Jay Carney Repeatedly Dodges Questions on Eric Holder from both CBS News’ Major Garrett and Fox News’ Ed Henry – Video 5/29/13

Fox News’ Ed Henry Destroys White House Press Secretary on Obama Admin Double-Speak about Inflexible Sequester Cuts – Video 4/2/13

Ed Henry struck a nerve.

Here he is at today’s White House Briefing with Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney where he asked if the four State Department officials thrown under the bus to try and put the Benghazi Scandal to rest is the end of accountability. Henry reminded Carney that before the election, Obama and Hillary Clinton said they took responsibility for what happened, but now it appears, others are “taking the fall.”

Carney did not like that, and bristled at the suggestion Obama was trying to make others “take the fall.”

Jay Carney Bristles when Fox News’ Ed Henry Asks why others are “Taking the Fall” for Benghazi when Obama, Clinton said Pre-Election the Buck Stopped with Them – Video 12/20/12

Here is video from President Obama’s Press Conference today, his first in 8 months, where he was confronted by Fox News’ Ed Henry about Benghazi. Henry asked him if he issued any orders to send help to the Americans under attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, pointing out that the father of one of the dead said he feels like his son dialed 911 and got no help. Obama avoided the question, with Henry following up, not letting him off the hook. Obama used his “offended” response, saying “if anyone thinks” he didn’t do everything possible blah, blah, blah. But he never described any specific orders to send help – which was in the region – to help the Americans who where under attack for many hours.

Obama Confronted on Benghazi at White House Press Conference; Avoids Specifics in Response – Video 11/14/12

Here is a video report from Fox News’ Ed Henry saying the Obama White House is now in “full damage-control mode” after President Obama said in a recent interview he does not consider Egypt to be an “ally” of the United States.

Report: Obama White House in “Full Damage-Control Mode” over Obama’s Egypt Not an “Ally” Remark – Video 9/13/12

Fox News’ Ed Henry posted this photo from Obama’s bus tour through Iowa.

You can visit the website for the business he built here.

Via Ironic Surrealism

Iowa Deli Owner Caters Obama Event, but uses T-Shirt to Declare who Built His Business – Photo 8/15/12

Here is a video report by Fox News’ Ed Henry on Barack Obama’s criticism of GOP SuperPAC Ads, but his refusal to denounce the blatantly false Pro-Obama SuperPAC ad that blames Mitt Romney for the death of a steelworker’s wife. The report reviews the many ways the ad fails to tell the truth.

Obama Slams GOP SuperPAC Ads; Refuses to Denounce Outrageous Pro-Obama SuperPAC Cancer Ad against Romney – Video Report 8/9/12

Here are White House Reporters Ed Henry and Jonathan Karl asking Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney if President Obama agrees with Democrat Harry Reid’s totally unsubstantiated claim that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years Carney refused to say whether Obama agrees, and he refused to disavow the attack by Harry Reid.

Reporters Pepper Obama Press Secretary on whether Barack Obama Agrees with Harry Reid’s Unproven Attack on Mitt Romney; Carney Dodges – Video 8/6/12

There is little doubt that Barack Obama is supremely overconfident about his chances for re-election.

Here is video of Fox News’ Ed Henry asking at a White House Briefing about Obama’s recent arrogant declaration that he has “another five years” to get his agenda implemented, as if his win in November is a foregone conclusion. Obama’s spokesman explains he is just “confident.”

Via HotAirPundit

Ed Henry at White House Briefing Asks about Obama’s Arrogant, “I’ve Got Five More Years” Statement; Spokesman Confirms Obama is “Confident” – Video 2/24/12

Here is video of Fox News’ White House Correspondent Ed Henry responding to a thin-skinned President Obama’s jab at him today for asking his reaction to something Mitt Romney said recently. Obama shot back at Henry, “I didn’t know you were the spokesperson for Mitt Romney.”

Henry said it is standard procedure for White House reporters to quote political opponents to get reaction from the President, but that obviously Obama chose “not to engage” Mitt Romney but “instead decided to kind of go after me a little bit.”

