Donald Trump

Report: Donald Trump Moves toward Presidential Run; Forms Exploratory Committee; Walking away from “Apprentice” – 3/18/15

Donald Trump Blasts Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney at “Iowa Freedom Summit”; Says He’s Considering 2016 Presidential Run – Complete Video 1/24/15

Donald Trump Calls Al Sharpton “a Professional Con Man” – Video 12/22/14

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Donald Trump Tweaks Obama: Offers “Free Lifetime Golf” if “Obama Resigns from Office NOW” – 9/10/14

Donald Trump: Obama Fought for a “Deserter”, but Not Fighting for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in Mexican Prison – Video 7/10/14

“Morning Joe” Crew Discusses Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Contenders at NH “Freedom Summit” – Video 4/14/14

NH Crowd Boos Jeb Bush when Donald Trump Mentions Bush’s Illegal Immigration Remarks – Video 4/12/14

Donald Trump Speech at CPAC 2014: Obama’s Presidency is “Getting into Jimmy Carter Territory”; Our Country “is in Serious, Serious Trouble” – Video 3/6/14

Donald Trump Says it’s “50/50″ He Will Run for Governor of New York; Would Cut Taxes and Fees by “50%” – Video 2/4/14

Donald Trump in NH: Chris Christie is a “Good Guy. . . But He’s One Email from Disaster” – Video 1/21/14

Donald Trump: Considering a Run for Governor of New York; ObamaCare “Embarrassing” for the Whole Country – Video 12/16/13

Egyptian Court Orders Release of Former President Hosni Mubarak; Donald Trump Says Obama “Never should have Abandoned Him” – Video Reports 8/21/13

Donald Trump Says His Net Worth is “Probably Over $10 Billion”; If He Runs for President in 2016, “I’d Spend Whatever it Took” – Video 8/11/13

Donald Trump on Barack Obama’s Series of “Green Energy” Disasters: “We’re Backing all of this Garbage that Doesn’t Work” – Video 4/5/13

Donald Trump Reacts to Dismal Jobs Report: “We have Lost our Mojo as a Country. . . When You Add it all up, It’s ObamaCare” – Video 4/5/13

Donald Trump Speech at CPAC 2013: “The Republican Party is in Serious Trouble” – Complete Video 3/15/13

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