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Here is video of Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey talking with Sen. Marco Rubio this afternoon about the bi-partisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform he helped to craft, and rolled out today alongside Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Bob Menendez. Rubio assured listeners he will not support any legislation that does not make securing the border a pre-requisite to moving forward with the process of allowing those already here illegally to get in line for citizenship.

Ed Morrissey Talks to Sen. Marco Rubio about his “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Plan – Video 1/28/13

Here is video of GOP Sen. James Inhofe being interviewed by Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey. Inhofe had previously endorsed Rick Perry for President, and says he likely won’t be making another formal endorsement. But he told Captain Ed that of the remaining GOP Presidential Candidates, only “one candidate can seriously address his four key issues” – Rick Santorum:

HOT AIR: . . . The four areas are fiscal (budget deficits, which Inhofe blames entirely on Barack Obama), the decline of the military, energy production, and the rapid growth of the regulatory regime. Inhofe says the best candidate of the four remaining to deal with all four issues is … Rick Santorum. It’s not a formal endorsement, but it certainly is a key statement of support from a well-respected conservative on Capitol Hill. . . Read More

Speaking of Santorum, Inhofe said: “I know Rick real well, and I do know you can depend on him.”

GOP Sen. James Inhofe Says Rick Santorum is the Only Remaining GOP Candidate Addressing Key Issues Facing the Nation – Video 2/8/12

Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey posted today that he believes Texas Gov. Rick Perry is going to enter the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race. Ed quoted from a Des Moines Register article saying that Perry had indicated to them he is feeling “a call” to run for President. It appears Perry indicated he will likely make a final decision within the next 2 to 3 weeks – just in time for the next GOP Presidential Debate on Fox News:

HOT AIR: Perry told the Des Moines Register that he would make his decision within two to three weeks. Not too coincidentally, the Ames debate will take place in about three and a half weeks, on August 11th, which will be nationally televised by Fox News. That would provide an impressive springboard into the race, plus the late entry would tamp down expectations in the straw poll itself without unnecessarily alienating Iowa Republicans by skipping it altogether.

Expect to hear about an exploratory committee by the week before the debate, and a need for Fox to add one more podium to the stage. . . . Read More

Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Decide on Presidential Run “Within Two to Three Weeks” – 7/17/11

Complete arrogance.

Here is video of Obama’s Energy Secretary – Steven Chu – just flat out refusing to even talk about the subject of drilling in ANWR – the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Chu was asked about the possibility of drilling there in light of the huge increase in gas prices recently. Instead of explain their rationale for why the United States should cut itself off from the vast resources in ANWR, Chu arrogantly answered, “I’m not going to talk about ANWR.”

Ed Morrissey has much more on this at Hot Air.

Obama and his minions believe themselves to be above it all – not accountable to anyone. They proved that with the way they rammed ObamaCare through against the clear will of the American people. That arrogance continues to manifest itself. The only message they will understand will come in November 2012, when Americans must hold them accountable for their radical agenda by voting them out of office.

Obama Energy Secretary Refuses to Answer Question on Drilling in ANWR – Video 3/15/11

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