NRA Slams Eric Holder’s Call for Requiring Citizens Under Attack to “Retreat” rather than “Stand Your Ground” – Video Report 7/17/13

Michelle Malkin Shreds Eric Holder’s History of “Racial Politics”: “This Man Literally Carries a Race Card in His Pocket” – Video 7/15/13

AG Eric Holder Calls Zimmerman’s Self-Defense an “Unnecessary Shooting”; Says DOJ Looking into Federal Civil Rights Charges against Zimmerman – Video 7/15/13

Obama Attorney General Eric Holder “Deeply, Deeply Disappointed” in U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights Act – Video 6/25/13

AG Eric Holder won’t Assure Sen. Mark Kirk the DOJ does not “Spy” on Members of Congress – Video 6/6/13

Obama AG Eric Holder Says He Won’t Resign anytime Soon; Admits “Things have Gotten a Little Out-of-Whack” – Video 6/5/13

Chuck Todd: Some Obama Political Advisers wanted Attorney General Eric Holder to Step Aside before Obama’s 2nd Term Began – Video 6/3/13


Report: Some in the Obama West Wing Privately Wish Eric Holder “would Step Down” as Attorney General – 6/2/13

Tom Brokaw on If Eric Holder Stays as Attorney General: “Boy, I Think it’s Tough to See how He Does” – Video 6/2/13

Judge Jeanine Pirro Calls for Obama Attorney General Eric Holder to be “Indicted” – Video 6/1/13

NBC News’ David Gregory Reveals then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Called Eric Holder to Say He had to Do Something about Fox News’ James Rosen Leak Reporting – Video 5/31/13

Pressure Growing for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate IRS Targeting of Conservatives – Video 5/30/13


Multiple Media Outlets (AP, CNN, NYT, HuffPo) Say they Won’t Attend Meeting with AG Eric Holder if it is “Off-the-Record” – 5/30/13


Drumbeat Grows that Obama AG Eric Holder “Needs to Go”; House GOP Expresses “Great Concern” about Possible “Perjury” – Video Report 5/29/13

Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Report: Obama AG Eric Holder “Beginning to Feel a Creeping Sense of Personal Remorse” about Investigating Fox News’ James Rosen – 5/28/13

Brit Hume takes Juan Williams to task for Saying Eric Holder “is the Exact Right Person” to Investigate the Holder Justice Dept. in Rosen Case – Video 5/26/13

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