President Trump Announces Reversal of Obama’s Pro-Castro Cuba Policy – Video 6/16/17

President Trump Meets with GOP Senators at the White House on ObamaCare Repeal; Slams “Obstructionist Dems” – Video 6/13/17

President Trump in Rose Garden Press Conference Blasts Comey the “Leaker”; Says He is “Vindicated” by Comey Testimony – Video 6/9/17

Rep. Jim Jordan: Big Takeaway on Comey Opening Statement is that Comey “Agreed with the President” on Multiple Occasions – Video 6/7/17

President Donald Trump Announces, “The United States will Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord”; Trump Chooses to put America First! – Complete Video 6/1/17

President Trump meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican – Video 5/24/17

Alan Dershowitz: President Trump Saying and Doing All the Right Things in Saudi Arabia and Israel – Video 5/22/17

President Trump Arrives in Saudi Arabia; Greeted Personally by Saudi King at the Airport – unlike Obama – Video 5/20/17

President Trump Curtly Tells Reporter, “No, No” when asked if He ever told Comey to End Flynn Investigation – Video 5/18/17

New York Times Says James Comey Wrote a Memo Claiming President Trump Urged Him to Drop Michael Flynn Investigation; White House Denies – Video 5/16/17

President Donald Trump’s Outstanding Commencement Address at Liberty University: “In America we don’t Worship Government — We Worship God” – Complete Video 5/13/17

Krauthammer: President Trump’s Firing of Comey has sent the Media “Over the Edge” – Video 5/11/17

President Trump on why he Fired FBI Director James Comey: “Because he wasn’t doing a Good Job” – Video 5/10/17

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Under Leftist Joe Scarborough’s Skin; Quotes Him saying there’s No Evidence of Collusion between Trump and the Russians – Video 5/10/17

President Trump Celebrates House ObamaCare Repeal Vote at the White House: “This is a Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare” – Video 5/4/17

Huge Victory: U.S. House Votes 217-213 to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare – Video 5/4/17

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