Report: Trump Plans to Cut $20 Billion in UN Funding! – Video Report 3/14/17

President Trump Leads Listening Session with “Victims” of ObamaCare – Video 3/13/17


President Trump Surprises White House Visitors – Video 3/7/17

President Trump goes on Offense; Slams Barack Obama for Wiretapping Him Prior to 2016 Election – Video/Tweets 3/4/17

President Trump Aboard the Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Vows “a Great Rebuilding of the U.S. Military” – Video 3/2/17

President Donald Trump Delivers Amazing Speech to a Joint Session of Congress; Calls on Democrats and Republicans to Unite for the American People – Complete Video 2/28/17

President Trump Signs Executive Order Honoring America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Video 2/28/17

President Trump Toasts the Nation’s Governors at the White House – Video 2/26/17

President Trump Speaks at CPAC 2017: The GOP is Now “the Party of the American Worker” – Complete Video 2/24/17

“Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski: Danger that Trump may be able to “Control what People Think. That’s our Job” – Video 2/22/17

President Trump Denounces Antisemitism, Hatred in all of its Forms; Calls it “Horrible” and “Painful” – Video 2/21/17

Tucker Carlson: Trump was absolutely Right about “Massive Turmoil” in Sweden over Huge Influx of Immigrants from Terror-Prone Nations – Video 2/20/17

President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Melbourne, FL; Slams “Dishonest Media”; Brings Supporter Onstage Impromptu-style – Complete Video 2/18/17

President Trump Talks Jobs, Economy at Unveiling of Boeing Dreamliner in South Carolina – Complete Video 2/17/17

President Trump Signs Bill that takes Big Step to Undo Barack Obama’s War on Coal – Video 2/16/17

President Trump takes Questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta; Slams Constant “Hatred” against Him on CNN – Video 2/16/17

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