Axelrod: Hillary Clinton Looked Irritated, was “Throw Off Her Game” during Presidential Forum by Email Scandal Questions – Video 9/8/16

Oh the Irony: David Axelrod Slams “Cult of Personality” Growing Up around Hillary Clinton! – Video 2/24/15

Obama Hack David Axelrod goes after Joe Scarborough for Saying Ebola Virus is a Serious Threat to Americans – Video 10/5/14

Sen. Rand Paul in Interview with David Axelrod Agrees the GOP “May have Over-Emphasized” the Need for Voter ID – Video 4/23/14

David Axelrod Urges Democrats Running in 2014 to be “Selective” in Siding with Obama on Issues – Video 2/7/14

David Axelrod on Possible Brian Schweitzer Challenge to Hillary Clinton for 2016 Democratic Nomination – Video 12/17/13

David Axelrod gets Grilled on “Meet the Press” about Barack Obama’s Broken Promise – Video 11/3/13

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn Destroys David Axelrod’s Attempts to Defend the ObamaCare Disaster – Video 10/28/13

Obama Campaign Adviser David Axelrod

David Axelrod: Don’t Look for Obama to Speak to the Nation on Syria before “Next Tuesday” – Video 9/6/13

Surprise! David Axelrod Says Talk of Impeaching Obama “Absurd” – Video 8/23/13

“Hope and CHANGE”: David Axelrod Says You can Expect Obama to Keep Changing ObamaCare Law as He Desires – Video 8/16/13

David Axelrod on “Meet the Press” Calls Democrat Anthony Weiner “Delusional”; Says He Needs to “Go Away” – Video 7/28/13

David Axelrod on ObamaCare Not Ready for Primetime 4 Years after Passage: Of Course it Doesn’t Mean there are Serious Problems! – Video 7/3/13

As Scrutiny on Obama from CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Intensifies, Axelrod Mocks Schieffer for Not being able to “Book the Guests He Wants” – Video 5/27/13

David Axelrod: Obama Hesitant to Call Boston Bombings a “Terrorist” Attack because He thought it might be Related to “Tax Day” – Video 4/16/13


MSNBC’s David Axelrod Unwittingly Shows Just how Angry the Obama White House is at Bob Woodward for Saying Obama Started the “Sequester” – Video 3/1/13

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