Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Obama’s Approach to Dealing with ISIS “is Not Sufficient to the Job” – Video 11/22/15

Ben Carson on “Face the Nation” Says, “Absolutely” I’m getting a “Special Kind of Scrutiny” – Video 11/8/15

Trump Wishes Carson Well in “Face the Nation” Interview, but says, “I Just Don’t Know…..” – Video 11/8/15

Donald Trump Interview on “Face the Nation”: Massive Migration of Syrians into Germany is “Insane”; Could be ISIS “Trojan Horse” – Video 10/11/15

Boehner Calls Conservative Opponents “False Prophets” – Video 9/27/15

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Signs Off on Final Broadcast as Moderator of “Face the Nation” after 24 Years – Video 5/31/15

Netanyahu Answers Iran Critics on “Face the Nation”: “It’s Useful to Remember Who your Ally is and Who your Enemy Is” – Video 3/8/15

Dana Milbank Hits Obama’s “Extraordinary Disconnect” on Growing Threats to U.S. – Video 1/25/15

“Face the Nation” Panel on U.S. Senate Midterm Races: “Likely” GOP will Regain Control of the U.S. Senate – But “Not Sewn Up” – Video 10/26/14

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Asks Samantha Power if ISIS takes Obama Seriously – Video 9/21/14

Sen. Marco Rubio: U.S. Allies concluding “American Foreign Policy is in the Hands of Someone Who does not Know what He’s Doing” – Video 9/7/14

“Optics” of Obama’s Golf Pics Just after Speech on Foley Beheading were “Jarring” – Video 8/24/14

Rick Perry, Rand Paul Trade Shots at Each Other Again; Perry Argues Isolationism Won’t Keep America Safe – Video 7/13/14


Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama’s Disastrous Pullout from Iraq has Left the U.S. with No Good Options; “Next 9/11 Attack” Already being Plotted; Jordan Next to be Attacked – Video 6/15/14

Gov. Mitt Romney on “Face the Nation”: Obama’s “Naivete” about Russia has Led to Aggression against Ukraine – Video 3/23/14

On “Face the Nation,” Amy Walter Says Midterms Shaping Up, “Not Particularly Well for Democrats” – Video 2/23/14

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