Same President who Opposes Waterboarding Terrorists to Save Lives Says It’s Okay to Kill Americans with Drones who might be Terrorists – Jay Carney on Video 2/5/13



Here is video of “60 Minutes” extensive interview with Jose Rodriguez, the former head of the CIA’s Clandestine Service, who spearheaded the “Enhanced Interrogation” of terrorist detainees.

Rodriquez says this about Barack Obama’s condemnation of “Enhanced Interrogation” to save American lives:

“When President Obama condemns the covert action/activities of a previous Government, he is breaking the covenant that exists between intelligence officers who are at the pointey-end of the spear – who are hanging way out there – and the Government that authorized them and directed them to go there.”

“60 Minutes” Interview with former Head of CIA’s “Enhanced Interrogation” Program – Video 4/29/12

Oh the shame of it all. Here is a preview of “60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl’s interview with a former CIA Official talking about the enhanced interrogation of September 11 mastermind Khalid-Sheikh-Muhammed (KSM). Not only does Stahl consider waterboarding to be “torture,” she is horrified to find out they fed KSM “Ensure!” She actually calls it “Orwellian!” Imagine, the terrorists are slaughtering innocents and cutting the heads off people and we are giving them “Ensure” to make sure they get a balanced diet! But to the Left, giving them “Ensure” ranks right up there on the “horror” scale.

“60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl Horrified U.S. gave “Ensure” to Terrorist Mastermind KSM; Calls it “Orwellian” – Video

Former VP Dick Cheney says the Obama administration was “justified” in authorizing the drone strike that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, but he added that Obama now owes the Bush administration an apology for his criticism of enhanced interrogation. Cheney said, “What we’ve seen is the Obama administration has clearly reached the point where they’ve agreed they need to be tough and aggressive in defending the nation and using some of the same techniques that the Bush administration did.”

Dick Cheney Praises Drone Strike that Killed Al-Awlaki, but Says Obama Owes Bush Admin an Apology – Video 10/2/11

Here is video of Bill O’Reilly tonight taking Juan Williams to task for saying the U.S. is guilty of “torture,” such as “pulling out teeth and eyeballs.” He made the comments on Fox News Sunday yesterday.

O’Reilly told Williams he has chided him before for making this kind of statement in public, and told Williams “it troubles me” that you keep doing it. Williams said he believes waterboarding is torture just as pulling teeth or gouging eyes.

O’Reilly said it is “insane” to compare waterboarding to “gouging somebody’s eye out or cutting their ear off.”


O’Reilly is absolutely right here, and he was right to call Williams on the carpet for his statements. I guess I was wrong about him just having a bad day. It appears he stands by his ridiculous comments.

Via Gateway Pundit

Bill O’Reilly Takes Juan Williams to Task for Suggesting U.S. “Pulls Out Teeth and Eyeballs” in Enhanced Interrogations – Video 5/9/11

Juan Williams had a bad day on Fox News Sunday. At least, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt by calling it a bad day.

Here are two videos of Williams saying outrageous things. The first, I think he may not have even realized he was saying. He characterized the killing of Osama Bin Laden as “murder.” I hope that’s not what he meant, because the killing of Bin Laden was in a time of war, and against a man who has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands.. It was not “murder” of an innocent person. NewsBusters has more.

The second video is more disturbing. This time he is opposing “enhanced interrogations” such as waterboarding, but he raises the specter of the United States “pulling out teeth and eyeballs,” when he knows very well that is not what the United States has done in terms of “enhanced interrogation methods.” He knows that with waterboarding, it only happened to three detainees, and it was done under a doctor’s supervision and no physical harm came to any of the detainees. It’s just wrong for him to make that kind of specious statement as a way to cloud the issue over enhanced interrogations. Gateway Pundit has more.

I’ve always considered Williams to be a sane liberal. But these statements are ridiculous, and Juan Williams knows better.

Juan Williams has a Bad Day: Calls Killing of Osama Bin Laden “Murder”; Suggests U.S. “Pulls Out Teeth and Eyeballs” in Enhanced Interrogations – Videos 5/8/11

Here is video of Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday interviewing President Obama’s National Security Adviser, Tom Donilon about the U.S. Navy SEAL raid that took out Osama Bin Laden last week, and the broader War on Terror.

I thought Donilon was an outstanding interview. He’s more impressive than just about anybody I’ve seen working for Obama. He gave a rundown on the mission and how it came together. He said President Obama had met with the actual “operators” of the raid – meaning the SEALs and others directly involved in the mission – and received a “minute by minute” account of what happened.

