Donald Trump Denies He Mocked a NY Times Reporter’s Disability – Video 11/25/15

John Kasich Releases Despicable Attack Ad Against Donald Trump – Video 11/25/15

Donald Trump in “Fox and Friends” Interview Slams Obama ISIS Policy as “a Total Disgrace” – Video 11/22/15

Donald Trump Boots “Black Lives Matter” Protester at Alabama Rally: “Get Him the Hell Out of Here. . . Throw Him Out!” – Videos 11/21/15

Hit Job: NBC Reporter Sets Trump up with “Muslim Database” Suggestion; Trump Talks Stopping Illegal Immigration while Reporter Pushes “Database” Question – Videos 11/20/15

New Donald Trump Radio Ad: “Dangerous” – Audio 11/18/15

Donald Trump on ISIS: “I’d Get Everybody Together and I’d Blast the Hell Out of Them” – Video 11/17/15

Sarah Palin Calls Donald Trump the “Standout” GOP Candidate because He is “that Fighter” – Video 11/15/15

Donald Trump Interview on “Morning Joe”; Hammers Obama, Hillary for Not being Willing to Say the Words “Radical Islam” – Video 11/16/15

Donald Trump Advocates More Surveillance of Radical Mosques; Says some may Need to be Shut Down – Video 11/16/15

Donald Trump on Paris Terrorist Attack: “Toughest Gun Laws in the World. Nobody had Guns but the Bad Guys” – Video 11/14/15

Donald Trump on ISIS: “I’d Bomb the Sh*t Out of Them!” – Video 11/13/15

Trump on Rubio being Hispanic with Cuban Parents: “That’s Why He wants Amnesty” – Video 11/12/15

Trump Vows, “If I’m President, We’re all going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ Again” – Video 11/9/15

Trump Wishes Carson Well in “Face the Nation” Interview, but says, “I Just Don’t Know…..” – Video 11/8/15

New Donald Trump Radio Ads Airing in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina – Audio 11/6/15

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