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Here is video of Politico’s Jim Vandehei discussing divisions within the Democratic Party over entitlement reform as it relates to the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. He explained that all the focus is on the pressure and problems faced by Republicans in the wake of their election loss, but that President Obama and the Democrats have some real divisions to deal with if a deal is to be reached. Vandehei said many Democrats serving in red states will likely join with Republicans on some of the tax issues, and on entitlement reform, particularly those that have to run for re-election in 2014. But the Left-wing base of the Democratic Party really does not want any reform of entitlements, something Republicans have said must be a part of any deal.

Vandehei on “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations: “The Truth is there’s a Lot of Divisions Inside the Democratic Party over what to do on Entitlement Reform” – Video 11/20/12

I wonder how many other pro-Hillary Democrats will do the same on Tuesday?

POLITICO: Mitt Romney has been making a pitch for bipartisanship in the closing days of the race, and this morning rolled out an endorsement from Hillary Clinton’s former Senate state director, Gigi Georges:

“For most of my life, I’ve been an active Democrat. I am proud to have worked for President Bill Clinton and then-Senator Hillary Clinton, and, during that time, I saw firsthand what can be accomplished by strong, bipartisan leadership. I know what it means to work across the aisle on issues that are important to the American people. And that’s why I am supporting Mitt Romney. Governor Romney has a plan to restore the prosperity this country deserves and expects. He will work with people of good will no matter what their party, and he will pursue the policies that are in the best interest of our country, no matter who proposes them. That’s what President Obama promised to do four years ago. But like so many of his promises, bipartisan cooperation is just another one he has broken. We can’t have four more years of failed policies and two parties that can’t work together. We need the change Mitt Romney is offering.”

For people in New York politics, Georges, who now lives in Boston, is a familiar name and face – she was also the executive director of the state Democracy Party when Clinton was in office. . . . Read More

Former Hillary Clinton Staffer Endorse Mitt Romney for President: “We can’t have Four more Years of Failed Policies. . . We Need the Change Mitt Romney is Offering” – 11/3/12

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today reacting to Vice-President Joe Biden’s behavior in last night’s Vice-Presidential Debate. Limbaugh said he is glad Biden acted like such a jerk because it was a perfect display of what the modern-day Democratic Party has become.

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh: The “Mean, Rude, Disrespectful” Joe Biden Perfectly Reveals the Modern-Day Democratic Party – Audio 10/12/12

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