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If you’ve ever been tempted to think that Barack Obama and the Democrats have any intention of dealing with the nation’s debt – driven largely by Medicare and Medicaid spending – watch this discussion between Joe Scarborough and David Axelrod / Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. It’s clear they have no intention of doing anything about the massive deficit spending that has added nearly $6 Trillion to the National Debt in just four years of Barack Obama as President.

Joe Scarborough can’t get Democrats David Axelrod, Gov. Martin O’Malley to Admit Entitlement Spending is Bankrupting the Country – Video 1/21/13

Here is video of new Senator-Elect Rand Paul saying he will advocate for a Balanced Budget Amendment to force the U.S. Congress to control spending. Paul said he would push to change things procedurally in Congress by seeking a law that would require a Balanced Budget.

“Short of that,” Paul said, “we need a rule” that requires “Pay as you Go” – “and we need to obey the rules.”

Something tells me Rand Paul is not going to be quiet in the U.S. Senate.

Senator-elect Rand Paul Will Push for Balanced Budget Amendment to Control Federal Spending – Video 11/7/10

Here is video of GOP Rep. Eric Cantor responding to President Obama’s cryptic assertion that he’s going to “call their bluff” – speaking of Republicans – next year by putting before the American people “some very difficult choices” on reducing the deficit.

Well, Cantor calls Obama’s bluff here, and calls on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act “this year, not next year.”

GOP’s Eric Cantor Calls Obama’s “Bluff”; Says Let’s Act on Spending “This Year”, Not “Next Year” – Video

Here is Rick Santelli on fire, speaking for the American People and shouting to the Obama Administration that they must “Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending.” That’s what the people want! Destined to be a classic!

Rick Santelli Shouts that Government Must “Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending!” – Video

Here is video of GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speaking on the Senate Floor today, where he detailed the explosion of deficit spending under President Obama. McConnell compared the deficit spending of Obama to the deficits under former President Bush. He pointed out that Americans won’t buy the attempts by President Obama and other Democrats to continue blaming Bush.

Sen. Mitch McConnell Details Obama Deficits; Says Americans Won’t Buy Blaming Bush – Video

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