Donald Trump: Like every American Taxpayer, “I Fight Like Hell to Pay as Little in Taxes as Possible” – Video 8/2/15


New Rasmussen Poll Shows Donald Trump Leading GOP Presidential Field by 12 Points – 7/31/15

Stunning NH Focus Group on Trump: “He’s Like One of Us”; “Classy”; “Reaganesque” – Video 7/30/15

Donald Trump in CNN Interview: “We are Being Led by Stupid People” – Video 7/29/15


Donald Trump Surging in Three New National GOP Presidential Polls – 7/30/15

John Kasich Defends Donald Trump; Tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “Leave Him Alone” – Video 7/28/15

Donald Trump Says He has No Intentions of Running as a Third Party Presidential Candidate – Video 7/27/15

Donald Trump in NH: “There is a Silent Majority that’s Fed Up with what’s Happening in this Country” – Video

Trump at Iowa Rally Slams Des Moines Register as a “Super-Liberal Rag”; Hammers Hillary Email Scandal – Complete Video 7/25/15

Trump Smacks Down MSNBC’s Jose Diaz Balart: “No, No, You’re Finished” – Video 7/23/15

Donald Trump in Laredo, TX Praises the Border Patrol: Says they are Not being Allowed to do their Job – Video 7/23/15

Donald Trump Press Conference in Laredo, Texas after Touring the Border – Video 7/23/15

Trump in SC Gives out Lindsey Graham’s Phone Number; Says Graham Sought Influence and Money from Him – Video 7/21/15

Trump to McCain: “If there was a Misunderstanding, I would Totally Take that Back” – Video 7/20/15

Donald Trump Responds to McCain Controversy on “The O’Reilly Factor” – Video 7/20/15

McCain: Donald Trump doesn’t Owe Me an Apology; Owes Apology to other POWS and Families – Video 7/20/15

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