Donald Trump Dallas Rally: “I’m Looking Forward to the Debates with Crooked Hillary” – Complete Video 6/16/16

Donald Trump Speaks to 20,000 “Noisy Majority” Supporters in Dallas – Complete Video 9/14/15

Donald Trump Heading to Dallas for Huge Rally Tonight at the American Airlines Center – Video Report 9/14/15

Second Dallas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola Virus – Video 10/15/14

BREAKING: Deadly Ebola Virus Hits the United States; First Case Diagnosed in Dallas; Man Visiting Family from Liberia Hospitalized with Ebola – Video 9/30/14


Ice Storm Hits Dallas, North Texas, Arkansas and Beyond – Video 12/6/13

City of Dallas Observes a Moment of Silence 50 Years to the Minute After President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated – Videos 11/22/2013

President John F. Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas, Texas 50 Years Ago Today – Multiple Videos 11/22/1963

Sen. Ted Cruz, Conservative Crowd Face Down Liberal Hecklers at “Defund ObamaCare” Town Hall Meeting in Dallas – Video 8/20/13

Former President George W. Bush “Some Kind of Fired-Up” for Presidential Library Dedication on Thursday at SMU in Dallas – Video


“The Armed Citizen Project” Plans Expansion to Dallas; Wants to Give Free Guns to Residents in High-Crime Areas for Self-Defense – Video Report 4/1/13


First Baptist Church, Dallas, Dedicates Spectacular New Downtown Fountain – Video Report 3/24/13

Actor Larry Hagman, best known for his role as “J.R. Ewing” in “Dallas” has died at the age of 81. Hagman also starred in “I Dream of Jeannie.” He died after a battle with cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.

Here’s a video spot Hagman did this year for the Dallas Cowboys to play in Cowboys Stadium for the 2012 NFL Season.


“Dallas,” “I Dream of Jeannie” TV Legend Larry Hagman Dies at Age 81 – Video Report 11/23/12

It was 48 years ago today, November 22, 1963, that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Here are a series of videos that bring back the events of the day, beginning with the coverage by Walter Cronkite and a local Dallas TV Station. The final two videos are from the extremely graphic Zapruder film showing the actual assassination itself:

CBS News/Walter Cronkite Coverage of Kennedy Assassination, November 22, 1963

JFK Assassination Coverage on Dallas TV, November 22, 1963

Zapruder Film of the Assassination (WARNING: Very Graphic)

Zapruder Film Closeup (WARNING: Extremely Graphic)

Dan Rather Reports on the Scene at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where President Kennedy was Pronounced Dead

President John F. Kennedy Assassinated 48 Years Ago Today in Dallas – Videos 11/22/1963

During a public meeting, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price tells citizens to “go to hell” after complaining that they were all white. He also called another person who approached him “fat boy.”

Video: Dallas Official To Citizens: “All of You Are White. Go to Hell!”

A massive snowstorm has started dumping 10″-20″ of snow on the middle part of the U.S. this morning – a storm that is expected to impact up to 100 million people. Blizzard warnings have been issued from Texas to Indiana and beyond. Above is a home video I found on YouTube from Central Missouri as the storm gets underway.

The same storm system has already hit the Dallas area with snow and ice ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl to be played at Cowboys Stadium. Below is video of the snow around the stadium:

Blizzard Across the Plains Set to Dump Up to 20″ Inches of Snow Across Multiple States – Video 2/1/11

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