New Florida Poll Finds Donald Trump with Double-Digit Lead over GOP Field – 11/2/15

James O’Keefe Releases New Undercover Video Showing University Officials in Florida Approving Pro-ISIS Club; Just Change the Name – Video 3/30/15

Jewish Rabbi Shot to Death as He Walked to Synagogue in Miami – Video Report 8/10/14

Barack Obama

Flashback: Stu Rothenberg in January Called Florida Special Election “The Race Democrats can’t Afford to Lose” – 1/9/14

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie Spending Weekend Speaking at Florida Fundraisers – Video Report 1/18/14

Allen West won’t Rule out possible 2016 Primary Challenge to Sen. Marco Rubio – Audio 6/19/13

Marco Rubio Tackles the Budget on the Senate Floor – Video

Raw Video of President Obama Playing Golf in Florida – 2/18/13

Here is video from this morning on Fox & Friends, where Florida GOP Rep. Allen West conceded defeat to Democrat Patrick Murphy in their 18th Congressional District race. West made the concession today following two weeks of recounts. According to this video, West trails Murphy by 0.58%. He said he did not believe he could get down to the required 0.5% margin to generate an automatic full recount of the vote.

West said he would decide, along with his family, in the days ahead what direction to go in as far as his political future. West’s name is already coming up as a possible candidate for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination.

GOP Rep. Allen West Concedes Florida Congressional Race; Says He Will Decide with Family on Plans for Future – Video 11/20/12

It’s difficult to even keep up with all of Joe’s gaffes!

Here he is in FLORIDA citing the “Cleveland Plain-Dealer” Newspaper as “one of the major newspapers in this state.”

VP Joe Biden in Florida: The “Cleveland Plain-Dealer, One of the Major Newspapers in This State. . . ” – Video 10/31/12

A new Mason-Dixon Poll on the crucial “I-4 Corridor” show finds Gov. Mitt Romney ahead by 6-points in that pivotal part of the state:

New Poll Finds Gov. Mitt Romney Up by Six-Points in Crucial “I-4 Corridor” of Florida – 10/28/12

Here is a video report from Mobile, Alabama station WKRG on Gov. Mitt Romney’s massive rally today in Pensacola, Florida, which packed the Civic Center with more than 10,000 people. The report indicates there were even more people who could not get inside.

Mitt Romney Rally in Pensacola, FL Draws more than 10,000 People – Video Report 10/27/12

Here is one of 15 new Mitt Romney ads being deployed in various battleground states today. This one centers of the failure of Barack Obama in Florida, where home values have collapsed.

New Romney Ad Hammers Obama in Florida: “Here in Florida, We’re Not Better Off Under Obama” – Video 9/7/12

From his absolutely outstanding speech just delivered in “The Villages” Florida retirement community, here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan hitting on all cyclinders as he talked with Senior Citizens about what is at stake in the 2012 Presidential Election. Ryan declared that Barack Obama is trying to use Medicare as a “piggybank” to fund his ObamaCare Government takeover of Health Care in America.

Paul Ryan at The Villages, Florida: Obama Raids Medicare to Pay for ObamaCare; “Medicare should not be used as a Piggy-Bank for ObamaCare”; Raises Specter of “15 Unelected Bureaucrats” Limiting Seniors’ Access to Care under ObamaCare – Video 8/18/12

Here is video of an energized Mitt Romney speaking to a large and enthusiastic rally crowd this morning in St. Augustine, Florida. Romney is now in Florida campaigning on his own, while VP running mate Paul Ryan is in Iowa today campaigning there.

Mitt Romney Speaks to Large Rally in St. Augustine, FL: “I’ve Got a Promise for You Guys – There are Better Days Ahead when We Get a Better Leader in Washington” – Complete Video 8/13/12

“He focused on ObamaCare instead of Jobs. Barack Obama – What a disappointment.”

New Romney Ad on how Obama has Failed Florida: “He Focused on ObamaCare instead of Jobs” – Video 8/2/12

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