Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Pushed to Admit DNC, Hillary Campaign were Wrong to Not Admit they Paid for the Anti-Trump Dossier – Video 2/4/18

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Repeatedly Calls Obama’s Iran Deal a “Treaty” – Video 8/4/15

Local Anchor Presses Dem Sen. Dick Durbin on Obama’s Disastrous Iraq Pullout; Durbin Cuts Off Interview – Video Report 9/11/14

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin: “Great Problems Ahead” in Iraq and Afghanistan – Audio 8/5/14

Durbin: John Kerry said Obama’s Phone Call with Vladimir Putin “was Ominous, It was Worrisome” – Video 3/4/14

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Hospitalized; Tests Show Everything is “Normal” – Videos 12/20/13

Flashback Video: Democrats Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray Promise “If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It” under ObamaCare – Video

White House Directly Refutes Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Claim a GOP Leader Told Obama He Couldn’t Stand to Look at Him: “It DID NOT Happen” – Video 10/23/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Spars with Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin During Cruz’s Senate “Filibuster” – Video 9/24/13

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Confronted on Why He was at a May Day Rally that Included “Communists and Socialists” – Video 5/1/13

Chris Wallace Puts Liberal Dem Sen. Dick Durbin on the Spot about Obama Debt Hypocrisy – Video 3/17/13

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Here is complete video of “Meet the Press” today, July 15, 2012, with Moderator David Gregory. The show featured Romney adviser Ed Gillespie, and a discussion of the week in politics. Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin also debated Presidential Politics with Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.

NOTE: It’s Sen. Jon Kyl, not John Thune in the debate.

“Meet the Press” Features GOP’s Ed Gillespie, and a Debate between Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin and GOP Sen. Jon Kyl – Complete Video 7/15/12

Here is video of Neil Cavuto reacting to Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin’s ridiculous suggestion that Americans need to pay the price to drive hybrid cars so we won’t keep having tornadoes! That’s right. Durbin actually linked the occurrence of tornadoes in the United States to Global Warming. I guess Durbin does not realize that there were devastating tornadoes in America long before the debate over man-caused Global Warming began.

Is it any wonder energy prices are skyrocketing when the President of the United States and the Democrat Majority in the U.S. Senate swear allegiance to an ideology like this?

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Suggests We Need more Hybrid Cars to Prevent Tornadoes: “It’s Your Money or Your Life” – Video 4/6/12

Sen. Dick Durbin tells Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that Democrats will only be willing to cut $10.5 billion from the $3.7 trillion budget.

Wallace pointed out that is less than one third of one percent, .28%, of the annual budget and asked Durbin, “Is that is the best that democrats can do?” Durbin repeatedly dodged the question until finally answering, “I think we’ve pushed this to the limit. To go any further is to push more kids out of school, to stifle the innovation which small businesses and large alike need to create more jobs, and it stops the investment in infrastructure which kills good paying jobs right here in the United States.”

H/t: Gateway Pundit

Sen. Durbin Tells Fox News: Democrats Will Only Cut $10.5 Billion from Budget – Video 3/6/11

Here is video of Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin calling for more “civility” in our public discourse, clearly insinuating that Sarah Palin’s crosshairs map was somehow involved in inciting the shooting that took place in Tucson, Arizona yesterday. GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander chided CNN’s Candy Crowley for continuing to raise the issue of Sarah Palin in the discussion about the shooting, to which Crowley quickly reminded that it was Durbin who brought it up.

Of course, Durbin innocently said he hoped no one thought he was implying a direct link between the shooting and any specific person, but what else can you think since he brought it up. No doubt, Democrats are trying to use this shooting to tar and feather Sarah Palin and anyone else on the Right. After all – never let a crisis go to waste.

NOTE: Continue to remember that Democrats have used the same rhetorical devices for years. Also, remember that the alleged shooter was not a conservative at all!

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Innocently Implies Link between Tucson Shooting and Palin “Crosshairs” – Video 1/9/11

Here is video of Nevada Democrat Sen. Harry Reid announcing that he has been re-elected as the Senate Majority Leader by the Democrat Majority in the U.S. Senate. That’s good news for Republicans. We want Harry’s face front and center over the next two years. The more Americans see Reid and Pelosi out front, the better it will be for the GOP in 2012.

Harry Reid Re-Elected by Democrats as Senate Majority Leader – Video 11/16/10

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