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Here is David Gergen, an adviser to four Presidents – Democrat and Republican – saying on CNN that he believes Barack Obama and the Democrats now seem more interested in humiliating Republicans and scoring political points than in getting a deal done to avoid going over the “Fiscal Cliff.”

He’s right. But it’s not only since the election. Too bad more Americans did not see through Obama before Election Day. But why shouldn’t he think he can further crash the U.S. Economy and blame it all on Republicans? He got re-elected despite a dismal record as President. Obama is now emboldened to believe he can do whatever he desires – and get away it. And he just might be able to do so.

David Gergen on “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations: “I think the Democrats are the Ones who are Really trying to Rub it In and almost Humiliate the Republicans” – Video 12/4/12

CNN contributor David Gergen has written an opinion piece saying President Obama and the Democrats are “over-playing their hand” in the wake of the 2012 Election by being unreasonable in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations with Republicans:

CNN – David Gergen: Forgive me, but haven’t we seen this movie before in the aftermath of national elections? Usually, it doesn’t end well.

In the weeks since his victory, President Barack Obama has argued — correctly — that voters are demanding that high-income Americans pay higher taxes as a way to reduce deficits. Some 60% in exit polls endorsed that proposition, and a Pew/Washington Post poll released this week found that 60% still support it. The president, then, has good reason to push the idea.

In a breakthrough, House Speaker John Boehner quickly lined up behind the idea of the wealthy paying more. . . . .

But frankly, it is the president and the Democrats who are over-playing their hands now.

Instead of turning the GOP willingness to deal on taxes into a win-win, the White House seemingly wants to humiliate them by insisting they cave entirely on increasing tax rates — or take responsibility for going over the cliff. Instead of sitting down and negotiating directly with leaders from the other side in private getaways, as presidents like Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan did, the president launches a campaign-style offensive against them.

The proposal that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner put before Republicans on Thursday, as reported by The New York Times, was clearly intended to score political points with Democrats rather than entice Republicans into serious negotiations. It was full of nonstarters. . . . Read More

Gergen: Obama and Democrats are “Over-Playing” their Hand on “Fiscal Cliff”

Here is video of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, John King and David Gergen all agreeing that what the Barack Obama Campaign is doing with their “Romney is a felon” attack is simply not true, and beyond that, is an “over-reach” and as Gergen put it politely, “a very rough form of politics.” Actually, you can tell from the way Gergen said it, he means they are acting like a bunch of sleaze-balls. Gergen asked disgustedly about Obama’s “very rough form of politics,” “Is this what we were promised?” Cooper answered for him, “No.”

Let Obama and the Democrats keep pushing this vile story. Within a week, it will be backlashing on them big time, because it reveals them for the people without an ounce of integrity that they are. They have opened wide now the door for Mitt Romney to go back and bring up all the sleazy associations of Barack Obama in Chicago and elsewhere. They have also set the table for Romney to play up the tremendous service he did for America in leaving Bain quickly to literally save the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. For that service he rendered to the nation, he now gets hammered by the Obama people. Look for that to come in the days and weeks ahead, and to be a major theme at the Republican National Convention.

Here’s even more from John King:

CNN’s John King, David Gergen: Obama Campaign “Bain” Felony Attack is Just Not True; Gergen – Three Key Obams Supporters at Bain Say Attack is Untrue; “Obama is Playing a Very Rough Form of Politics. . . Is this what We were Promised?” – Video 7/13/12

Here is video of David Gergen on CNN last night saying Newt Gingrich “based on that answer” – referring to Gingrich’s blasting of debate moderator John King for opening with a question about Gingrich’s ex-wife, who is accusing Gingrich of asking her for an “open marriage” before they divorced.

Here’s what I said about what to expect in the debate yesterday in my preview of it:

“You can also expect CNN to work in questions for Newt Gingrich about the interview his ex-wife, Marianne, has given to ABC News. Gingrich could try to turn this into a plus by attacking the media, saying this is a perfect example of how the media goes after conservatives any way they can – and that they will stoop to any low.”

Gingrich took the question and used it to maximum advantage. I don’t know if it will be enough for him to win South Carolina tomorrow, but it just might be. We’ll see how the last polls shape up later today and in the morning. Right now, Gingrich has the lead, but the impact of last night’s debate, the Rick Perry endorsement, and his ex-wife’s interview is not yet factored into any of the latest polls.

David Gergen: “One of the most Explosive Moments in Debate History. . . Reasonable Chance He (Gingrich) Could Win SC based on that Answer” – Video 1/19/12

Here is video of David Gergen saying President Obama made “a mistake” in only calling the terrible jobs numbers that came out yesterday “a bump in the road.” Gergen said they represent much more than that, and that Obama should have take a far more serious tone about them, and put forward a plan on how to deal with it. Both Gergen and Eliot Spitzer agreed that many Americans may be asking if Obama is the “right Doctor” to fix what ails America. Gergen said the latest numbers line up perfectly with Mitt Romney’s message, and that his experience of creating private sector jobs could be just what Americans are looking for.

Via HotAirPundit

David Gergen: Obama Made a “Mistake” in Calling Terrible Jobs Report Just “a Bump in the Road” – Video 6/3/11

Here is video of a CNN Panel discussing who won – or lost – in the deal reached on the 2011.

Democrat Paul Begala says both sides came a long way and made large concessions in arriving at a deal – the Democrats in agreeing to more than $78 Billion in spending cuts, and the GOP in dropping the riders that would have cut funding for things like Planned Parenthood D.C.

Moderate to Liberal-Republican David Gergen said House Speaker John Boehner “did get hurt” toward the end of the negotiations on the Planned Parenthood issue – which he said Democrats had used effectively against him. But in “the totality” of what was agreed to, Gergen said Boehner and the GOP had succeeded in “changing the conversation” in Washington by getting Obama and the Democrats to agree to more than $78 Billion in spending cuts in the 2011 Budget – more than many people had ever expected.

David Gergen: $78B in Spending Cuts Agreed to by Obama Show Boehner, GOP Succeeded in “Changing the Conversation” with Budget Deal – Video 4/8/11

Here is a discussion that took place on CNN last night over the threatened Government Shutdown. It illustrates the deep divide in the country over spending.

You have Democrat strategist from the Clinton era, Paul Begala, doing his usual, “Republicans hate children and old people” shtick, longtime GOP elitist David Gergen evidencing disdain for the Tea Party, and Dana Loesch trying to point out that if the Democrats had done their job last year and passed a 2011 Budget – we would not even be in the position. Begala issued one insult after another at the GOP base, even saying at one point that conservatives committed to spending cuts need to be “committed” if that were possible.

It’s clear the Democrats are taking dead aim at the rider Republicans want that would cut abortion funding for Planned Parenthood in D.C. Of course, they failed to mention that Democrats have previously attached funding provisions for Planned Parenthood to continuing resolutions that keep funding the Government. They are outraged when the GOP does that, but it’s okay for them to do it.

NOTE: Look how the Dems are behaving over less than $100 Billion of cuts to the 2011 Budget. Imagine how the Democrats are going to fight against the $4.4 Trillion of spending reductions over 10 years being proposed by Paul Ryan and and the GOP for the 2012 Budget Plan.

Democrat Paul Begala: GOP Base Should be “Committed if We had a Functioning Mental Health System” – Video 4/7/11

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