NBC News’ David Gregory Reveals then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Called Eric Holder to Say He had to Do Something about Fox News’ James Rosen Leak Reporting – Video 5/31/13

Jeb Bush Responds to David Gregory 2016 Question: “Man, You Guys are Crack Addicts!” – Video 3/10/13

Sen. John McCain Hammers David Gregory on “Massive Cover-up” of Benghazi: “Do You Care, David, the Reasons Why Four Americans Died?” – Video 2/17/13

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It’s already clear, Sen. Ted Cruz is the real deal.

Here he is on “Meet the Press” today, and he just dominates host David Gregory and liberal Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on the issue of “Gun Control.” Cruz is a brand new Senator, but he is articulate on the issues in a way few Republicans have been for a long time.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on “Meet the Press” Slams Obama’s attempt to “Exploit” Newtown to Push “a Gun Control Agenda” – Video 1/20/13

From today’s “Meet the Press” Interview with President Obama where a gushing David Gregory actually seemed to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln, asking him of the “Fiscal Cliff” mess, “Is this your Lincoln moment?”

To his credit, Obama responded, “I never compare myself to Lincoln,” although he is the one who raised the subject by saying lots of people have been asking him about the movie “Lincoln.” Somehow I doubt he minds when others compare him to Lincoln.

Via NewsBusters

A Star-Struck David Gregory Asks Barack Obama of “Fiscal Cliff,” “Is This Your Lincoln Moment?” – Video 12/30/12

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After all, Gregory and others in the media have no problem saying “yes” to Mr. Wonderful!

Here is complete video of President Barack Obama’s interview today with David Gregory that aired on “Meet the Press.” Obama sat down with Gregory in the “Blue Room” of the White House to talk about the “Fiscal Cliff,” his desire to impose restrictions on the 2nd Amendment Rights of Americans, and a number of other issues.

President Barack Obama Interviewed on “Meet the Press”; David Gregory in Disbelief Asks Obama Why GOP has “such a Hard Time Saying ‘Yes’ to You?” – Complete Video 12/30/12

Here is video of NBC News’ “Meet the Press” Moderator David Gregory previewing his “exclusive” interview today with President Barack Obama – just hours away from the so-called “Fiscal Cliff.” We’ll post video of the interview later this afternoon.

David Gregory to Interview President Barack Obama on “Meet the Press” Today – 12/30/12

According to a report in Politico this evening, it was “illegal” for NBC News’ David Gregory to show an empty 30-round ammunition magazine on “Meet the Press” last Sunday as he sought to push for more restrictions on the 2nd Amendment Rights of American Citizens:

POLITICO: A Washington Metropolitan Police Department spokesman tells POLITICO that it was illegal for NBC’s David Gregory to show an empty gun magazine on television last Sunday, even if it was empty.

The spokesman also said he could not confirm a report by TMZ, the Hollywood gossip site, alleging that a D.C. police official told a member of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives just the opposite, leading Gregory and his team at NBC’s “Meet the Press” to believe he could legally show an empty magazine on television.

“I don’t know where they got their information. I can’t confirm what they said,” Officer Paul Metcalf told POLITICO. “All I can say for now is that the matter is still under investigation.”

Asked whether it would be legal to show a magazine without bullets, Metcalf replied: “It’d still be illegal.” . . . Read More

A good example of how the restrictive gun laws create hardships on law-abiding citizens, instead of stopping bad guys.

Report: D.C. Police Say “It was Illegal” for NBC News’ David Gregory to Show a 30-Round Ammunition Magazine on “Meet the Press” – Video 12/23/12

Interesting. David Gregory of NBC News’ Meet the Press was not so supportive of putting armed security in U.S. Schools to protect children – but apparently sends his own children to an elite, private and very secure school in Washington D.C.:

WEEKLY STANDARD: David Gregory mocked the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for proposing that armed guards be at every school in America. But the NBC host seems to have no problem with armed guards protecting his kids everyday where they attend school in Washington, D.C. . . . The NBC host would go on the rest of the segment to suggest that armed guards might not be effective in preventing mass murders at school. Which is perhaps an interesting theoretical argument.

