Oh the Irony: David Axelrod Slams “Cult of Personality” Growing Up around Hillary Clinton! – Video 2/24/15

Obama Hack David Axelrod goes after Joe Scarborough for Saying Ebola Virus is a Serious Threat to Americans – Video 10/5/14

Sen. Rand Paul in Interview with David Axelrod Agrees the GOP “May have Over-Emphasized” the Need for Voter ID – Video 4/23/14

David Axelrod Urges Democrats Running in 2014 to be “Selective” in Siding with Obama on Issues – Video 2/7/14

David Axelrod on Possible Brian Schweitzer Challenge to Hillary Clinton for 2016 Democratic Nomination – Video 12/17/13

David Axelrod gets Grilled on “Meet the Press” about Barack Obama’s Broken Promise – Video 11/3/13

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn Destroys David Axelrod’s Attempts to Defend the ObamaCare Disaster – Video 10/28/13

Obama Campaign Adviser David Axelrod

David Axelrod: Don’t Look for Obama to Speak to the Nation on Syria before “Next Tuesday” – Video 9/6/13

Surprise! David Axelrod Says Talk of Impeaching Obama “Absurd” – Video 8/23/13

“Hope and CHANGE”: David Axelrod Says You can Expect Obama to Keep Changing ObamaCare Law as He Desires – Video 8/16/13

David Axelrod on “Meet the Press” Calls Democrat Anthony Weiner “Delusional”; Says He Needs to “Go Away” – Video 7/28/13

David Axelrod on ObamaCare Not Ready for Primetime 4 Years after Passage: Of Course it Doesn’t Mean there are Serious Problems! – Video 7/3/13

As Scrutiny on Obama from CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Intensifies, Axelrod Mocks Schieffer for Not being able to “Book the Guests He Wants” – Video 5/27/13

David Axelrod: Obama Hesitant to Call Boston Bombings a “Terrorist” Attack because He thought it might be Related to “Tax Day” – Video 4/16/13


MSNBC’s David Axelrod Unwittingly Shows Just how Angry the Obama White House is at Bob Woodward for Saying Obama Started the “Sequester” – Video 3/1/13

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If you’ve ever been tempted to think that Barack Obama and the Democrats have any intention of dealing with the nation’s debt – driven largely by Medicare and Medicaid spending – watch this discussion between Joe Scarborough and David Axelrod / Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. It’s clear they have no intention of doing anything about the massive deficit spending that has added nearly $6 Trillion to the National Debt in just four years of Barack Obama as President.

Joe Scarborough can’t get Democrats David Axelrod, Gov. Martin O’Malley to Admit Entitlement Spending is Bankrupting the Country – Video 1/21/13

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