Uh-Oh! Donald Trump Raises the Mysterious Death of Clinton Lawyer Vince Foster in 1993

Morning Joe Crew: Trump Starting Point with Key Groups Already where Romney Finished – Video 5/23/16

Newt Gingrich: “Odds are Pretty Good that Trump will Win much like Reagan did in 1980″ – Video 5/22/16

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s “Opening Statement” makes it Clear Hillary Clinton will not Keep us Safe – Video 5/21/16

Donald Trump Vows to Defend the 2nd Amendment in NRA Speech; Receives NRA Endorsement; Says Hillary will “Abolish the 2nd Amendment” – Complete Video 5/20/16

Rush Limbaugh: Trump will put on a GOP Convention like Nothing ever Seen Before; Will be on “Total Offense” – Audio 5/19/16

Trump Talks Foreign Policy on “Morning Joe” – Video 5/20/16

Donald Trump gives Rousing Speech at New Jersey GOP Event; Chris Christie gives Great Introduction! – Complete Video 5/19/16

Trump Goes There: Uses “and Rape” to Describe what Bill Clinton has been Accused of in the Past – Video 5/18/16

Donald Trump Releases List of Eleven Names He will use to Fill Supreme Court Vacancies – 5/18/16


Trump Zings Hillary on Promise to put Bill in Charge of the Economy: “Will He Bring the ‘Energizer’ to D.C.?” – 5/17/16

Reports: Trump Campaign will Wage No-Holds-Barred Battle against Hillary Clinton; Will Raise Bill’s Connection to Jeffrey Epstein – Video 5/16/16

Trump Warns Hillary He will Raise Bill Clinton’s Infidelities during Debates this Fall – Video Report 5/17/16

Former Platoon Mates of Bowe Bergdahl Endorse Donald Trump for President – Video 5/16/16


Utah Poll: Trump Extends Lead over Clinton to 13 Points (5/2-10/16)


AJC Georgia Poll: Trump Leads Clinton by Four Points (5/9-12/16)

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