On the treasure trove of information captured form the Bin Laden compound, Donilon said it is the largest amount of information ever obtained from an anti-terrorist capture or raid. To give an idea of the size, Donilon said it is the size of a “small college library.” But he would not say whether there have been any capture of terrorists or other hits since obtaining the information. “We’re still going through it,” he said.

Donilon hedged on whether any of the intelligence obtained following “enhanced interrogation” was a part of leading us to Bin Laden. He spoke of it being a “mosaic” of intelligence rather than one piece of information.

Chris Wallace asked a brilliant question in the middle of the interview, after first stipulating that Osama Bin Laden “was a monster”:

“Why is shooting an unarmed man in the face legal and proper, while enhanced interrogation – including waterboarding of a detainee under very strict controls and limits – why is that over the line?”

Wallace was not criticizing the killing of Bin Laden – he made that clear. But he was asking about the inconsistency of President Obama opposing enhanced interrogations when he approves of “shooting Bin Laden in the head.” Donilon said enhanced interrogations are “not consistent with our values,” and pointed out “we were at war with Osama Bin Laden.” Wallace responded with, “but we are at war with Khalid Sheikh Muhammed.” Donilon would only continue to repeat that enhanced interrogations are “against our values.”

He refused to comment on the Obama Justice Department pursuing the possibility of prosecutions against CIA operatives who conducted enhanced interrogations.

Chris Wallace Asks Obama NSA Why It’s OK to Shoot Bin Laden “in the Face” but Not Waterboard Detainees – Video 5/8/11

Here is video of Bill O’Reilly tonight in a heated shouting match with Alan Colmes about whether enhanced interrogation techniques helped to get key information that led to finding and killing Osama Bin Laden. O’Reilly said he agrees with Rep. Peter King that it did, after he independently checked out King’s claim. Alan Colmes argued it did not, and incorrectly used Donald Rumsfeld as his justification for denying it. Rumsfeld said tonight that he has never said waterboarding played no role. He only said no detainees were waterboarded BY THE U.S. MILITARY at Guantanamo Bay. He told Sean Hannity that of course a great deal of important intelligence was obtained through enhanced interrogation.

Colmes and O’Reilly got into a heated back and forth, with O’Reilly telling Colmes that he is blinded by his ideology instead of putting the security of the nation first.

NOTE: CIA Director Leon Panetta tonight admitted grudgingly that “waterboarding” was among the enhanced interrogation techniques used to get key information from detainees.

Bill O’Reilly Gets into Heated Shouting Match with Alan Colmes over Role of Waterboarding in Finding Bin Laden – Video 5/3/11

Here is more video of Obama’s Press Secretary – Jay Carney – who is absolutely dismissive when asked if Obama has reconsidered his opposition to “enhanced interrogation” in light of the role it played in leading the United States to find Osama Bin Laden. He answered very curtly, “Absolutely not.”

In fact, he went on to try and deny that “any single piece” of intelligence led the U.S. to Bin Laden, but it was clear he was trying to talk his way out of an uncomfortable truth. U.S. Rep. Peter King has said flatly, along with other reports, that the nickname of the courier that led them to Bin Laden was obtained through waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Muhammed. While other pieces of information enabled them to find the courier, it was fairly key to know the existence of the courier and how to begin looking for him.

The bottom line is that if Barack Obama and the Democrats had their way as far as their policies against waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation techniques are concerned, Osama Bin Laden would likely still be alive.

Jay Carney Says Obama has “Absolutely Not” Changed His Mind on “Enhanced Interrogation” Despite Role in Finding Bin Laden – Video 5/3/11

Here is video of Rep. Peter King telling Bill O’Reilly tonight that the intelligence that led the United States to find the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden came through the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Muhammed (KSM). The nickname for a courier of Bin Laden’s was obtained from KSM through waterboarding, later confirmed by another detainee that was interrogated in 2007, according to King. It took U.S. Intelligence four years to identify who the courier actually was and follow him to the compound where Bin Laden was hiding.

If this information is accurate, then understand that the very information that enabled President Obama to order the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden would not have been obtained if the policies of Barack Obama had been in place. The policy of the George W. Bush administration of using enhanced interrogation played a vital role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden yesterday.

Rep. Peter King Says Intelligence that Led U.S. to Osama Bin Laden was Obtained Through “Waterboarding” of KSM – Video 5/2/11

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