Dem Rep. Tim Ryan on Schumer Shutdown: “I Think it Definitely Hurt Us, No Question about It” – Video 1/25/18

Pete Hegseth: The Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy “is Dead” – Video 12/20/17

Schumer, Democrats React Angrily as Trump Wins on Tax Cuts – Video 12/19/17

Trump Responds to Progress on Senate Tax Cut Bill; Democrat Obstruction; North Korean Missile Launch – Video 11/28/17

Report: New Donna Bazile Book Confirms Trump, Bernie were Right – 2016 Dem Primary was Rigged for Hillary – Video 11/2/17

Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton: Democrats have “Lost Touch with a Lot of American Voters” – Video 9/29/17

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny – “Democrats are in Complete Disrepair and Disarray” for 2020 Challenge to Trump – Video 8/8/17

Report: WV Gov. Jim Justice to Switch Parties from Dem to GOP at Trump Rally Tonight – 8/3/17

“Morning Joe” Crew Reacts to Democrats’ “Unmitigated Disaster” in Georgia Special Election – Video 6/21/17

Oh My! Dem Congresswoman Turns Constitution Preamble into Pledge of Allegiance “in under 10 Seconds” – Video 5/5/17

NYT’s Jeremy Peters on Morning Joe: “The sclerosis in the Democratic party is so overwhelming and crippling that they do not have a bench” – Video 4/17/17

Islamic Dem Rep. Keith Ellison Attacks Trump Travel Order as “Muslim Ban”; Can’t Explain Why Largest Muslim Nations Not on the List! – Video 1/29/17

Stirewalt: Democrats Boycotting Trump Inauguration are Playing Right into His Hand – Video 1/17/17

DNC Chair Candidate Jehmu Greene says Trump was “Allegedly Elected”; Can’t Beat Trump at Ballot Box so seek to Revise History – Video 1/14/17

Painting that Depicts Police Officers as Pigs to be Removed from the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday despite Democrats’ Desire to Keep it Displayed

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin Refutes Dem Rep. John Lewis Claim that Trump is “Not a Legitimate President” – Video 1/13/17

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