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George Zimmerman Friend Reminds Nancy Grace He had a Concealed Carry Permit to Bear Arms; Grace Cuts His Mic Off! – Video 7/11/13

Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Law Saves a Life; Armed Citizen Saves Woman from Attacker – Video Report 3/16/13

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Common sense.

Here is video of Texas School District Superintendent interviewed by CBS News about their plan, implemented following the Virginia Tech Massacre, that has multiple teachers and staff in their school carrying concealed weapons. The Superintendent created the “Guardian Plan” to defend children against possible intruders. Since the Newtown Massacre, the Superintendent said he has gotten calls from all across Texas and from other states asking about their “Guardian Plan.”

Texas School Superintendent Talks about their “Guardian Plan” with Teachers, Staff Carrying Concealed Firearms in the Classroom – Video Report 12/18/12

A Federal Appeals Court has given American Citizens and the U.S. Constitution a big victory by striking down Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons. The court ruled that Illinois was violating the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens to carry concealed weapons for self-defense:

FOX NEWS: In a victory for gun rights advocates, a federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons — the only total concealed-carry ban in the country.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals gave state lawmakers six months to come up with their own version of the law that legalizes concealed carry.

“We’re extremely pleased with the ruling,” Illinois State Rifle Association leader Richard Pearson said. “Now that the court has ruled … we will work as soon as possible with legislators to craft a concealed-carry bill for the state of Illinois.”

The 2-1 decision marks a huge win for gun rights advocates who have argued that the ban on concealed weapons violates the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment and what they see as citizens’ right to carry guns for self-defense. . . . Read More

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Illinois Ban on Carrying Concealed Firearms as “Unconstitutional”; Illinois Must Pass Concealed-Carry Law within Six Months – Videos 12/11/12

House Republicans are planning to begin consideration today of a bill that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry a concealed handgun in any state where concealed carry is not restricted. Right now, 49 states allow some form of concealed carry. Democrats have been fighting to stop the bill from coming up for consideration:

DAILY CALLER: The House of Representatives will consider a bill on Tuesday allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry handguns across state lines.

A floor vote is expected on the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act, a bill introduced by Florida Republican Cliff Stearns and North Carolina Democrat Heath Shuler.

The legislation would allow those with permits to carry a concealed handgun in any state where concealed carry is not restricted. Forty nine states currently allow some form of concealed carry, but the training and requirements for obtaining a permit vary.

The bill is poised to pass the Republican-controlled House: It has more than 245 co-sponsors, and it survived the markup process intact, despite numerous attempts by Democrats to amend it. . . . Read More

Republicans Bring Up National Concealed Carry Gun Bill for Consideration

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