New Ad Ties Colorado Democrat Sen. Mark Udall to Barack Obama: “Udall Votes with Obama 99% of the Time” – Video 9/16/14

New Crossroads GPS Ad Hammers Democrat Sen. Mark Begich on Response to V.A. Scandal: “If There’s a Problem. . . ” – Video 5/29/14

Crossroads GPS Ad: ObamaCare is Redefining Full-Time to Just 30 Hours a Week – Video

New Crossroads GPS Ad: “The ObamaCareNado – It’s Coming Soon!” – Video 7/19/13

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” ad that seizes on the reaction of the Mainstream Media to President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address. Much of the media called it what it was: “Liberal” and “Radical.”

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Compiles Liberal Media Hailing Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address for How “Liberal” and “Radical” it Was – Video 1/22/13

Here is a new Crossroads GPS ad that slams President Barack Obama for his handling of the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. The ad points out that Obama only wants to raise taxes and not deal with the real source of the nation’s debt problem – runaway Government spending.

New Crossroads GPS Ad Slams Obama for wanting Tax Increases and No Spending Cuts in “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations – Video 12/5/12

Here is a great new “Crossroads GPS” ad that highlights the touching story of an elderly couple about how Mitt Romney helped their dying son years ago. Romney ministered to the family as a church leader at the time, and helped the 14-year old boy “write a will” before he died. Romney also delivered they boy’s eulogy, as described by his parents. This couple spoke up for Romney at the Republican National Convention. This is an outstanding ad that undercuts the entire narrative pushed by the Obama Campaign this year that Romney is cold and heartless. Romney went a long way to destroying that fallacy with his first debate performance, and ads like this help reinforce just how untruthful the Obama Campaign has been.

Great New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Features Touching Story of Mitt Romney Helping a Dying 14-Year Old Boy Write “His Will” – Video 10/23/12

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” ad that takes off on Paul Ryan’s speech where he mentioned the disappointment of students living at home with their faded “Obama Poster” on the wall from 2008, because they cannot find a job.

Great ad!

New Crossroads GPS Ad “The Poster” Inspired by Paul Ryan Convention Speech; Features Student Taking Obama Poster Off the Wall – Video 8/30/12

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” ad that goes after Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown for his support of ObamaCare and Obama’s war on the coal industry.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad goes after Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown for His Support of ObamaCare – Video

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” ad targeting Virginia’s U.S. Senate race, that points out Democrat Tim Kaine’s support for Barack Obama’s massive “Stimulus” boondoggle during his first days as President back in 2009. The ad mentions that some of that nearly $1 Trillion of spending went to pay for studying “ants in Africa.”

“Crossroads GPS” Ad Hammers VA Democrat Tim Kaine for “Cheerleading” Obama Stimulus Spending to “Study Ants in Africa” – Video

Here’s a new “Crossroads GPS” ad that keeps hammering the facts on how Americans have “Suffered” from the economic policies of Barack Obama, and the $4 Billion of debt he is adding to our nation every single day.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Keeps Hammering Obama’s Failed Economic Policies, Stimulus Outsourcing of Jobs Overseas, and $4 Billion of Debt Added Every Day – Video 7/23/12

This new “Crossroads GPS” ad continues to hammer Barack Obama with the facts of the Obama Economy. The ad opens with, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” and then lists the details of Obama’s disastrous economic record. Crushing unemployment. Shrinking American Manufacturing. Adding $4 Billion of new debt EVERY DAY.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Keeps Hammering the Obama Economy: “It wasn’t supposed to be this way. . . Crushing Unemployment. . . Adding $4 Billion in Debt EVERY DAY” – Video 7/12/12

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” Ad to air in Battleground states that mocks Barack Obama for his many “excuses” as to why he has not done what he said he would do in turning around the U.S. Economy.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Mocks Obama’s many “Excuses” for the Obama Economy – Video 7/6/12

Here is a new ad from “Crossroads GPS” that goes after Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown for his support of ObamaCare, and Barack Obama in general. It points out Brown has voted with Obama “95% of the time.”

We’re going to see many more ads like this around the country hammering vulnerable Democrats for their support of both Obama and his massive Government-takeover of the Health Care system.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Hammers Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown for His Support of ObamaCare and Voting with Obama “95% of the Time” – Video 7/3/12

VERY effective!

A new “Crossroads GPS” ad that features a “stopwatch” ticking and explaining that Barack Obama will add $1.4 Million to the National Debt during the 30-second ad, and $4 Billion per day – “borrowing from China for his spending.”

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Features Ticking Stopwatch: “Now He’s (Obama) Adding $4 Billion in Debt Every Day. . . Borrowing from China for His Spending” – Video 6/5/12

I love this “Crossroads GPS” ad running now in Missouri that ties Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is running for re-election this year, to Barack Obama. It focuses on “ObamaCare,” which the ad calls “ObamaClaire.”

“ObamaClaire led to ObamaCare” – pointing out that Claire McCaskill has voted with Obama 90% of the time. It will be interesting to see how many Democrats running for re-election try to run away from Barack Obama to save themselves from defeat this Fall.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Goes after Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill by Tying Her to Obama: “ObamaClaire Led to ObamaCare” – Video 5/31/12

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