5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Los Angeles Area – Videos 3/29/14

Here is a video report this afternoon on the 5.8 or 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake that hit the Eastern seaboard today, felt from North Carolina all the way up into the Northeast.

The quake was centered in Virginia about 80 miles from Washington D.C. near Louisa, Virginia. No report yet on any fatalities or the extent of the damage.

President Obama was reportedly on the Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard when the quake hit and received a phone call about the quake.

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BREAKING: East Coast Hit with 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Centered in Virginia about 80 Miles from Nation’s Capital – Video 8/23/11

Here is a video report showing another massive aftershock hitting Japan – this time a 7.1. It comes one-month to the day since an incredible 9.0 earthquake devastated Northern Japan. To date, nearly 28,000 people are either dead or missing.

Massive Aftershock Hits Japan One Month After Devastating Earthquake – Video 4/11/11

Here is raw video from inside the Sendai, Japan Airport last Friday as the Tsunami that struck approached and then moved through. You can hear the terror in the voices of the people, and then see the rushing waters outside moving everything in its path.

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Raw Video Shows Tsunami Hitting Sendai, Japan from Inside the Airport – Video 3/11/11

Here is more incredible video of the massive tsunami that struck Japan on Friday. This is raw video of the tsunami hitting the Japanese city of Miyagi.

Raw Video Shows Tusnami Hitting City of Miyagi, Japan – Video 3/11/11

Here is another view of the powerful tsunami moving ashore in Japan near Honshu on the East Coast of the country yesterday. The video shows the tsunami pushing its wall of debris, water and mud further and further inland, destroying everything in its path. Truly incredible video.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan in the wake of this devastation.

Aerial Video Shows Tsunami Moving Inland in Japan – Raw Video 3/11/11

Here is a good summary of the news regarding the devastating Earthquake that struck Japan early today. The report says “tens of thousands” of people there are unaccounted for – particularly in the hardest hit city of Sendai, Japan – in the northeast of the country. Virtually every building in Sendai has been severely damaged or destroyed there. It also says Tokyo received substantial damage as well.

It was also reported in this one report that the earthquake is the sixth and fifth strongest quake. An earlier report said the seventh largest. Whichever is accurate, the 8.9 quake was incredible.

Summary Report on Earthquake in Japan; “Tens of Thousands” of People Said to be “Unaccounted For” – Video Report 3/11/11

Here is raw video showing is said to be a massive whirlpool that formed off the coast of Japan today in the wake of the incredibly powerful earthquake that struck there and the tsunami wave that moved ashore.

Massive Whirlpool Forms off Japan in Wake of Earthquake Tsunami – Raw Video 3/11/11

Here is video from Sendai, Japan showing an aerial view of a tsunami wall of mud sweeping over the city there as a result of the powerful 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan early this morning (U.S. time). The tsunami wave swept away houses, cars and everything else in its path.

Tsunami Wall of Mud Sweeps Across Sendai, Japan – 3/11/11

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Haiti’s government releases never before seen footage of the Haiti earthquake from inside the Presidential Palace. More than 300,000 people were killed in the January earthquake.

Haitian Government Releases Video of Earthquake from Inside the Presidential Palace

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