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NOTE 3:20 PM ET: The House has gone into recess subject to the call of the Chair. Unclear whether there will be a vote on it or not.

Here is Live Video of the U.S. House of Representatives, which has re-convened today, New Year’s Day, to consider the Fiscal Cliff Deal passed by the U.S. Senate 89-8 in the wee hours of this morning. It is still unclear whether House Republicans will go along with this deal, and decide to save the fight over spending cuts for the Debt-Ceiling Battle in March. We’ll post updates on how things are looking for the deal in the House as the day progresses. . . . Developing

Live Video of House of Representatives Considering “Fiscal Cliff” Deal Passed by the U.S. Senate – Live Video 1/1/13 UPDATED: House Goes into Recess; Unclear whether they Will Vote on Deal UPDATED: Eric Cantor Says He Can’t Support Deal in Current Form

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