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Here is a live video feed for tonight’s NBC / National Journal GOP Presidential Debate from Tampa, Florida. The debate will begin at 9 PM ET.

Live Video of NBC GOP Presidential Debate in Florida – Video 1/23/12

UPDATE: WATCH LIVE VIDEO of the NBC GOP Presidential Debate. It will begin at 9 PM ET.

NOTE: The GOP Debate tonight will be on NBC at 9 PM ET. It does not show up on the DirecTV listing. But if you go to the website of your local NBC station, you should see it listed in the programming schedule. It will last for 2 hours from what I can tell.

The remaining four GOP Presidential Candidates will face-off tonight in a Presidential Debate on NBC. The debate will begin at 9:00 PM ET, and will be moderated by NBC News anchor Brian Williams, along with help from National Journal, and the Tampa Bay Times.

This debate comes just two days after Newt Gingrich’s shocking victory in South Carolina by more than 12 points over Mitt Romney. The debate will be held in Florida, where the candidates are now battling eight days ahead of the Florida Primary.

Newt Gingrich had better be ready for some heavy fire from all sides – from the questioners, from Mitt Romney who is desperate to turn his fortunes around, and from Rick Santorum who needs a game-changer to replace Gingrich as the anti-Romney conservative alternative. But as he did twice last week, Gingrich can take the attacks and turn them into positives by attacking the media or the Left. I would look for Gingrich to try and sound like the settled conservative choice to take on Barack Obama. Look for him to launch direct sound-bite attacks on Barack Obama and the Left, the way he has done against the media in past debates.

Romney will go after Gingrich on Freddie Mac, on his ethics while in Congress, and on Gingrich’s stability. Romney will portray Gingrich as too volatile and unstable for Republicans to take a chance on him.

Santorum will attack both Romney and Gingrich as “not true conservatives,” and will continue to tout his victory in Iowa (by 34 votes) and say that only he can win in blue states like Pennsylvania.

Ron Paul will hammer on his themes of cutting the budget by $1 Trillion in his first year as President. He may face some tough questions about his newsletters and questions on whether his candidacy is really about winning or just a protest movement.

It will be fascinating to see if Gingrich can withstand all the fire that will come his way and keep his momentum going.

GOP Presidential Candidates to Debate on NBC Tonight in Florida – Preview 1/23/12

Tonight’s GOP Presidential Debate in Orlando, Florida will be broadcast on Fox News, as they partner with Google in putting on the event. it will air tonight on Fox News Channel from 9-11 PM ET.

Nine candidates are slated to be on the stage tonight. Libertarian-leaning Gov. Gary Johnson will reportedly be on the stage in Orlando, Florida, after being excluded from the last several debates.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry comes into the third debate in as many weeks still the frontrunner, but having lost some of his steam. He has faced three weeks of relentless attacks from Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and others. That is likely to continue tonight, because it’s the only way (they think) the lower-tier candidates can move up. Of course, what Bachmann and Santorum are actually doing is helping Mitt Romney out by being the attack dogs while he stands by looking above the fray. Bachmann and Santorum’s numbers are not improving against Perry – but Romney’s numbers have improved. But you can be sure these three will continue their assault on Perry.

Rick Perry somehow has to deal with the questions from moderators focused on his difficult issues, fend off attacks by the other candidates, but not come across as being on the defensive. He needs to press the attack on Mitt Romney – but most especially on Barack Obama. If Perry can come across as in control and calm despite the carping against him, and project strength in going after Obama, he can do well even though he is in a very difficult position.

I have felt for several weeks that the other candidate who still has a chance to emerge as a strong contender along with Romney and Perry is Newt Gingrich. He has been very impressive in every debate, and has done it by going after Barack Obama – not the other GOP Candidates. I would not be surprised to see him do extremely well again tonight, and continue his climb in the polls. Gingrich has a chance to be the comeback guy in this election cycle, just as John McCain’s campaign came back from the dead in the 2008 GOP Primary Campaign.

Expect More Ganging Up on Rick Perry at Tonight’s Fox News/Google GOP Presidential Debate; Look for Newt Gingrich to Shine – 9/22/11

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