Flashback: Donald Trump is for Defunding Planned Parenthood – 11/19/2015


Winners & Losers from the South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate Cage Match! – 2/13/16

Donald Trump Holds Rally of 12,000+ in Tampa, FL: “This is a Movement” – Complete Video 2/12/16

Donald Trump Signs a Baby in the Crowd in Louisiana! – Video 2/11/16

Donald Trump Speaks to Massive Rally of more than 13,000 Supporters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Complete Video 2/11/16


WAPO: Sleazy “Push Polls” being Used against Rubio, Trump in SC; May be Traced to Firm Connected to Cruz Camp; Cruz Campaign Denies – 2/11/16

Trump Holds Big Rally in Clemson, South Carolina: “You Vote for Me, We Win Here, We Run the Table” – Video 2/10/16

New Trump Ad Hammers Ted Cruz for Dirty Tricks against Ben Carson in Iowa Caucuses: “What Kind of Man” – Video 2/9/16

Donald Trump Victory Speech after Winning the 2016 New Hampshire Primary – Video 2/9/16


BREAKING: CNN Projects Donald Trump the Winner of the 2016 New Hampshire Primary – 2/9/16

Jeb Bush Confronted about Reports His Brother Used Eminent Domain to Build Rangers Ballpark in Arlington – Video 2/8/16


Donald Trump Repeats what a Woman in the Audience in NH Calls Ted Cruz for Not Supporting Waterboarding of Terrorists to Protect Americans – Video 2/8/16

Donald Trump Interview on “Meet the Press”: Stands by Support of “Waterboarding” and beyond to Protect America – Video 2/7/16

Trump Skewers Cruz during Debate after Cruz brags about Tainted Iowa Win: “That’s because He got Ben Carson’s Votes, By the Way” – Video 2/6/16

Donald Trump Responds to Pro-Illegal Immigration Heckler: “The Backbone of our Country are People who came here Legally and Worked their A*s Off. . . ” – Video 2/4/16

Donald Trump Meets with Police Officers in New Hampshire; Praises their Work and Vows to Stand Up for them if Elected President – Video 2/4/16

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