Donald Trump Responds to Hillary Attack: “Such a Nasty Woman” – Video 10/19/16

Trump: We will Wait to See what Happens Election Day before Accepting the Results – Video 10/19/16

Complete Video – Third and Final Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate – 10/19/16

The 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket - Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan

Trump: Paul Ryan May Not want Me to Win because “He may want to Run in 4 Years. . . or He May Not know how to Win ” – Video 10/17/16

Wisconsin Voters Chant, “Paul Ryan Sucks” before Trump Speech in Green Bay – Video 10/17/16

Donald Trump: “It’s Time to Drain the Swamp in Washington”; Proposes Ethics Reform Package – Ban on Govt Officials becoming Lobbyists – Video 10/17/16

Trump: Hillary Clinton Corruption “Worse than Watergate” – Video 10/17/16

Laura Ingraham: If Republicans would Stop Attacking Trump and Focus on Hillary’s Corruption, She can be Defeated! – Video 10/17/16

Gingrich: “Without the Unending, One-Sided Assault of the News Media, Trump would be Leading by 15-points” – Video 10/16/16

Donald Trump: Hillary “has to Go to Jail” for “Deleting the Emails” – Video 10/12/16

John Boehner will Vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court – “The Only thing that Matters over the Next Four Years” – Video 10/12/16

Trump in FL: “Believe me, the Last Space I want to Invade is Her (Hillary’s) Space” – Video 10/12/16

Trump Blasts Paul Ryan Unwillingness to Help Defeat Hillary: “There’s a Whole Sinister Deal going on There. . .” – Video 10/12/16

Bill Clinton on Donald Trump’s Base: “Standard Redneck” – Video 10/12/16

Best Moment of the Campaign: Trump Holds, Talks to Little Boy Dressed as a Mini-Donald Trump! – Video 10/10/16

Epic Debate Moment: Trump Tells Hillary Clinton “You’d be in Jail” if He was in Charge of the Law – Video 10/9/16

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