Ed Henry: Mitt Romney May Apologize to Donald Trump to Pave the Way for Secretary of State Post – Video 11/25/16

Vice-President Joe Biden

Fox News’ Ed Henry: “Three Sources Close” to VP Joe Biden Say He will Run for President; However, May Not Announce within 48-Hours – 10/19/15

Hillary Clinton Tells Fox News’ Ed Henry, “Let Me Answer One of your Questions, Since that’s what you are Entitled to” – Video 8/28/15

Fox News’ Ed Henry Puts Hillary Clinton on the Spot about whether She Wiped Her Server Clean: “Like with a Cloth?” – Video 8/18/15

Ed Henry to Josh Earnest: Say, Wasn’t it a Threat to National Security for Hillary Clinton to have a Private Server? – Video 6/5/15

Ed Henry Corners Josh Earnest: Why is it OK for Obama to Send a Video to Iran but not for GOP to Send Open Letter? – Video 3/20/15

Ed Henry Confronts Obama Press Secretary on Obama Calling George W. Bush “Unpatriotic” – Video 2/20/15

Ed Henry Asks Josh Earnest if Dems are “Hostage-Takers” for “Voting to Shutdown the Government” Yesterday – Video 12/12/14

Ed Henry Confronts Obama on whether He Misled Americans on ObamaCare; Obama Says, “I Just Heard about This” (Gruber Remarks) – Video 11/16/14

Ed Henry Asks Obama Press Secretary what Happened to Obama’s Promised “Flexibility” with “Vladimir” after 2012 Re-Election – Video 7/21/14

Ed Henry Asks Obama Press Secretary Why Obama has No Plans to Visit the Border during Texas Fundraising Trip – Video

Ed Henry Asks Jay Carney if Obama “Misjudged” the Threat Posed by Al-Qaeda Affiliates Like ISIS – Video 6/18/14

Jay Carney Won’t Even Admit the V.A. Scandal is Reality; Only Acknowledges “Allegations” – Video 5/20/14

Jay Carney takes Repeated Shots at Fox News as Ed Henry Presses on Benghazi Scandal – Video 5/1/14

Thin-Skinned Obama Bristles at Ed Henry Question about Perceived “Weakness” of Obama’s Foreign Policy – Video 4/29/14

Ed Henry leaves Jay Carney Rambling for Answer on Obama’s Failed Syria Policy – Video 2/18/14

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