Trump in Interview with Jake Tapper on Iraqi Govt not Wanting Him to Bomb the Oil Fields: “Who Cares?” – Video 6/28/15

Donald Trump Responds to Univision President’s Comparing Trump to Charleston Church Shooter – Video 6/25/15


Trump Surges to 2nd Place in New Fox News Poll Despite being Dismissed by Pundits – 6/25/15

Donald Trump Responds to “Queen” Hillary’s Attack on His Vow to Build a Strong Border with Mexico – Audio 6/22/15


Disgraceful: Hillary Clinton Suggests Donald Trump Remarks Caused Charleston Church Shooting – 6/18/15

“The Five’s” Dana Perino has Meltdown over Donald Trump Remarks by Eric Bolling – Video 6/17/15

Rush Limbaugh: Trump is “Riveting”; Message will Resonate; Think “Ross Perot”; Could Hand Election to Hillary – Audio 6/16/15

Donald Trump: “We have a Disaster Called the ‘Big Lie’ – ObamaCare” – Video 6/16/15

Donald Trump: President Obama “Doesn’t have a Clue. He’s a Bad Negotiator”. . . He did the Bergdahl Deal – Video 6/16/15

Donald Trump: “Our Country is in Serious Trouble. . . We don’t have Victories Anymore” – Video 6/16/15

Donald Trump Announces He is Running for President: “We are Going to Make our Country Great Again!” – Video 6/16/15 UPDATE: Complete Video Added

Watch Live Video of Donald Trump’s Possible Presidential Announcement – Live Video 6/16/15


Donald Trump on Possible Presidential Announcement July 16 at 11 AM ET: “Let’s Make America Great Again” – Video

Donald Trump in NC on Possible Presidential Run: “It’s about Making America Great Again. . . I Can Do It. Nobody Else Can” – Video 6/6/15


Reports: Donald Trump Likely to Announce for President June 16 in NYC; Heads to NH on June 17 – 5/28/15

Donald Trump: If Elected President, “Nobody’s going to Mess with this Country”; “We’re going to become Great Again” – Video 5/19/15

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