Bob Woodward on Obama Scandals: You’ve Got “a Feeling that No One’s Coming Clean. . . And this goes to President Obama” – Video 6/2/13

Rush Limbaugh on Benghazi Scandal: “They’re about to Blow this Sky High”; Reviews Scandal Timeline – Audio 5/6/13

Here is video of National Rifle Association President David Keene stood up for the 2nd Amendment rights of every American in the face of unrelenting criticism by CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” today. Schieffer acted totally incredulous that the President of the NRA is not in favor of curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights! Keene countered Schieffer’s assertions again and again, reminding Schieffer that the “right to keep and bear arms” is a “Constitutional Right” of every American. At one point, Schieffer was at least honest when he prefaced what he said with, “Maybe it’s my bias. . .” That’s exactly right.

NRA President David Keene on “Face the Nation” Stands Up for 2nd Amendment Rights of Every American in Face of Criticism by Bob Schieffer – Video 12/23/12

Here is the “Face the Nation” roundtable today discussing the impact of the first Presidential Debate. The clear consensus is that Mitt Romney won the debate, and Michael Gerson said the significance of it is that “he punctured a sterotype” about himself “in front of 70 million people.” The Democrats had worked for months and spent millions of dollars to build up that stereotype – and Gerson is right – Romney punctured it before the eyes of the nation. Gerson said Romney “stopped losing” with his debate performance, but did not win the election. There is still a lot to do.

NOTE: Notice toward the end of the roundtable that even the reporters agree that David Axelrod’s characterization of Mitt Romney as lying about his tax proposal is simply not true.

“Face the Nation” Roundtable Discusses Romney Debate Victory and Previews the Vice-Presidential Debate – Video 10/7/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan on “Face the Nation” today where he said Barack Obama is a person who “says one thing and does another.” That’s particularly so when it comes to cutting the nation’s annual budget deficit, which Obama promised to cut in half during his first term. Instead, he has never brought forward a budget that even attempted to cut the deficit, and has actually ballooned it. Ryan said he and Mitt Romney are offering Americans “a better economic choice” for the future that will get the U.S. Economy “growing again.”

Paul Ryan: Barack Obama is a Person Who “Says One Thing and Does Another”; Vows He and Mitt Romney Will Offer Americans “A Better Economic Choice” – Video 9/9/12

Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio on “Face the Nation” today where he was asked why Barack Obama is saying Mitt Romney is “extreme.” Rubio said Obama is making such charges because “he really doesn’t have anything else to run on.” By that, Rubio means Obama “can’t say vote for me because things have gotten better.”

Via The

Sen. Marco Rubio: Barack Obama Calling Romney “Extreme” because He “Doesn’t have Anything Else to Run On” – Video 8/26/12

Here is complete video of today’s “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer on CBS. Schieffer’s guests included GOP Rep. Paul Ryan, Obama Campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter, and from the Romney Campaign, Kevin Madden.

CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Features GOP Rep. Paul Ryan – Complete Video 7/15/12

Here is complete video of today’s “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer on CBS News. It opens with a fascinating report from Jan Crawford on the state of the U.S. Supreme Court in the aftermath of the ObamaCare Decision. According to Crawford’s sources, there is a real sense of “betrayal” felt by the conservative justices toward Chief Justice John Roberts because he first sided with them against ObamaCare and then changed his vote to join the liberals.

CBS News’ Jan Crawford on “Face the Nation” Reports that Conservative Supreme Court Justices Feel Deep Sense of “Betrayal” toward Chief Justice John Roberts in wake of ObamaCare Decision – Complete Video 7/8/12

On “Face the Nation” today, Sen. John McCain said he believes it is important for Mitt Romney to go to Israel because there is a real chance we face a “serious crisis” between Israel and Iran in the near-term.