This was Obama’s way of trying to intimidate the media into not asking him about what the GOP Candidates are saying. His intimidation tactics work with most of the fawning media, but not with all. Let’s hope an increasing number will be willing to ask him some serious and difficult questions.

Fox News’ Ed Henry Responds to Obama’s Jab at Him: He Chose “Not to Engage Mitt Romney” and “Instead Decided to Go After Me” – Video 10/13/11

In response to a question involving a quote from Mitt Romney, a testy President Obama tells Fox News’ Ed Henry, “I didn’t know you were the spokesperson for Mitt Romney.” Henry had quoted Romney saying, “If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on earth, I am not your president. You have that president today.”

H/t: Breitbart.tv

Obama to Fox News’ Ed Henry: “I Didn’t Know you Were the Spokesperson for Mitt Romney” – Video 10/13/11

Here is a video report by Fox News’ Ed Henry on President Obama’s first full day of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, even as Americans all over the country struggle with the dire economic times.

Henry reports that Obama and his team tried to portray Obama as working hard on his vacation – having an official photo of a serious-faced Obama taken during a briefing. But later in the day, Fox News managed to catch a glimpse of Obama driving a golf cart on an exclusive golf course near his $25,000 a week Blue Heron Farm vacation home.

Henry says White House aides claim they are not worried about fallout from Obama taking a 10-day vacation at the exclusive location in the midst of such economic difficulty.

Via Fox Nation

Obama Plays Golf on Day One of Exclusive Martha’s Vineyard Vacation; Obama Aides Say They are Not Worried about Fallout over Lavish Vacation During Tough Economic Times – Video 8/20/11

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney once again attacks Fox News’ White House correspondent Ed Henry, this time accusing him of “creating a thing here for Fox.” Henry responded, “That’s not what I’m doing, and you know better than that.” Henry had again asked Carney when the White House would submit its own debt plan.

WH Press Secretary Jay Carney Accuses Ed Henry of “Creating a Thing for Fox” – Video 7/27/11

Here is video of new Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry sparring with Obama White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney. Henry pressed Carney on why Obama would speak to the nation in prime time WITHOUT presenting his own plan – the “Obama Plan” – for dealing with the nation’s Debt Limit Crisis.

Fox News’ Ed Henry Spars with Obama Press Secretary; Asks Where is the “Obama Plan?” – Video 7/26/11

Fox News has announced that CNN Reporter Ed Henry will be moving to their network to work as the Chief White House Correspondent:

FOX NEWS INSIDER: Fox News has signed CNN’s Ed Henry as Chief White House correspondent, announced Michael Clemente, Senior Vice President of News Editorial for the network. He will be responsible for covering all facets of the White House, including the President’s domestic and international activities.

In making the announcement, Clemente said, “We’ve been impressed with Henry’s reporting for a long time and are proud he’s joining the Fox News team where his tenacity and hard news instincts will continue to strengthen the network’s core journalistic assets.”

Fox News’ Washington bureau will undergo additional changes in coverage beats with Henry assuming his new role, including the following transitions: Wendell Goler has been promoted to Senior White House and Foreign Affairs correspondent where he will take on additional responsibilities covering the State Department; Mike Emanuel has been named Chief Congressional correspondent providing coverage of the House and Senate, as well as breaking news on Capitol Hill; James Rosen becomes Chief Washington correspondent reporting on major Beltway stories and how they impact the country; and Carl Cameron continues in his role as Chief Political correspondent, covering congressional, gubernatorial, and presidential elections for Fox News. . . . . Read More

CNN’s Ed Henry Moving to Fox News as Chief White House Correspondent

Here is video of Democrat National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine admitting to CNN’s Ed Henry that President Obama did not focus on job creation during his first two years in office. Instead, he focused on everything else – including ramming ObamaCare through, which Kaine praised as a huge accomplishment for the future.

Not to worry – Kaine says Obama is ready to focus on jobs during the next two years.

Via The Blaze

DNC Chair Tim Kaine Admits Obama Did Not Focus on Job Creation During First Two Years – Video 1/2/11

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