FLASHBACK 2006: Harry Reid Speaks Against Increasing the Nation’s Debt Limit – Video 2006

House Speaker John Boehner: “We are Not Going to Pass a Clean Debt Limit Increase. . . It is Time to Deal with America’s Problems” – Video 10/6/13

Via NRO – The Corner:

Peter Orzag, President Obama’s former budget director said on CNBC this morning that, “I think the White House in this second-best world won that round, but by not insisting that the debt limit be tied to that package it’s entirely possible they’re going to win the week and lose the quarter. You can’t know yet until you see how February and March play out, and I think there’s no doubt they have somewhat less leverage than they did in the round that just completed.”

Former Obama Budget Director: White House is “Gonna Have to Negotiate” Debt-Limit Increase; Entirely Possible Obama is “Going to Win the Week and Lose the Quarter” – Video 1/3/13

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