President Trump Speaks at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin to Highlight “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order – Complete Video 4/18/17

President Donald Trump Delivers Amazing Speech to a Joint Session of Congress; Calls on Democrats and Republicans to Unite for the American People – Complete Video 2/28/17

President Trump Speaks at CPAC 2017: The GOP is Now “the Party of the American Worker” – Complete Video 2/24/17

President Donald Trump Delivers His First Inaugural Speech: “America First” – Complete Video 1/20/17

Donald Trump Delivers Tribute for Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly at Her Funeral – Video 9/10/16

Donald Trump Delivers Major National Security Speech in Philadelphia; Will Rebuild America’s Military; Focus on “Peace Through Strength” – Complete Video 9/7/16

Donald Trump Speaks to the American Legion: “We are in your Debt Very Deeply”; Asks Vets to Help Him Promote “American Pride and Patriotism in America’s Schools” – Complete Video 9/1/16

Donald Trump Speaks in North Carolina: Here’s the “New American Future We can Build Together”; Expresses “Regret” for some Past Remarks – Complete Video 8/18/16

Donald Trump Delivers Major Speech Defining the Choice Facing Americans: Corrupt Insider Hillary, or and Outsider Ready to Fight for Every American – Complete Video 8/16/16

Donald Trump Delivers Major Speech on Destroying ISIS and Defeating Radical Islam – Complete Video 8/15/16

Donald Trump Speaks to National Association of Home Builders; Vows to Cut Regulations and Taxes to Rebuild the Economy – Complete Video 8/11/16

Donald Trump Well-Received in Strong Speech to the VFW; Lays Out Plan for VA Reform – Complete Video 7/26/16

Preview Clips of Donald Trump “Meet the Press” Interview; Says Convention Speech “Optimistic”; Quickly Rebukes David Duke – Video Clips 7/24/16

Donald Trump in Indiana: “The Police are the Very Best of Our Society”; “When our Police are Attacked, Our Entire Nation is Attacked” – Complete Video 7/12/16

Donald Trump Delivers Powerful Speech on the Threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism; Slams Abject Failure of Hillary, Obama – Complete Video 6/13/16

Donald Trump Speaks to “Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference” on Bedrock Values that must be Defended – Complete Video 6/10/16

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