Trump Explains Why Hillary Dropped Her Middle Name: “Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton” – Video 7/25/16

“Morning Joe” Crew on Donald Trump’s Impressive Convention “Bounce” in the Polls; Confounds Media Narrative about GOP Convention – Video 7/25/16

Trump Gives First Interview on “Meet the Press” as GOP Presidential Nominee – Complete Video 7/24/16

Former Cruz backer Louie Gohmert: “I was Proud of Donald Trump for Inviting” Ted Cruz “to Speak” at the RNC; Explains why Trump must Win – Video 7/24/16

Preview Clips of Donald Trump “Meet the Press” Interview; Says Convention Speech “Optimistic”; Quickly Rebukes David Duke – Video Clips 7/24/16

Donald Trump Post-Convention Press Conference: Praises “Carpenters, Electricians” who built the Set; Says He doesn’t want Cruz Endorsement – Complete Video 7/22/16

Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump Pledges “I’m with You the American People” – Video 7/21/16


CNN Instant Poll: 75% “Positive” about Trump Acceptance Speech; 56% “More Likely” to Vote for Trump – 7/21/16

Donald Trump Delivers Powerful Acceptance Speech: “I am Your Voice” – Complete Video 7/21/16

Texas Delegate Scolds Ted Cruz for Not Keeping His Word to Support Donald Trump; Loud Applause from Other Delegates – Video 7/21/16

Many in Texas Delegation Say Ted Cruz should Keep His Word and Endorse Donald Trump – Video 7/20/16

Delegates Boo Ted Cruz Off the Stage as He Breaks His Pledge to Support GOP Nominee Donald Trump – Video 7/20

Trump Plane Flies By as Ted Cruz says, “Our Party has a Nominee”; Cruz Fans Boo – Video 7/20/16

CNN Sources: Ted Cruz Will NOT give Full Endorsement to Trump during Convention Speech Tonight – Video 7/20/16

Donald Trump Makes Grand Entrance at GOP Convention to Introduce Melania – Video 7/18/16

Donald Trump Introduces Gov. Mike Pence as Vice-Presidential Running Mate; Pence Says He is Honored to Run with Trump – Complete Video 7/16/16

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