Here is a CBS News report on how the affair between Gen. David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, was discovered. Apparently, Broadwell sent jealous emails to another woman – a family friend of Petraeus and his wife – because she thought the woman was getting too close to Petraeus. The emails reportedly said things like, “stay away from my guy.” The woman who received the emails contacted the FBI, and they began an investigation which traced the emails back to Broadwell and uncovered the affair with Petraeus.

The “Jealous” Emails that Led to the Resignation of Gen. David Petraeus as CIA Director – Video Report 11/12/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer commenting on the outstanding career of Gen. David Petraeus, pointing out the outstanding job he did in turning the War in Iraq around with the successful Surge. Krauthammer also said he believes the scandal surrounding Petraeus’ resignation because of an affair will actually generate more media interest in the Benghazi Scandal:

“The other thing I would add is what John Bolton said, and I think he’s absolutely right. There is no way that this is going to get in way of the Benghazi story coming out. In an odd way and sort of discouraging way, now that the story is attached to a sex scandal it will become a story that will be pursued by the media. . . They were holding off to protect Obama before and also perhaps out of lack of interest. But just given the nature of our journalism, it will now become the hottest story around. And you can be sure that even the mainstream papers, which did not show any interest whatsoever in this story up until the election, are going to get on it and now it will become — it will unravel.”

Via Daily Caller

Krauthammer: Petraeus “Affair” Scandal Will Drive Media Interest in Benghazi Story – Video 11/9/12

Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein has said she wishes President Obama had not accepted the resignation of Gen. David Petraeus as head of the CIA today. Petraeus resigned today, citing an “extramarital affair” as the reason why:

POLITICO:. . . Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, said she wished President Barack Obama hadn’t accepted Petraeus’s resignation, but she understood the decision. “At CIA, Director Petraeus gave the agency leadership, stature, prestige and credibility both at home and abroad,” Feinstein said in a statement. “On a personal level, I found his command of intelligence issues second to none.” . . . Read More

I have to say I don’t think you can fault President Obama for accepting Petraeus’ resignation. But I do think Petraeus should be subpoenaed to testify to the Congressional Committee looking into the Benghazi Scandal. At this point, Petraeus is reportedly choosing not to testify next week since he is no longer CIA Director.

Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein Says She Wishes President Obama had Not Accepted Petraeus Resignation

Here is video of Time’s Mark Halperin and others on MSNBC speculating as to the circumstances and timing of CIA Director David Petraeus decision to resign over what he described as an “extramarital affair.” Halperin seemed to be speculating there could have been pressure applied to Petraeus to resign before his scheduled testimony next week before Congress on the Benghazi Scandal.

“Time’s” Mark Halperin and Panel Discuss Timing and Circumstances of Resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus Just One Week before He was to Testify about Benghazi – Video 11/9/12

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