Democrat Ed Rendell “Not Confident” Northam will Win Virginia Governor’s Race Tuesday – Video 11/6/17

Democrat Ed Rendell: PA Will be Close; “A Great Week for the Trump Campaign” – Video 11/6/16

Here is video of former PA Gov. Ed Rendell saying it is a possibility that Gov. Mitt Romney can pull a “startling upset” against President Barack Obama in the very blue state of Pennsylvania.

Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell: A “Startling Upset” for Mitt Romney a “Possibility” in Pennsylvania – Video 10/25/12

Here is video of Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell and the “Morning Joe” crew mocking the pathetic, low-brow ad put out by the Obama SuperPAC “Priorities USA” which tries to use the Olympics as a backdrop by bringing up all the tired attacks on Mitt Romney as a rich guy:

The verdict by the crew was that someone on the ad team for the SuperPAC “has waaaay too much time.”

“Morning Joe” Crew Mock New Obama SuperPAC Ad Using Olympics as Backdrop to Attack Mitt Romney – Video 7/25/12

Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell joins liberal Robert Reich in saying Obama’s constant blaming current economic conditions on someone else “doesn’t work anymore.” Rendell said, “People are getting sort of tired of that.”

Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell on Obama’s “Pointing the Finger of Blame at Someone Else”: “Doesn’t Resonate Anymore. . . People are Getting Sort of Tired of That” – Video 7/9/12

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Ed Rendell is right. ObamaCare is “going to be an albatross” around the necks of Obama and the Democrats. Now that it has been upheld as a tax, Americans are going to enjoy hearing about all the little details in that 2,700 page monstrosity we have to look forward to. Not to mention the fiscal nightmare compounded by this multi-trillion dollar program that will require 21 kinds of tax increases to pay for. At the same time, more and more doctors are calling it quits rather than have to deal with this ridiculous system. Add it up and you will have less quality and longer wait times when you really need to get something done of any consequence. Rendell is right that the Democrats have to try and defend it, but that did not go so well in 2010. That’s why Democrats are running away from it in droves up to this point in 2012. Maybe defending it as a massive tax increase will be more appealing!

Via Hot Air

Dem Gov. Ed Rendell on ObamaCare: “It’s Going to be an Albatross around our Neck. Let’s Stand and Defend It” – Video 6/29/12

Here is video of Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell on CNN last night where he said very directly, “I not sure he’s (Obama) going to win” in November. Rendell had been asked why he said earlier in the day Obama would be “competitive,” but would not use the word win. “Because I have this strange habit of trying to tell the truth when you ask me a question.”

Rendell did say Obama “should win,” but thinks Obama needs to shift his strategy to focus on the future instead of attacking Romney’s past record.

Below is video from the 2008 Campaign of Barack Obama refusing to wear an American Flag lapel pin, which Rendell references in the video above. Instead of doing that to show pride in his nation, Obama said he “instead I’m going to try to tell the American People what I believe will make this country great.”

We’ve seen over the last four years the Far-Left ideology Obama thinks is necessary to “radically transform” America into what he believes is “great.”

Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell on 2012 Election: “I’m Not Sure He (Obama) is Going to Win” – Video 6/7/12

Here is audio of Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell agreeing with Bill Clinton that Mitt Romney is definitely qualified to be President of the United States. To his credit, Rendell said Romney was a successful businessman and that he served as Governor and is unquestionably qualified. Rendell said Bill Clinton was right and that Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz won’t be taken seriously later if they try to make the case that Romney is somehow not qualified to be President.

“Gov. Romney has had significant experience which very much qualifies him for a top executive post in the country. . . . There’s nobody out there that thinks Gov. Romney is unqualified.”

Ed is right – but that’s not what the message of the Obama Campaign has been saying for over a month! They have been trying to make the case that Romney’s experience at Bain Capital disqualifies him for the Presidency! They have to be spitting nails in the White House at what Rendell and Clinton and more than a dozen other leading Democrats have been saying.

Via Metro Radio Show

Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell: Of Course Mitt Romney is Qualified to be President – “Nobody out there thinks Gov. Romney is Unqualified” – Audio 6/4/12

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Former Gov. Ed Rendell says the latest X-rated photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner has changed his mind on whether Weiner should resign. Rendell, who was defending Weiner as recently as yesterday, now says in light of the recent photo Weiner has “no choice but to resign.”

Latest Weiner Photo Changes Ed Rendell’s Mind: “He’s Got No Choice Now But to Resign” – Video 6/8/11

Gov. Ed Rendell was a guest on Eliot Spitzer’s CNN program, where he told Spitzer to, “Have fun with that younger woman,” talking about the Co-Host. — Probably not the best thing to say to Spitzer (Client #9), considering his background.

Ed Rendell to Eliot Spitzer: ‘Have Fun With That Younger Woman’

Here is video of Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell saying he does not believe Hillary Clinton will run for President against Obama in 2012. But he does believe she will run in 2016, and will be the next President after Obama.

Dem Gov. Ed Rendell Predicts Hillary Clinton Will Run for President in 2016 and Win – Video

Here is video of Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell on “Morning Joe” today, where he disagreed with President Obama’s decision to go on “The View” this Thursday. Rendell said, “There’s got to be a little bit of dignity to the presidency.”

Rendell went a step further and said “I would not put him on Jerry Springer either.” Rendell said, “The President of the United States should go on serious shows.”

You could tell his disagreement with Obama’s decision was not going over well with Mika Brzezinski and others on the show!

Democrat Ed Rendell Likens Obama Going on “The View” to Going on “Jerry Springer” – Video

Gov. Ed Rendell tries to downplay the Sestak scandal by saying it’s no big deal because he did the same thing in 2006.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

Gov. Ed Rendell on Sestak Scandal: ‘I Did the Same Thing In 2006’

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