Here is video of GOP Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Jon Kyl talking about their proposal to deal with children brought to the United States by illegal immigrant parents before the age of 14. They are proposing what they call the “Achieve Act,” which they say is better than the Democrats’ “Dream Act” legislation. Their proposal would give the opportunity for legal status, student visas, and work visas to anyone brought here before age 14, but would not give a preference to them for the citizenship track over people who have waited in line to become citizens.

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GOP Senators Hutchinson and Kyl Propose “Achieve Act” as Rival to Democrats’ “Dream Act” – Video 11/27/12

Here is video of President Obama today in the Rose Garden of the White House getting into a tense exchange with The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro.

The exchange occurred as Obama was announcing his decision to not enforce immigration law on deporting illegal aliens who meet the qualifications under the never passed DREAM Act. What Obama is doing is not actual legislation, but an Executive decision to simply not enforce the law against an estimated 800,000 young illegal aliens.

When reporter Neil Munro dared to ask Obama why he is choosing to favor foreign workers over Americans? As you can see, Obama’s anger showed and he answered accordingly as Munro asked him several times.

Isn’t it interesting that Barack Obama makes this move less than 5 months before the election when he desperately needs to energize Hispanic voters to rally to his side? Obama had complete control of Congress for two years and did NOTHING on Immigration. He showed by his actions for those two years he does not care one wit about what he now claims is “the right thing to do.”

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Obama Gets into Tense Exchange with Reporter in White House Rose Garden after Announcing His Decision Not to Enforce Immigration Law against Illegals who Qualify under the Never-Passed DREAM Act – Video 6/15/12

Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez is arrested outside of the White House during a Dream Act rally after he refused to move when asked to by authorities. Gutierrez was attending the rally urging Obama to use his “broad discretionary power” to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants.

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Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez Arrested at Dream Act Rally Outside White House – Video 7/26/11

In a Press Conference today, President Obama said his inability to get the DREAM Act passed is the greatest disappointment of his first two years as President. Obama said he remains committed to getting “Immigration Reform” done.

President Obama Says Failure to Pass DREAM Act His Biggest Disappointment of First 2 Years – Video 12/22/10

Here is raw video of a UCLA Professor telling a group of people that eventual passage of the DREAM Act will allow a new generation to eventually “replace those old white men” in the U.S. Congress.

“When that day happens, the young people of the DREAM Act movement, will go on to accomplish and do great things with your lives. You will go on to become lawyers, teachers, doctors and members of the US congress to replace those old white men . . . “


UCLA Professors Vows DREAM Act Passage will Lead to Replacing “Those Old White Men” in Congress – Video

The United States House of Representatives passed “The DREAM Act” on Wednesday, which would give many young illegal immigrants legal status if they meet a list of criteria. It is aimed at young people who were brought here illegally by their parents before the age of 16, and who are less than 30 years old now. Millions of children are brought here illegally by parents, and have been here most of their lives. But the measure is unlikely to get the needed 60-votes in the U.S. Senate to bring it up for an up-or-down vote. The Senate is scheduled for a cloture vote on the matter sometime Thursday:

POLITICO: A controversial bill that would provide a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants cleared the House on Wednesday, but now faces a daunting test in the Senate.

After a two-hour floor debate, the House passed the DREAM Act along mostly partisan lines, 216 to 198, with 38 Democrats voting against the bill and 8 Republicans supporting it.

Democrats framed the legislation as a civil-rights issue. Republicans denounced it as a “nightmare” amnesty plan that would encourage illegal immigration.

“The DREAM Act symbolizes what it means to be American,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “It’s about equality. It’s about opportunity. It’s about the future.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) postponed a procedural vote in the upper chamber for Thursday morning. . . . Read More

The bottom line is that this is not going to pass. Republicans oppose it, and Democrats are seeking to use it to gain Hispanic votes even though they know it does not have the votes for passage in the U.S. Senate. But they are pushing it so they can say to Hispanic voters, “We tried,” and can use the vote to vilify Republicans.

