House Memo Released; Reveals Discredited Dossier Paid for by Hillary used by FBI to get FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump Campaign – Read the Memo 2/2/18

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Abruptly Resigns; Is it Tied to the House Intel Memo? – Video 1/29/18

Ridiculous: David Gergen thinks Sessions violated Recusal Terms because He talked with Trump about the FBI Director

President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey; Says New Leadership Needed at Nation’s “Crown Jewel of Law Enforcement” – Video Report 5/9/17

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes: “FBI Not Responding to Requests for Information on how Gen. Flynn was Picked Up” in Surveillance – Video 3/22/17

FBI Director James Comey Testifies at House Intelligence Hearing; Confirms there is an FBI Investigation into Russian Hacking – Video 3/20/17

Bombshell: Bret Baier Reports FBI Sources Say “Likely Indictment” in Hillary Clinton “Pay-to-Play” Foundation Scandal unless Obstructed by DOJ – Video 11/2/16


It Looks like Donald Trump was Right about Anthony Weiner and His Close Proximity to Hillary Clinton Info through Huma Abedin

BOMBSHELL: FBI Director James Comey Tells Congress Newly Discovered Emails in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal being Investigated; “Appear to be Pertinent” to the Probe – Video 10/28/16

FBI Director James Comey in House Testimony Admits Hillary Clinton was “Negligent” and “the Definition of Careless” with Classified Information – Video 7/7/16

FBI Director: Hillary Clinton is Not a Crook, just “Extremely Careless” with National Security Classified Information – Complete Video 7/5/16

Hillary Clinton Interviewed by the FBI Today on Her Email Scandal; Interviewed on July 4 Holiday Weekend to Bury the Story – Video Report 7/2/16


Report: FBI to Interview Hillary Clinton and Her Operatives on Email Scandal in Weeks Ahead – 3/27/16

FBI Announces San Bernardino Attack being Investigated “as an Act of Terrorism” – Video 12/4/15


FBI Releases Poster Seeking Information on Deceased Washington Navy Yard Killer, Aaron Alexis – Poster 9/16/13

FBI Releases Video Seeking Help in Finding Three Suspects in the September 11, 2012 Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Video 5/3/13

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