The NRA’s David Keene gives a Masterful Defense of the 2nd Amendment at Harvard University – Complete Video 2/22/13

NRA President David Keene talking to Cam Edwards about his meeting with VP Joe Biden. Keene said they knew before the 2012 Election that if Barack Obama got re-elected, he would look for an opportunity to “go after the 2nd Amendment.”

NRA President David Keene: “We Knew Once Re-Elected, When He Got an Opportunity, This President (Obama) was Going to Go After the 2nd Amendment” – Audio 1/11/13

Here is audio of NRA President David Keene describing his meeting with Vice-President Joe Biden this past week. Keene said it was clear that Biden really had no interest in what they had to say. Rather, the meeting was so Biden and Obama could “check the box” and say they met with the NRA.

NRA President David Keene on Meeting with VP Joe Biden: “Not an Open-Minded Conversation”; Designed Only to Let Obama/Biden “Check the Box” and Say, “We Talked to Them” – Audio 1/11/13

Here is video of National Rifle Association President David Keene stood up for the 2nd Amendment rights of every American in the face of unrelenting criticism by CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” today. Schieffer acted totally incredulous that the President of the NRA is not in favor of curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights! Keene countered Schieffer’s assertions again and again, reminding Schieffer that the “right to keep and bear arms” is a “Constitutional Right” of every American. At one point, Schieffer was at least honest when he prefaced what he said with, “Maybe it’s my bias. . .” That’s exactly right.

NRA President David Keene on “Face the Nation” Stands Up for 2nd Amendment Rights of Every American in Face of Criticism by Bob Schieffer – Video 12/23/12

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