Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reads Quotes from Multiple Democrats Calling for James Comey’s Ouster – Video 5/11/17

Great Montage Video Reveals Democrats’ Rank Hypocrisy on Trump Firing of James Comey as FBI Director – Video 5/11/17

President Trump on why he Fired FBI Director James Comey: “Because he wasn’t doing a Good Job” – Video 5/10/17

Sen. Rand Paul on Trump Firing of FBI Director James Comey: The Firing “Couldn’t come Fast Enough” – Video 5/10/17

Vice-President Mike Pence Praises President Trump’s Decisive Action in Firing FBI Director James Comey – Video 5/10/17

Dem Hack Jerrold Nadler Skewered by His Own Words! Called for Firing of James Comey in November 2016 – Video 5/10/17

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