But when it comes to Gregory’s own kids, however, they are secured every school day by armed guards.

The Gregory children go to school with the children of President Barack Obama, according to the Washington Post. That school is the co-ed Quaker school Sidwell Friends. . . . Read More

NBC’s David Gregory Mocks Ideal of Armed Security for Schools, but Sends His Children to Elite, Private, Secure D.C. School

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Here is video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie being hounded by Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory about why he does not believe the “race is over” because Obama is currently leading in battleground state polls. Never mind not a single debate has taken place yet. Christie said emphatically it is not over, and he predicted Romney’s performance in the first debate Wednesday night will be a “restart” of the race and result in moving the polls back in Romney’s direction.

Via The Rightnewz

Chris Christie Rejects “Meet the Press” Moderator David Gregory’s Question that the “Race is Over”; Says Romney Will Restart the Race with Presidential Debate – Video 9/30/12

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Here is the complete Mitt Romney interview on “Meet the Press” yesterday with David Gregory. As you might expect (since Romney’s a Republican), Gregory pressed Romney on a whole host of issues. But Romney handled himself well.

Mitt Romney Interview on “Meet the Press” – Complete Video 9/9/12

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Here is complete video of “Meet the Press” today, July 15, 2012, with Moderator David Gregory. The show featured Romney adviser Ed Gillespie, and a discussion of the week in politics. Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin also debated Presidential Politics with Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.

NOTE: It’s Sen. Jon Kyl, not John Thune in the debate.

“Meet the Press” Features GOP’s Ed Gillespie, and a Debate between Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin and GOP Sen. Jon Kyl – Complete Video 7/15/12

Here is video of Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi on “Meet the Press” today where she agreed with David Gregory that ObamaCare is constitutional “under the taxing authority” of Congress: “That’s right,” she first said. She quickly then tried to change her agreement with the word “taxing” by switching to, “it’s a penalty.” The Obama Team is desperately trying to deny that ObamaCare is a “tax,” even though that’s the basis on which they argued it was constitutional, after saying during it’s passage it is not a tax.

Nancy Pelosi First Agrees with David Gregory ObamaCare is Constitutional as a Tax; Then Tries to Change Her Answer – Video 7/1/12

Here is video of “Meet the Press” Moderator David Gregory asking Obama Campaign Adviser David Plouffe if he is now having to deal with “a sense of panic among Democrats” at the prospect Barack Obama could lose this election.

Plouffe, while saying “No,” did go on to as much as admit there is “hand-wringing” among Democrats, because he said the focus of Dems needs to be on “working like heck” to win instead of “hand-wringing.”

Via The Rightnewz.com

“Meet the Press” Mod David Gregory asks Obama Campaign Adviser if they are “Dealing with Panic among Democrats” – Video 6/17/12

Here is video of NBC’s David Gregory saying over the weekend that this year’s Presidential Election is shaping up to be “the cool guy” vs. “the square” – “the nerdy guy.” Gregory said Romney won’t necessarily run away from the “nerdy guy” image, because he wants to project that he knows how to turn the U.S. Economy around.

I think a lot of Americans don’t think “cool” when they see Obama. They think “arrogant” and “full of himself.” Big difference there.

Via HotAirPundit

David Gregory Frames 2012 Election as “The Cool Guy” vs. “The Square – The Nerdy Guy” – Video 4/28/12

Here is video of Karl Rove praising Newt Gingrich for his slapdown of “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory on Sunday. Gingrich destroyed Gregory for asking him to repudiate Rush Limbaugh over his comments about a young woman regarding her testimony before Congress on contraception.

Rove said of Gingrich, “Well, God bless Speaker Gingrich for taking David Gregory out behind the barn and giving him a whooping.”

Via NewsBusters

Karl Rove: “God Bless Speaker Gingrich for Taking David Gregory out Behind the Barn and Giving Him a Whooping” – Video 3/5/12

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