Family of Young Woman Killed by Illegal Alien Support Donald Trump at Iowa State Fairgrounds Rally – Video 8/27/16

CNN Upset Donald Trump “Dredges Up” the Actual Words of Hillary Clinton about Young, Black Americans – Video 8/27/16

Donald Trump Calls on Mika Brzezinski to Apologize to Black Pastor Mark Burns for Condescending Treatment of Him During Interview – Video 8/26/16

New Trump Ad Reminds Voters Hillary Clinton Referred to Young, African-Americans as “Super Predators”


Hillary Clinton Drops Scorched Earth Ad on Trump Essentially Saying He is Part of the KKK – Video 8/25/16

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Rallies for Trump: “If I was an American Citizen, I wouldn’t Vote for Hillary Clinton if SHE Paid Me!” – Video 8/24/16

Rick Perry, Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani make the Case that Trump is “the Last Chance We have” to Solve our Immigration Crisis – Video 8/24/16

Trump Holds Strong Rally in Jackson, MS; Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Champions Trump – Complete Video 8/24/16

Donald Trump Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Growing Email Scandals – Video 8/22/16

Louisiana Flood Victims Tell Trump: “We Knew You’d be Here for Us” – Video 8/19/16

Donald Trump Helps Unload Supplies for LA Flood Victims; Says “Obama should Get Off the Golf Course and Get Down There” – Videos 8/19/16

Donald Trump, Mike Pence Talk with Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins and Relief Workers in LA; Trump thanked for Bringing Attention to Desperate Need there in Wake of Flooding – Video 8/19/16

Donald Trump Arrives in Baton Rouge, LA to Tour Flood Damage, Encourage Relief Workers – Video 8/19/16

Donald Trump Speaks in North Carolina: Here’s the “New American Future We can Build Together”; Expresses “Regret” for some Past Remarks – Complete Video 8/18/16

New Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway: “It Lights a Fire Under Us” to be a Little Behind in the Polls – Video 8/18/16

Bad Sign – Trump Shakes Up Campaign Staff in Mid-August; Brings on Breitbart News Head as “Campaign CEO” – Video 8/17/16

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