Video Montage: Liberal Media Just Fine with Fake News as Long as it Attacks Trump – 1/9/18

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Destroys CNN’s Jake Tapper; Tapper Cuts Miller Off because He can’t Handle the Truth – Video 1/7/18

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Hammers NBC News’ “Fake News” Report he has been close to Resigning – Video 10/4/17

Texas Governor Knocks Down CNN’s Fake News Attack on President Trump’s Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Region – Video 8/30/17

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Scolds Gloria Borger over using Sources who got Priebus Resignation Wrong – Video 7/28/17

CNN’s Jim Acosta Losing it because Trump White House won’t Cow-Tow to Him – Video Montage – 7/16/17

President Trump again Labels CNN as “Fake,” “Fake News.” – Video 6/29/17

CNN Media Guru Admits: “I Share Fake Stories by Accident like Everybody Else Does” – Video 5/2/17

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