What are the Democrats Really Up to with their Recount Push? – 11/27/16

Ohio Dem Rep. Tim Ryan: Democrats are “Not Even a National Party at this Point” – Video 11/21/16

Obama in Peru: “I’m Not Worried about being the Last Democratic President” – Video 11/20/16

Radical Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison Talks Himself Up for DNC Chair on “Morning Joe” – Video 11/21/16

Kevin Jackson: “Slap in the Face to Law Enforcement” for Hillary, Dems to Feature Michael Brown’s Mother at Convention – Video 7/26/16

Democrats on Convention Night One: 61 Speakers, Zero Mentions of ISIS – Video 7/26/16

Frank Luntz: Democrats Taking Big Chance with Anti-Police Speakers Tuesday Night – Video 7/26/16


GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Confronts Gun-Grab Dems during House “Sit-in”: “Radical Islam Killed these People” – Raw Video 6/23/16

Juvenile Democrats Continue “Sit-in” on House Floor to Push Gun-Grab Agenda – Video Report 6/23/16

Report: Fractured Democrats Plotting to Dump DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Appease Bernie Supporters – Video 5/25/16

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Party Shenannigans Within the Rules, but Not Consistent with “Fairness” – Video 4/12/16

Rush Limbaugh: “If Trump’s the Nominee, I’m Voting for Him!” – Audio 3/24/16

GOP Rep. Dave Brat: Remember it was the Democrats who Tried to Throw God off their Party Platform – Video 1/3/16

Confirmed: Democrats don’t believe America is at War with “Radical Islam”; By 60%-24% Margin, Americans believe We Are – Video 11/20/15

Donald Trump Interview on “Morning Joe”; Hammers Obama, Hillary for Not being Willing to Say the Words “Radical Islam” – Video 11/16/15

Hillary Clinton Will Not say We are at War with “Radical Islam” – Video 11/14/15

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