Here is video of Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson on “Meet the Press” today where they blasted Obama’s vaunted “Fiscal Cliff” Deal as essentially worthless when it comes to dealing with the nation’s massive debt. These two men led Obama’s own “Debt Commission,” which he has totally ignored as far as implementing their findings.

Erskine Bowles said flatly “We have GOT to reduce this entitlement spending.” Simpson quoted Bowles as saying about the United States under Obama, “We’re the healthiest horse in the glue factory right now.” Simpons went on: “The trajectory of debt, deficit and interest will match any of the PIGS countries – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, [Greece] Spain. . .”

Bi-Partisan Bowles & Simpson Blast Obama’s Vaunted “Fiscal Cliff” Deal: “We’re the Healthiest Horse in the Glue Factory. . . . The Trajectory of Debt, Deficit and Interest will Match any of the PIGS Countries” – Video 1/6/13

Here is a new ad from “Fix the Debt,” founded by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson. Bowles and Simpson headed Barack Obama’s “Debt Commission” which came forth early in his first term with multiple suggestions on what needed to be done to fix the debt. Barack Obama rejected most of what they brought forward.

Erskine Bowles in 2011 pretty openly said Obama failed to lead on implementing the plan:

“Fix the Debt,” founded by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, puts out First Ad – Video 12/15/12

As you listen to Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other Democrats try and tear down Paul Ryan, remember what you hear in this video of Democrat Erskine Bowles talking about Ryan just last September. Bowles was Chief of Staff for former President Bill Clinton and co-Chaired Barack Obama’s “Commission on Fiscal Responsibility.”

Obama’s Debt-Commission Democrat, Erskine Bowles, Praises Paul Ryan: “I’m Telling You, this Guy is Amazing! He is Honest, He is Straightforward, He is Sincere, and the Budget He came forward with is just like Paul Ryan . . .” – Video 9/8/2011

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