Eric Holder Admits Shooting of Police Officers in Ferguson was a “Pure Ambush” by a “Damn Punk” – Video 3/12/15

Eric Holder Tells Media, “We’re Not at a Time of War” – Video 2/17/15

Sycophant MSNBC Reporter Melissa Harris-Perry Asks AG Eric Holder to “Quack like a Duck” – Video 2/9/15

NYC Police Commissioner: Officers Feel “Under Attack from Federal Government at Highest Levels” – Video 12/28/14

President Obama to Nominate Loretta Lynch to Replace Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States – Video Report 11/7/14

Report: Eric Holder will Resign as Obama’s Attorney General – Video 9/25/14

“Impartial” AG Eric Holder in Ferguson Reminds us He’s a Black Man and He has been Harassed by Police – 8/20/14

Sen. Ted Cruz on Senate Floor: “If Attorney General Eric Holder Refuses to Appoint a Special Prosecutor (in IRS Scandal), He should be Impeached” – Videos 6/26/14

Brit Hume Destroys “Crybaby” Eric Holder: Obama and Holder have Used Race as “a Shield and a Sword”; Have “Benefited Politically Enormously” from being African-American – Video 4/13/14

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Hammers Attorney General Eric Holder for Saying Illegals have a “Civil Right” to Citizenship – Video 4/11/14

Attorney General Eric Holder Whines about How He and Barack Obama are being Treated – Video 4/9/14

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert on Attorney General Eric Holder: “I Don’t Think He’s Doing His Job” – Video 4/9/14

Attorney General Eric Holder in Testimony Mentions some kind of Gun Control “Smart Bracelet” Technology for Gun Owners – Video 4/8/14

GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold Passes on Questioning Eric Holder: Any Average Citizen would be “in Jail” for Ignoring Subpoenas – Video 4/8/14

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Strikes a Nerve with Attorney General Eric Holder: “You Don’t Want to Go there, Buddy” – Video 4/8/14

NRA Slams Eric Holder’s Call for Requiring Citizens Under Attack to “Retreat” rather than “Stand Your Ground” – Video Report 7/17/13

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