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Here is video of Rep. Ron Paul and his Campaign Chairman ending an interview abruptly with CNN’s Dana Bash as she asked a question about a woman who reportedly told Bash that Ron Paul did not shake her hand – and if he had, he would have gotten her vote.

At that point, Paul’s Campaign Chairman interrupted and said, ““That is a junky question, I’m stopping,” while Paul told Bash, “You, the media, did that to her.” Rep. Paul then moved on to Fox News’ Griff Jenkins and began an interview with him while Bash looked on.

H/T Mediaite

Ron Paul and Manager Abruptly End Interview with CNN’s Dana Bash: “That is a Junky Question” – Video 1/9/12

As Candy Crowley ends this video with – “Oh my.”

Here is a video report by CNN’s Dana Bash on the bizarre controversy that has erupted over Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, which apparently sent a “lewd photo” to the account of a Seattle woman over the weekend. It was quickly deleted, and Weiner claims his account was “hacked,” and the picture sent without his knowledge.

However, Dana Bash reports that neither the FBI nor the Capitol Police have been asked to investigate the alleged “hacking” incident. Conservative Andrew Breitbart has been leading the charge to get at what happened here, which has led many Left-wing sites to come to the defense of Weiner.

I’m not sure what happened here, but you would think when a member of Congress claims his account has been “hacked,” it ought to be looked into thoroughly. If the hacking took place, you would expect Rep. Weiner to call for that official investigation promptly.

CNN Reports on Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Bizarre Twitter Photo Controversy – Video Report 5/30/11

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