Imus, McGuirk Incredulous at Brian Williams’ Claim He was “Mistaken” about being Shot Down in Iraq in 2003 – Video 2/5/15

Mark Levin Tells Don Imus: “I can’t think of Anything He (Obama) Touches that doesn’t Turn to Crap” – Video 3/3/14

Sen. John McCain Tells Don Imus: ObamaCare is Going “to Collapse”; “The Experiment is Not Going to Succeed” – Video 11/19/13

Huckabee: “Not the Best Situation to be Touted as a 2016 Frontrunner this Far Out” – Video 8/13/13

Here is video from “The Five” today where they dug up video from earlier this year when Paula Broadwell – the now discovered mistress of Gen. David Petraeus – appeared on the Don Imus Show and talked about her relationship with Petraeus, saying “we had a good rapport.”

Flashback: Paula Broadwell on Don Imus said She “had a Good Rapport” with Gen. David Petraeus – Video 1/24/12

Donald Trump says he is “very disappointed” in Michele Bachmann for declining the invitation to Newsmax’s Trump-moderated debate. Trump said he has met with Bachmann four times and claims she suggested she would consider him as vice-president. He said he has helped promote Bachmann a lot and said it’s “unbelievable” she declined.

Donald Trump Says He’s “Very Disappointed” In Michele Bachmann for Declining Invitation to Debate – Video 12/9/11

Here is video from the Don Imus show this morning where Fox News’ Juan Williams admitted that if Sean Hannity had impersonated Herman Cain with an “Amos and Andy” voice – as liberal comedian Jon Stewart did recently – “he’d be out there barking with the dogs after they threw him out. Come on.”

But Jon Stewart gets away with it – because he is a liberal. Williams and Imus talked about the double-standard that exists today on how liberals and conservatives are treated on the issue of race.

The other aspect of this is that no one on the Left is outraged about what Stewart did because Herman Cain is a conservative! If he was a liberal Democrat running for President – there would be outrage all around.

H/T NewsBusters

Juan Williams Agrees that Hannity would be Out at Fox News if He did what Jon Stewart did in Herman Cain Impersonation – Video 6/21/11

In 2010, during the scandal surrounding Governor David Paterson, Anthony Weiner appeared on the Don Imus program where he said Paterson should “step down.” He said, “If these charges turn out to be true, I think even Governor Paterson would admit that he would have to step down and let somebody else do the job.”

H/t: HotAirPundit

Flashback: In 2010 Anthony Weiner Said Gov. Paterson Should “Step Down”

Here is video of Don Imus talking to James Carville by phone today where Carville said the long period of high unemployment America is experiencing is a “humanitarian crisis of the first order.” Carville said that if unemployment continues at current levels into 2012, it will be a “very, very rough” election year for President Obama.

Carville even warned that “civil unrest” could be imminent:

“People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

H/T Daily Caller

James Carville Warns Continued High Unemployment Will Make 2012 “Very, Very Rough” for Barack Obama – Video 6/6/11

Here is video of GOP Strategist Mary Matalin bantering back and forth with Don Imus today about Gov. Chris Christie and whether he has any plans to run for President in 2012. Both Imus and Matalin love Christie, but neither thinks he will run this time. On running, Matalin said “if you don’t have it in your (there was a slight pause) ….heart and mind.” That’s the only opening Imus needed!

Mary Matalin, Don Imus Banter about Chris Christie’s “Gut” – Video 2/28/11

Here is video of Lt. Col. Bill Cowan talking to Don Imus about the ominous signals that the United States is headed for even worse problems in the Middle East the years ahead. Cowan said that while the focus is on Libya right now, it is Iran that is exerting growing influence throughout the region.

Cowan believes that as the United States moves toward Obama’s complete withdrawal from Iraq by the end of this year, Iran is succeeding in getting its fingers into the business of what Iraq’s future will be like. He believes that once our troops are gone, Iraq will become an ally of Iran rather than an ally of the United States.

He also believes Egypt is likely to become strongly influenced by Iran, and that Iran has designs on building a naval base in Beirut, Lebanon – which the Government of Lebanon would support.

Cowan also said that China and Russia are watching all of this, and are positioning themselves to take advantage of the turmoil taking place in the region.

There are not many good scenarios for the Middle East likely to happen. If President Obama does not act to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the scenarios become unthinkable.

Lt. Col. Bill Cowan Warns of Growing Dangerous Influence of Iran – 2/25/11

Here is video of Don Imus just blasting MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for not offering a defense of Keith Olbermann the night he announced his show was being ended by MSNBC. Maddow was on Bill Maher that eveing, and acted as if she knew nothing about the whole thing. Imus called Maddow a “gutless coward” in her actions in light of the face “she owes her job” to Keith Olbermann – meaning Olbermann helped give Maddow her start there.

Via The Daily Caller

Don Imus Calls MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow a “Gutless Coward” for Not Defending Keith Olbermann – Video 1/26/11

Here is video from the Don Imus show yesterday where he had actors on portraying Charlie Rangel and Bill Clinton. “Bill Clinton” reacts to Charlie Rangel being censured by the U.S. House of Representatives, and offers some advice to him on how he should proceed from here!

Actors Portray Charlie Rangel and Bill Clinton in Skit on Imus; “Clinton” Offers Advice Following Censure – Video

Here is video of Don Imus talking with Democrat Sen. John Kerry where Imus asked Kerry if he would have been a better President than Barack Obama (4:58 mark of the video):

Imus: “You would have been a better president than President Obama turned out, wouldn’t you?”

Kerry: “Uh, no. What are you asking me to do? Make a stupid comment?”

Prior to this exchange, Kerry tried to defend the Obama record on the economy, once again blaming former President George W. Bush for everything. Imus challenged Kerry, “You guys are going to blame Bush forever.”

Don Imus Asks John Kerry: “You Would Have Been a Better President than Obama Turned Out, Wouldn’t You?” – Video 9/30/10

Here is video of former New York GOP Rep. John LeBoutillier on with Don Imus this morning, where he flat out said that Barack Obama is not “competent” to be President.

LeBoutillier compared Obama to former President Jimmy Carter – whom he also said was not competent.

“He (Obama) has come into focus, and he is not up to being a leader of the United States of America – he can’t do it. But, we’re stuck with the guy. So, we’re floundering around as a country.”

That pretty well sums it up. Our situation is a stark reminder of the consequences of electing a President for any other reason than whether or not the person is qualified, and stands for the principles that have made America great. Obama does not fit the bill on either count. That was plain as the nose on your face all through 2008.

Former GOP Congressman: Obama is “Not Competent” to be President; “But We’re Stuck with the Guy” – Video

Here is video of Sen. John McCain talking to Don Imus this morning about the “serious mistake” President Obama is making in setting an end date for a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. McCain said that is in the minds of the people there, and is keeping them from believing they can really step out and stand up to The Taliban.

McCain told Imus that we can prevail in Afghanistan if we follow the kind of strategy we did in Iraq. “We have the strategy and we have the General (Petraeus),” McCain said.

But what we don’t have is the President who was willing to stick it out in Iraq, without setting a date for withdrawal, that enabled our brave troops to do the job. That’s an important missing piece.

McCain Slams Obama for “Serious Mistake” in Setting Withdrawal Date for Afghanistan – Video

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