieve it in the first part of the president’s term but it remains a priority of the president. . .”

That’s a bunch of baloney. Obama had the votes to do it his first two years, and never made a serious attempt to tackle immigration. If he really had wanted to do it, he could have passed anything he wanted to pass with the Democrats strongly in control of both House and Senate. He just wants to use this as an issue to galvanize Hispanics to vote for him, and against Republicans.

Ronald Reagan tried the amnesty road, and here we are again, 25 years later with an even bigger mess. There’s no way Republicans are going to support going down that road again.

President Obama to Give Speech on Immigration Today in El Paso, Texas

Here is video of Karl Rove previewing the speech President Obama will give today on Illegal Immigration. Rove believes Obama is not serious about passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year, but is making this push just to “jazz up” the Latino vote:

“I don’t think there is any immediate appetite to take up the issue this year. I’ve got to tell you: This is cynical, and it is hypocritical, and it’s political with an issue that ought to be treated sincerely, honestly, and outside of politics as much as possible. I don’t think the President is really interested in passing CIR this year. He just wants a political issue to jazz up Latinos and to get them to vote – maybe not for Democrats this Fall – but for him in 2012.”

I think Rove has hit the nail on the head here. Obama knows he does not have the votes to do this. It’s a political ploy to galvanize Latino votes for Democrats and for himself.

On the Arizona Law, Rove said that current Federal Immigration Laws actually give a looser standard of what is necessary to ask someone about their immigration status. He said the Arizona Law is actually a very tightly written law.

Rove Previews Obama Immigration Speech; Believes Obama Engaging in “Cynical Ploy” – Video

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