Sen. John McCain Says it is “Important” for Mitt Romney to Go to Israel as chance of “Serious Crisis” Looms with Iran – Video 7/8/12

On CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Reporter Jan Crawford said two inside sources have told her that Chief Justice John Roberts initially sided with conservatives on the Supreme Court and was prepared to strike down the ObamaCare Mandate as unconstitutional. But he then changed his views and joined the liberals to uphold it as a tax. Crawford also said there was a “month-long desperate campaign by the conservatives” – led by Anthony Kennedy – to change Roberts’ mind, without success.

Via NewsBusters

CBS News: Chief Justice John Roberts Initially Sided with Conservatives to Strike Down ObamaCare as Unconstitutional; Then Changed His Mind – Video 7/1/12

The Democrats know Obama can’t win on his record.

Here is longtime Dem Strategist Bob Shrum saying it flat-out on “Face the Nation” yesterday. Host Bob Schieffer was shocked that he said it out loud:

“I think we ought to just face reality here. If you just let this be a referendum, I don’t think the president could win.”

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Shocked that Dem Strategist Bob Shrum Admits Obama Can’t Win if the Election is a Referendum on His Record – Video 6/3/12

The liberal media just hates that Mitt Romney and the Republicans have made it clear the 2012 Campaign won’t be a repeat of 2008.

Here is video of “Face the Nation’s” Bob Schieffer calling “silly and petty” Mitt Romney’s trip to the now-bankrupt “Solyndra Plant” this past week, and the Republicans who shouted down Obama Adviser David Axelrod during his Boston Press Conference intended to embarrass Mitt Romney. Instead, Axelrod wound up looking ridiculous and he tried to villify Romney’s 4.7% Unemployment Rate in Massachusetts while he was Governor, even as Obama presides over an 8.2% rate right now.

Reince Priebus responded perfectly, explaining why Solyndra is not a “silly” issue but a very significant one. He also pointed out the obvious fact that David Axelrod and the Obama Campaign were the ones pulling a political “stunt” by going to Boston to hold a press conference in order to try and embarrass Mitt Romney.

It’s only “silly and petty” if it’s a Republican – that’s the view of many in the media.

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Suggests it is “Silly and Petty” for Republicans to Stand Up to Democrats being Silly and Petty! – Video 6/3/12

Here is video of CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” today asking the Obama Campaign’s Robert Gibbs, “Whatever happened to ‘Hope and Change?’”

Here’s the complete interview with Gibbs:

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Asks Obama Campaign’s Robert Gibbs, “Whatever Happened to ‘Hope and Change’?” – Video 5/27/12

Yesterday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Barack Obama needs to act like an “adult” when it comes to dealing with America’s massive debt problem.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Says Barack Obama Needs to become an “Adult” when it Comes to Dealing with America’s Massive Debt – Video 5/20/12

Here is video from “Face the Nation” today where Rep. Ron Paul told host Bob Schieffer that he is “trying to save the Republican Party from themselves.” Paul made the statement after Bob Scheiffer asked him if he was going to end his Presidential Campaign since he has no real path to winning the GOP Nomination.

Ron Paul: “I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party from Themselves” – Video 4/1/12

Here is video of Newt Gingrich on “Face the Nation” today where he agreed, “I think it is” time for the United States to leave Afghanistan.

Gingrich made the comments in the wake of news that a U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan apparently went on a shooting rampage and has killed 16 Afghan civilians. Gingrich said the U.S. should reassure Afghans that the rule of law will prevail, and that a full and transparent investigation into what happened will take place. Host Bob Schieffer then asked Gingrich if he thinks it is time for the U.S. to get out of Afghanistan, and he responded, “I think it is.” Gingrich said “We are not prepared to be ruthless enough to force them to change.”

Gingrich also addressed whether he will get out of the race if he does not win in Alabama and Mississippi, and call for him to get out of the race and endorse Rick Santorum. We’ll get clips of those comments up shortly.

Newt Gingrich: “It Think it Is” Time for the United States to Get Out of Afghanistan; “We are Not Prepared to be Ruthless Enough to Force them to Change” – Video 3/11/12

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