Here is CNN Headline News’ Kyra Phillips describing off-camera conversations she has been having with Gen. David Petraeus since the scandal surrounding him broke last week. Phillips described phone conversations with Petraeus in which she says Petraeus has been contrite about his affair with Paula Broadwell, taking full responsibility for it. Phillips indicated Petraeus says the timing of the news regarding his affair has nothing to do with the Benghazi Scandal, and that he insists he never passed classified information to Paula Broadwell.

HLN’s Kyra Phillips Describes Off-Camera Conversations with Gen. David Petraeus since Scandal News Broke; Phillips Says Petraeus Takes Full Responsibility for Affair; Says It has Nothing to Do with Benghazi – Video 11/15/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer commenting on the outstanding career of Gen. David Petraeus, pointing out the outstanding job he did in turning the War in Iraq around with the successful Surge. Krauthammer also said he believes the scandal surrounding Petraeus’ resignation because of an affair will actually generate more media interest in the Benghazi Scandal:

“The other thing I would add is what John Bolton said, and I think he’s absolutely right. There is no way that this is going to get in way of the Benghazi story coming out. In an odd way and sort of discouraging way, now that the story is attached to a sex scandal it will become a story that will be pursued by the media. . . They were holding off to protect Obama before and also perhaps out of lack of interest. But just given the nature of our journalism, it will now become the hottest story around. And you can be sure that even the mainstream papers, which did not show any interest whatsoever in this story up until the election, are going to get on it and now it will become — it will unravel.”

Via Daily Caller

Krauthammer: Petraeus “Affair” Scandal Will Drive Media Interest in Benghazi Story – Video 11/9/12

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