Donald Trump Trolls Marco Rubio on Water Drinking Obsession; Sends Him Package of “Trump Water” – Photos 10/5/15

Trump Says He’s Glad Putin is “Bombing the Hell Out of ISIS” – But it’s Not Happening – Video 10/4/15

Donald Trump Speech at Franklin, TN Rally: “We’re Not Going to Lose This Time” – Video 10/3/15

Donald Trump in Major Interview with Bill O’Reilly; Supports Russia’s Move into the Middle East – Video 9/29/15

Stuart Varney: Donald Trump’s Tax Plan is “Reaganesque” – Video 9/28/15

Donald Trump Unveils Sweeping Tax Reform Plan; Single Earning Less than $25K, or Married Jointly Earning Less than $50K will Pay No Income Tax – Complete Video 9/28/15


Donald Trump Extensive “60 Minutes” Interview; Will Propose Tax Plan with Tax Cuts for Middle Class – Video 9/27/15

Donald Trump Leads Huge Rally at Oklahoma State Fair – Complete Video 9/25/15

Bret Baier and Special Report Crew Act Like Fox News is Not Biased against Donald Trump – Video 9/23/15

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans "the right to keep and bear arms."

Donald Trump Proposes a “National Right to Carry” Law in 2nd Amendment Position Paper


Donald Trump says He will Boycott Fox News Shows “For the Foreseeable Future” Due to Bias – 9/23/15

Ann Coulter makes the Case for Donald Trump: “This is Not a Flash in the Pan” – Video 9/22/15

Walker Tries to Cast Dropout Decision as “Leadership” to Stop Donald Trump – Video 9/21/15

Donald Trump Defends Ben Carson: “He has a Right to Free Speech” – Video 9/21/15

Donald Trump Tells Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition it is Not His Job to Defend Obama – Video 9/19/15

At NH Event, a Woman Tells Trump Her Retirement Savings was Devastated by Carly Fiorina as CEO of Lucent – Video 9/17/15

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