From tonight’s debate, here’s Herman Cain calling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer by the wrong name. Cain called him “Blitz.” This video also shows some of the other highlights from the debate.

Highlights from CNN GOP Debate; Herman Cain Calls CNN’s Wolf Blitzer “Blitz” – Video 11/22/11

Here are video highlights from last night’s CNN GOP Presidential debate in Nevada. It was a debate that saw numerous fiery exchanges between multiple candidates. Most of the attacks were aimed at Herman Cain’s “999 Plan,” and at Mitt Romney – the two frontrunners in the polls.

Highlights of the CNN Nevada GOP Presidential Debate – Video 10/18/11

Here’s 5-minutes of highlights from the two-hour CNN/Tea Party Express GOP Presidential Debate in Florida last night.

5-Minute Highlight Video from CNN / Tea Party Express GOP Presidential Debate in Florida – Video 9/12/11

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