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MSNBC’s David Axelrod Unwittingly Shows Just how Angry the Obama White House is at Bob Woodward for Saying Obama Started the “Sequester” – Video 3/1/13

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If you’ve ever been tempted to think that Barack Obama and the Democrats have any intention of dealing with the nation’s debt – driven largely by Medicare and Medicaid spending – watch this discussion between Joe Scarborough and David Axelrod / Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. It’s clear they have no intention of doing anything about the massive deficit spending that has added nearly $6 Trillion to the National Debt in just four years of Barack Obama as President.

Joe Scarborough can’t get Democrats David Axelrod, Gov. Martin O’Malley to Admit Entitlement Spending is Bankrupting the Country – Video 1/21/13

Here is video of longtime Barack Obama Adviser David Axelrod having his 40 year-old mustache shaved off on “Morning Joe” today to fulfill a pledge he made if he could raise $1 million for Epilepsy Research in 30 days.

Longtime Obama Adviser David Axelrod Shaves Off Mustache on “Morning Joe” to Fulfill Pledge after Raising $1 Million for Epilepsy Research – Video 12/7/12

Here is video of Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace confronting Obama Campaign Adviser David Axelrod about the reality of Absentee/Early Voting in Ohio. You see from the numbers in the screenshot below, that the Democrats have none done as well as in 2008, and the Republicans are up – essentially wiping out the margin by which Obama won in 2008. If – IF the GOP turnout for Romney is big in Ohio on Tuesday, he should win the state. We’ll know in about 48 hours.

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace Confronts David Axelrod on Ohio Absentee/Early Voting Reality – Video 11/4/12

Time’s Mark Halperin reports that Mitt Romney’s adviser Ron Kaufman is challenging Obama Adviser David Axelrod to a mustache challenge. The adviser of the losing candidate will go on “Morning Joe” and shave off their mustache live. This challenge builds on a challenge between Axelrod and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough:

TIME – Mark Halperin: In an exclusive interview with The Page, Romney senior adviser Ron Kaufman has said to David Axelrod, in effect, put up or shave off.

Kaufman, a man who never doesn’t want to get into the act, is following on a wager from earlier in the week, when Joe Scarborough and Axelrod, live on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” made a deal. The top Obama campaign adviser told Scarborough he would shave his mustache if the President loses any of three states: Minnesota, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. In turn, Scarborough vowed to grow his own set of whiskers if Obama wins either Florida or North Carolina.

As great a bet as that was, it won’t necessarily lead to anyone having to shave on the breakfast chat show.

Kaufman’s challenge is different. His dare to Axelrod: straight up, the supporter of the losing candidate goes on “Morning Joe” and shaves live.

Kaufman has had his mustache for about 35 years, with one brief hiatus that ended quickly after his children cried upon seeing their clean-faced pop.

Kaufman, speaking from Cincinnati, where he is pre-positioned for Friday night’s big Romney-Ryan super surrogate rally, was bullish on Romney’s chances, and didn’t sound like a man who thought he would lose. . . . Read More

Time’s Mark Halperin Reports that Romney Adviser Ron Kaufman is Issuing a Mustache Challenge to Obama Adviser David Axelrod – 11/2/12

Here is video of Obama Senior Campaign Adviser David Axelrod on “Morning Joe” today where he said he would come on their show after the election and “shave off my mustache of 40 years” on air if Obama loses Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania – all states where recent polls show Mitt Romney gaining ground and closing the gap.

I doubt Romney wins any of those states, but let’s hope he does show Axelrod will have to do that!

Obama Adviser David Axelrod on “Morning Joe” Promises to Shave Off his Mustache On-Air if Obama Loses MN, MI, or PA – Video 10/31/12

Here is video of Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod doing his best to rehabilitate Barack Obama from his disastrous debate performance against Mitt Romney. Axelrod essentially blamed the loss on pure as the driven-snow Obama being shocked at a “Gantry-esque” performance by Mitt Romney. You would think Barack Obama had never heard of what a debate is, to listen to Axelrod. Mitt Romney did tell the truth about his tax proposal, and Barack Obama engaged in “fiction” by the way he tried, and failed, to characterize it.

Once again, no one hammered Axelrod with the obvious question when he acted concerned about what Mitt Romney’s tax proposal will do to “explode” the debt – Why should anyone take Barack Obama seriously on the deficit and debt? He has more than doubled the annual budget deficit AND has added nearly $6 Trillion to the national debt. He deserves to be literally laughed at when he tries to say anything about deficit and debt! Something tells me that when Barack Obama tries this “Gantry-esque” concern routine about the debt in one of the remaining two debates, Mitt Romney will be ready to pounce.

Obama Adviser David Axelrod on “Face the Nation” Tries to Explain Obama’s Debate Loss to Mitt Romney – Video 10/7/12

You know when Barack Obama’s own Campaign Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, does not even attempt to say his candidate won the debate – it’s been a bad night.

Here is Axelrod twisting in the wind as he tries to explain Obama’s poor debate performance to CNN’s Candy Crowley.

One terrifying thought for the liberal media and the Obama folks: I think tonight’s debate was not so much Barack Obama doing poorly. It was all about just how good Mitt Romney was.

Obama Senior Campaign Adviser David Axelrod Twists in the Wind as He Tries to Explain away Obama’s Performance in First Presidential Debate – Video 10/3/12

Here is video from this on “Morning Joe” where the crew speculated as to why Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod has been so “agitated” and “upset” in recent TV appearances. Mike Barnicle openly wondered if the Obama Campaign’s internal polling is showing something that has really got them worried. Time’s Mark Halperin believes the Obama Campaign planned to have this election won “during the summer” while they had a huge money advantage. But from this point forward, Halperin said Obama is going to be outspent by Romney. Halperin said the Obama people believe if they do not have the election in hand by the time of the nominating conventions (Weeks of August 27 and September 3), they will be in trouble.

Mike Barnicle:

Yeah, as matter of fact we were talking about it very briefly before we went on this morning. I’m wondering is there something in their internal polling that shows them that there is a pivot point in this election that is really worrying the Obama campaign. That we’re not addressing, that we don’t realize, something internal in the polling.

Whether it’s the welfare stuff, whether it’s, the fact that people haven’t clung yet to the ideological ramifications of Paul Ryan being added to the ticket. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a sense of unrest at the top of that campaign that’s palpable.

Via Fox Nation

MSNBC “Morning Joe” Crew Speculates as to why David Axelrod has been so “Agitated” and “Upset” in Recent TV Appearances; Barnicle Speculates Internal Polling Shows Something Worrisome – Video 8/15/12

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