First Baptist Church, Dallas Choir Debuts, “Make America Great Again” Song – Video 7/1/17

“Black Lives Matter” Protester Just Minutes before Dallas Police Officers were Killed: “God Da*n White America” – Video 7/7/16

Dallas Police Chief: Shooter Told Us He “Wanted to Kill White People, Especially White Officers” – Video 7/8/16

Raw Video Shows Vile Attacker Shooting Dallas Police Officer in Assault that Broke out During “Black Lives Matter” Protest – 7/7/16

Horror: Eleven Dallas Police Officers Shot, 4 Killed, During “Black Lives Matter” Protest – Videos 7/7/16 UPDATED: 5th Officer Dead

Donald Trump Dallas Rally: “I’m Looking Forward to the Debates with Crooked Hillary” – Complete Video 6/16/16

Donald Trump Speaks to 20,000 “Noisy Majority” Supporters in Dallas – Complete Video 9/14/15

Donald Trump Heading to Dallas for Huge Rally Tonight at the American Airlines Center – Video Report 9/14/15

Second Dallas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola Virus – Video 10/15/14

BREAKING: Deadly Ebola Virus Hits the United States; First Case Diagnosed in Dallas; Man Visiting Family from Liberia Hospitalized with Ebola – Video 9/30/14


Ice Storm Hits Dallas, North Texas, Arkansas and Beyond – Video 12/6/13

City of Dallas Observes a Moment of Silence 50 Years to the Minute After President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated – Videos 11/22/2013

President John F. Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas, Texas 50 Years Ago Today – Multiple Videos 11/22/1963

Sen. Ted Cruz, Conservative Crowd Face Down Liberal Hecklers at “Defund ObamaCare” Town Hall Meeting in Dallas – Video 8/20/13

Former President George W. Bush “Some Kind of Fired-Up” for Presidential Library Dedication on Thursday at SMU in Dallas – Video


“The Armed Citizen Project” Plans Expansion to Dallas; Wants to Give Free Guns to Residents in High-Crime Areas for Self-Defense – Video Report 4/1/13

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