Is Ted Cruz on the Verge of Endorsing Donald Trump? Could be. . . . . – 9/21/16

Donald Trump Holds Big Rally in High Point, NC – Complete Video 9/20/16

Report: Former President George H.W. Bush will Vote for Hillary Clinton against His own Party – Video Report 9/20/16

In Wake of NYC, NJ, MN Terror Attacks, Hillary Clinton Now says She is for “Tough Vetting” to Keep Potential Threats out of America – Video 9/19/16

Trump Speaks Out in Wake of NYC, NJ, MN Terror Attacks: We Need to Hit ISIS “Much Harder Over There”; Must get “Much Tougher” – Video 9/19/16

Hillary Clinton uses Word “Bombings” to Describe NYC, NJ Explosions; Then Criticizes Trump for saying “Bomb” – Video 9/17/16

Donald Trump Enters Miami Rally with “Les Deplorables” Backdrop: “Welcome to All of You Deplorables!” – Complete Video 9/16/16

Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton Started the Birther Controversy; I Finished It” – Video 9/16/16

Donald Trump Totally Enrages Liberal Media by Getting them to Cover Multiple Military Leaders Endorsing Him at D.C. Event! – Complete Video 9/16/16

Donald Trump Rally in Canton, Ohio – Complete Video 9/14/16

Donald Trump Delivers Tribute for Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly at Her Funeral – Video 9/10/16

Donald Trump Dominates NBC News “Commander-in-Chief” Forum with Hillary Clinton – Complete Video 9/7/16

Trump: Upon taking Office, “I’ll Ask my Generals for a Plan within 30 Days to Defeat and Destroy ISIS” – Video 9/7/16

Donald Trump Delivers Major National Security Speech in Philadelphia; Will Rebuild America’s Military; Focus on “Peace Through Strength” – Complete Video 9/7/16

Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Declares, “I’m Gonna Vote for Donald Trump” – Audio 9/6/16

Donald Trump Answers Questions from the Media on His Plane – Video 9/5/16

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