Here is video of Gov. Haley Barbour talking to Greta Van Susteren last night about the looming “Fiscal Cliff” and the unwillingness of President Obama and the Senate Majority Leader’s Harry Reid to pass a budget in the U.S. Senate. It’s been three years since the Senate passed a budget – which Greta characterized as them “not doing their job.”

Barbour said the best we can hope for right now is that Obama, Reid and Boehner can come up with “the outline of a framework” for a deal by year’s end, because there is no way they will be able to write and pass a tax reform bill in just six weeks.

Greta Van Susteren Slams Obama, Reid for “Not Doing their Job” on Passing a Budget for the Last Three Years; Haley Barbour Says Obama Must Lead to Deal with Looming “Fiscal Cliff” – Video 11/8/12

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