Dana Loesch, NRA Hammer Leftist New York Times: “We’ve had it with your Propaganda, your Fake News”; “We’re Coming for You” – Video 4/10/17

Greta Van Susteren on Obama’s Leno Appearance: “Where is the White House Press Corps? They should be Raising Hell” – Video 8/7/13

In his ongoing crusade against the 2nd Amendment, CNN’s Piers Morgan had another meltdown last night as he debated President Obama’s Gun Control proposals with Dana Loesch and Scottie Hughes. In fact, at the end, Morgan got so upset he wadded up his talking points and told the two, “It makes me sick” to hear them arguing against Obama’s proposals!

CNN’s Piers Morgan Continues Crusade against the 2nd Amendment; Tells Women Defending Gun Rights, “It Makes Me Sick” to Hear them Opposing Obama’s Proposals – Video 1/16/13

Here is a discussion that took place on CNN last night over the threatened Government Shutdown. It illustrates the deep divide in the country over spending.

You have Democrat strategist from the Clinton era, Paul Begala, doing his usual, “Republicans hate children and old people” shtick, longtime GOP elitist David Gergen evidencing disdain for the Tea Party, and Dana Loesch trying to point out that if the Democrats had done their job last year and passed a 2011 Budget – we would not even be in the position. Begala issued one insult after another at the GOP base, even saying at one point that conservatives committed to spending cuts need to be “committed” if that were possible.

It’s clear the Democrats are taking dead aim at the rider Republicans want that would cut abortion funding for Planned Parenthood in D.C. Of course, they failed to mention that Democrats have previously attached funding provisions for Planned Parenthood to continuing resolutions that keep funding the Government. They are outraged when the GOP does that, but it’s okay for them to do it.

NOTE: Look how the Dems are behaving over less than $100 Billion of cuts to the 2011 Budget. Imagine how the Democrats are going to fight against the $4.4 Trillion of spending reductions over 10 years being proposed by Paul Ryan and and the GOP for the 2012 Budget Plan.

Democrat Paul Begala: GOP Base Should be “Committed if We had a Functioning Mental Health System” – Video 4/7/11

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