President Trump Offers Condolences in the Wake of the Mass Shooting at First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, TX – Video 11/5/17

Mark Levin Discusses why Voters Stand with Trump Despite GOP Leaders’ Backstabbing Behavior – Audio 10/10/17

President Trump Speaks at the Pentagon for 9/11 Remembrance Service – Video 9/11/17

President Trump to Address the Nation on the War in Afghanistan Tonight, 9 PM ET – Video 8/21/17

President Trump Again Condemns Hatred, Bigotry and Violence in Charlottesville; Slams “KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists” by Name – Video 8/14/17

Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison Says Dictator Kim Jong-un “More Responsible” than President Trump – Video 8/11/17

Trump Presser: Kim Jong-Un “has Disrespected” the U.S.; “With me He’s not Getting Away with it” – Video 8/10/17

Trump Presser: Trump Trolls Putin on Expelling U.S. Diplomats – Video 8/10/17

President Trump Tells Media: Maybe my “Fury” Warning to North Korea “Wasn’t Tough Enough” – Video 8/10/17

Mattis Reinforces Trump in Strong Warning to North Korea: Must “Avoid Actions that would lead. . . “to the Destruction of its People” – 8/9/17

Mark Levin on Mueller Probe against Trump: “This is a Coup that should Upset every American – Trump Supporter or Not” – Audio 8/3/17


LawNewz: Trump will Fire Robert Mueller within 81 Days – 8/3/17

President Trump Honors Veterans, Defends Religious Liberty at Rousing “Celebration of Freedom” Hosted by FBC, Dallas – Video 7/1/17

Sen. Rand Paul Reaches “Breakthrough Idea” on ObamaCare Repeal: Split the Issue into Two Bills – Video 6/28/17

President Trump Rallies with Supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Vows to Push Ahead with “America First” Agenda – Complete Video 6/21/17

GOP Candidate Karen Handel Thanks President Trump following Big Georgia Victory – Video 6/20/17

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