Obama Chief of Staff: Trump will be “the Freely Elected President” – Video 1/15/17


Trump says He is Finalizing ObamaCare Replacement; Vows to take on Big Pharma to Reduce HealthCare Costs – 1/16/17

DNC Chair Candidate Jehmu Greene says Trump was “Allegedly Elected”; Can’t Beat Trump at Ballot Box so seek to Revise History – Video 1/14/17


President-elect Donald Trump Responds to Attack on Him by Dem Rep. John Lewis: He “should spend more time fixing and helping his District” – 1/14/17

Dem Sen. Joe Manchin Refutes Dem Rep. John Lewis Claim that Trump is “Not a Legitimate President” – Video 1/13/17

Rush Limbaugh: Why should Trump Help the Liberal Media Destroy Him? -Audio 1/12/17

Smart-alack Anderson Cooper Schooled by Kellyanne Conway on Latest Pathetic CNN Attack on Donald Trump – Video 1/11/17

Trump Puts Rude CNN Reporter in His Place; Refuses to give Him a Question and Says, “You are Fake News” – Video 1/11/17

President-elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference; Hammers “Disgraceful” CNN for Hyping “Fake News” Attack on Him – Complete Video 1/11/17

Trump Meets with CEO of China’s Internet Giant Alibaba; Jack Ma says He plans to “Support One Million Small Businesses” in America’s Midwest – Video 1/9/17

Tucker Carlson Mocks Actress Meryl Streep’s Attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards – Video 1/9/17


Trump Wins Initial Test with House GOP: Plan to Gut Ethics Oversight Panel Dropped after Trump Criticizes – 1/3/17


Trump Trolls “Enemies” and “Those who Fought Me and Lost so Badly,” as 2016 comes to a Close – 12/31/16

Kellyanne Conway: Unfortunate if Obama’s Russia Moves are Politically Motivated – Video 12/29/16

Trump Press Conference at Mar-A-Lago: Kerry Speech “Set Back” Peace Process; Strongly Defends Israel; Says “Time to Move on with our Lives” when Asked about Russia Sanctions – Video 12/28/16


Trump Eviscerates Obama’s Pathetic Attack on Israel; Tells Israel to “Stay Strong” because “Jan. 20 is Fast Approaching” – 12/28/16

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