Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney speaking at a campaign rally in Rhode Island this week where he mocked President Obama’s criticism of the Founders for “making the process very slow” in passing legislation and making changes. Romney said, “Obviously, George Washington, John Adams – they were problems I guess.”

Romney got a standing ovation when he said about Obama’s Class Warfare tactic to win re-election: “This nation is one nation under God. Dividing America is not the right way to go.”

He cast the General Election as a defining moment to decide whether we will preserve Freedom and Opporutunity for future generations:

“And so, the American people are going to have a choice. We are going to have Freedom on the ballot and Opportunity, and they are going to decide whether we want to preserve those things, or not. This President takes us in a very strange direction, in my view, not one that we would recognize. We need to restore the principles that made us who we are. . . “

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Mitt Romney at RI Campaign Stop Mocks Obama’s Criticism of the Founders: “Obviously, George Washington, John Adams – they were Problems, I Guess” – Video 4/11/12

You can’t make this stuff up. Obama serves up another gem for Republicans to hammer him with from now to Election Day in November. The ads write themselves! First, it’s his “I deserve a second term” declaration. Now, it’s him saying straight out – “Our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.”

Uh, that’s because the Founders were trying to prevent exactly what you are trying to do, Mr. President. They did not want the Federal Government to dominate the life of every citizen from cradle to grave. They wanted people to be free – to earn their own keep and keep what they earn. What a concept.

Obama Says “Founders Designed a System that makes it more Difficult to bring about Change than I Would Like” – Video 2/5/12

Mark Levin has made a Facebook posting that sets ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos straight on his claim that the Founding Fathers of the United States did not “work tirelessly” to end slavery, as Michele Bachmann has said. Stephanopoulos ambushed Bachmann today during an interview with the issue. He was antagonistic with her from the start. Bachmann countered that there were Founding Fathers who worked against slavery, and she named “John Quincy Adams” as an example. While he was the son of a Founding Father who opposed slavery – John Adams – Mark Levin points out that she did misstate on that, because John Quincy Adams “was not a Founding Father.”

But Levin goes on to take Stephanopoulos to task on his incorrect claim that there were no Founding Fathers who worked against slavery:

MARK LEVIN – FACEBOOK: George Stephanopolous has revealed his own flakiness and ignorance in his effort to pile on Michele Bachmann. No, John Quincy Adams was not a founding father. He was John Adams’ son. So, if she makes another 1,000 misstatements, only then will she come close to the King of Misstatements, Barack Obama, or is it Joe Biden?

But let me focus on the issue of slavery, which Stephanopolous jumps on. The fact is that a number of prominent Founders did attempt to end or at least take on the issue of slavery, including Virginia’s George Mason, who was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. The inability to end slavery was among the reasons he refused to support the Constitution. While he was a slave-owner, he nonetheless opposed the institution going forward. Mason was no light-weight, either. He had authored the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which later served as the basis for James Madison’s draft of the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution itself reflects some of the hard-fought compromises over slavery, resulting from the demands of anti-slavery delegates, including ending the importation of slaves on a date certain and diminishing the influence of the southern slave states in the federal House of Representatives with the three-fifth’s limit respecting apportionment.

Historian Bernard Bailyn has made the important point that the Founders unleashed a process that would eventually destroy the institution of slavery by “condemning [it], confining it, and setting in motion the forces that would ultimately destroy it.” . . . . Read More

Mark Levin Sets George Stephanopoulos Straight on the Truth about the Founding Fathers and Slavery

Here is GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, fresh off her announcement for President, being interviewed by an antagonistic George Stephanopoulos, who immediately began attacking her as having made false statements in the past. He quoted her as having said in years past that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly” to end slavery. He said it as if there were no Founders who opposed slavery and worked against it. In fact, Benjamin Franklin (who once owned slaves but then freed them and worked against it thereafter), John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams all opposed slavery.

But in her back and forth with Stephanopoulos, Bachmann cited “John Quincy Adams” as a “Founding Father” who worked against slavery. It is true that John Quincy Adams was against slavery and worked to abolish it. He was the son of a “Founding Father,” John Adams, who was against slavery. JQ Adams continued the work of his “Founder” father and worked tirelessly to end slavery.

This very issue came up earlier in the year when Bachmann had a contentious exchange with Chris Matthews. Head over to Big Journalism for a detailed rundown on it.

Michele Bachmann Spars with an Antagonistic George Stephanopoulos over Slavery, the Founders, and John Quincy Adams – Video 6/28/11

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