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Insanity: CNN’s Don Lemon Suggests Factual Criticism of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal is because She is a Woman – Video 7/5/16

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UPDATE: Here’s more video of the incident, that has the sound as it happened. It still does not show much.

You’ve got to be kidding.

Here is video of CNN Reporter Don Lemon at the Iowa State Fair where he files a bizarre report claiming he was “pushed” and “elbowed” by two blonde female staffers of GOP Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, as well as Bachmann’s husband, Marcus. Yet, the video they show, really does not show anything definitive – only Bachmann making her way through a real tight crowd with her people around her.

Very strange!

H/T HotAirPundit

CNN’s Don Lemon Claims He was “Elbowed and Pushed” at the Iowa State Fair by Two Blonde Female Staffers of Michele Bachmann and Bachmann’s Husband Marcus – Video 8/12/11

Here is video of Rep. Ron Paul being asked who is to blame for the downgrade of the U.S. Credit Rating, and the nation’s Debt Crisis. CNN’s Don Lemon tracked Paul down at the Iowa State Fair and asked him if it was the Democrats, the Republicans, the Tea Party, etc.

Ron Paul gave an interesting answer:

“The People and the Congress, because the People have demanded big government and supported all these wars, and they need to quit doing it. So, it’s an appetite for big government that’s at fault, and the Congress goes along with that because they appease them and they get re-elected.”

Ron Paul Says “The People and the Congress” are Responsible for the U.S. Debt Crisis, Credit Rating Downgrade – Video 8/12/11

Beyond condescending.

Here is video of CNN Anchor Don Lemon conducting an “interview” with GOP Sen. Rand Paul on the ongoing Debt Limit struggle. Actually, Lemon was totally unprofessional and condesending toward Paul, telling him at the outset he didn’t want to hear “talking points,” while he himself spouted one Democrat Talking Point after another!

Throughout the interview, Lemon interrupted Paul, especially when Paul was giving answers he did not agree with! At one point he literally shouted Paul down to cut off his answer and ask another question. Paul held his ground, and did well in a very difficult environment.

Condescending CNN Anchor Don Lemon Begins Interview with Sen. Rand Paul: “Let’s Do This Interview without Talking Points” – Video 7/30/11

CNN anchor Don Lemon asks his guests if there is “some racial undertones” to Conservative criticism of the White House’s decision to invite a rapper who wrote lyrics praising a cop-killer to a poetry event.

Via Newsbusters

CNN Anchor: Are Conservatives Criticizing Rapper’s White House Appearance Because He’s Black? – Video 5/15/11

CNN’s Don Lemon challenged Mark Williams on his statement that there was “positive reaction” in the room when Sherrod was suggesting she thought about withholding help for a “white farmer” 24 years ago. This was before the assembled NAACP members knew the rest of her story – that she did go ahead and help the man. Lemon tells Williams there was no laughter as Sherrod told her story. He even challenges Williams to go back and look at the tape “carefully.”

OK. At the end of the video above, a clip is provided that sure sounds like “laughter” when Sherrod told the crowd the white farmer did not know she was trying to decide “how much help I was going to give him.”

I guess Lemon did not look at the tape so “carefully.”

CNN’s Don Lemon Spars with Mark Williams on Reaction of NAACP Crowd to Sherrod Story – Video

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