U.S. House Passes the DREAM Act; Unlikely to Get Needed 60-Votes for Cloture in the Senate

Here is audio of Laura Ingraham talking to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about his outreach to Hispanic voters. She specifically zeroed in on Gingrich’s support of certain aspects of the DREAM Act, which would allow the children of Illegals, who were brought here by their parents, to become American citizens if they join the military or go to college for two years.

Gingrich and Ingraham got into something of a heated exchange on the issue. Their discussion moved from the DREAM Act to a broader discussion on Illegal Immigration as a whole. Gingrich said there is no way to deport all the Illegal Aliens who are present in the country. Ingraham would not concede that, believing that many will self-deport if we start enforcing the borders.

But Gingrich continued to press the issue that there will still be millions of people who will be here with no legal status, and there must be some way to bring them to “legality,” if not “citizenship.” He was very insistent on drawing a distinction between making people “legal” and giving them “citizenship.”

Laura Ingraham and Newt Gingrich Get into Heated Exchange over Illegal Immigration – Audio 12/3/10

Sen. Dick Durbin spoke on the Senate Floor today after a cloture vote failed 56-43 that would have brought up the Defense Authorization Bill with the “Dream Act” amendment attached to it.

Durbin vowed to continue fighting for the “Dream Act,” and challenged the “11 Republicans” who have supported it in the past to stop “cowering in the shadows” and vote for it when it is brought up again in the future.

Durbin called passage of the “Dream Act” his “highest priority.”

Sen. Dick Durbin Vows to Keep Fighting for Passage of “The Dream Act” – 9/21/10

Here is video of the results being announced in the U.S. Senate this afternoon on the cloture vote to bring up the Defense Authorization Bill with amendments attached that would end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military, and adopt the “Dream Act.”

The vote failed 56-43, falling four votes short of the needed 60 votes. No Republicans voted for it.

U.S. Senate Fails to Invoke Cloture on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and “Dream Act” Amendments to Defense Bill – Video

NOTE: Readers have clarified that Sen. Reid had to vote “No” if he wants to move to reconsider the bill at some point in the future. Thus, his “no” vote was a parliamentary decision. I stand corrected and appreciate the clarification. I still think Reid is a “crass political animal,” because, in my opinion, his bringing this up at this time was designed to win votes for himself in November.

Here is video of Democrat Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Harry Reid voting “no” on the cloture vote to bring up the Defense Authorization Bill, which included amendments on getting rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and proposing passage of the “Dream Act.”

Reid was pushing for adoption of the bill and the amendments, but if you watch the video, you will see Blanche Lincoln enter the screen at the top right. She indicates her vote “no” on bringing up the bill. She then walks around to Harry Reid and pats him on the back while saying something to him. Then, notice that Reid walks back to his desk, faces the clerk and votes “no” on the bill!!!! The video then shows Reid’s sanctimoniuous comments later in which he slams Republicans for opposing the bill – when he voted against it himself!!!!

This just shows what a crass, political animal Harry Reid is. He knows he will get credit among Hispanics for his public comments pushing the Dream Act, but at the end he votes against the bill so he is officially on record opposing it. He hopes to get support and votes from both sides by his actions.

Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln Vote “NO” on Cloture to Bring Up Dream Act and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Amendments – Video 9/21/10

BREAKING: Democrats have failed to get the needed 60-votes in the U.S. Senate to bring up the Defense Authorization Bill they deliberately were attempting to use to bring up an amendment to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and to bring up the “Dream Act.” The vote was 56-43 to invoke cloture, falling four votes short of the needed 60 votes.

BREAKING: Democrats Fail to Win Cloture Vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Here is video of GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina in last night’s debate with Sen. Barbara Boxer saying she supports the “Dream Act” to help the children of illegal aliens who were brought here by their parents through no fault of their own. Fiorina asked what she would do about the millions of children who have lived in the United States for most of their lives after being brought here by their parents. Fiorina said she would support the “Dream Act,” which would enable them to move toward citizenship and would allow them to go to college.

However, she distinguished that from “amnesty,” saying she does not support “amnesty” for those who came here illegally – meaning the adults or parents who came here willfully and knowingly against the law. Fiorina also said it is essential for the Federal Government to design a “Guest Worker Program” that truly works.

Fiorina in Debate with Boxer: Says She Supports “Dream Act” but Opposes “Amnesty” – Video 9/1/10

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