Today’s Democrats: Martin O’Malley has to Apologize for Saying, “All Lives Matter” – Video 7/20/15

Gallup: Only 47% of Democrats “Extremely Proud” to be Americans; 68% of Republicans – 7/3/15

Krauthammer: Obama Undermining the Police, Law & Order in America – Video 6/10/15

Democrat Focus Group in Iowa unable to Name a Single Hillary Clinton Accomplishment as Sec. of State – Video 5/19/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Challenges Democrats’ Plan to Boycott Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – Video 2/12/15

Dr. James Mitchell Slams Democrats’ Biased Intelligence Report for Putting Lives of CIA Personnel and their Families in Danger – Video 12/15/14

Unbelievable: Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen makes Bizarre Statement when Asked about Sexual Assault Allegations against a Titans Player – Video 12/12/14

Ed Henry Asks Josh Earnest if Dems are “Hostage-Takers” for “Voting to Shutdown the Government” Yesterday – Video 12/12/14

U.S. House Passes $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill 219-206; Only Funds Obama Amnesty Order through February; Democrats in “Disarray” – Video 12/11/14

Sen. Feinstein Bristles at being Questioned on Dems Hatchet Job Report on Interrogations – Video 12/9/14

Luke Russert: Mary Landrieu being “Left on the Side of the Road” by Democrats in Louisiana Senate Runoff – Video 12/5/14

Joe Scarborough Hammers Democrats Who Displayed “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” Nonsense on the House Floor – Video 12/2/14

Compilation Video: Some of the Democrats’ Worst 2014 “Turkey” Moments – Video

After Years of Blocking Vote on Keystone, Democrats Ready for a Vote to Try and Save Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Seat – Video 11/13/14


2014 Midterm Map Shows the Sweeping Republican Wave – 11/6/14

“82 Year-Old Black Grandmother” Lowers the Boom on Barack Obama and the Democrats: “This Man is Destroying this Country” – Video/Audio 10/21/14

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