Dr. Benjamin Carson: I was Consulted on ObamaCare but dropped for Not Supporting Obama “in the Last Election” – Video 8/13/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson: If George Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic,” “Why Don’t We Call Obama a ‘White African-American’?” – Video 7/17/13

Mark Levin: Dr. Ben Carson is “Driven by the Opposite Inclination of the RINOS” – Audio 4/2/13

Mark Levin Blasts “Former Bushie” for Attacking His Interview with Dr. Ben Carson – Audio 4/2/13

Dr. Ben Carson on Mark Levin Show: Liberal Attacks “So Vicious” because of their “How Dare You Come Off the Plantation” Attitude – Audio 4/1/13

Liberal Guest on “Hannity” has Meltdown in Repeated Attacks on Dr. Benjamin Carson; Refers to Dr. Carson as a “Monster” Created by Hannity – Video 4/1/13


Dr. Benjamin Carson Stands Strong for Biblical Marriage in Interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell – Video 3/29/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson: Likelihood of Running for President “Incredibly Small”; Would Consider if “No other Very Good Candidates” – Video 3/21/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson Calls Out “Mainstream Media”: “If Ever they Recognize if We Destroy this Country they too will be Destroyed. . .” – Complete Video 3/18/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson Speech at CPAC 2013: Describes how “Someone” in the White House would try to Destroy the Nation – Complete Video 3/16/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson: Ryan Budget moves in the Right Direction – “Taxes are Getting Flatter” – Video 3/12/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson on “Hannity” says He was Told beforehand “Not to Offend the President” with His Prayer Breakfast Speech – Video 3/1/13


Confirmed: Dr. Benjamin Carson to Speak at CPAC 2013

“Fox News Sunday” Profiles Dr. Benjamin Carson and “The Speech” – Video 2/24/13

Dr. Ben Carson on Bill Bennett Show: “This Country is Not about the Government taking over and Ruling Everybody’s Lives” – Audio 2/18/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Barack Obama: “He’s a Talented Politician”; On Presidential Run: “I’ll Leave that Up to God” – Video 2/17/13

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