Preview of Fox Business GOP Presidential Debates, 6 PM & 9 PM ET – Video 1/14/16

Fox Business Releases Nov. 10 GOP Debate Lineup; Christie, Huckabee Miss Main Debate by ONE POINT – Video / Lineups 11/5/15

Here is video of former Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson talking to Fox Business Channel’s Eric Bolling about what constitutes the Middle Class in America. As you might expect – this did not go well.

Grayson has been one of the Left’s real bomb-throwers, and he was defeated for it when he ran for re-election in 2010. As usual, Grayson attacked Republicans, saying they want to “eliminate Medicare,” “eliminate Social Security,” and “not help people who are out of a job.”

Republicans are trying to save Medicare and Social Security, because if we continue on the Obama road there will literally be nothing left for future generations when they get to retirement age. Democrats like Grayson just want to use these issues to hammer Republicans for political gain, and have no real desire to solve the problem. As far as “helping people who are out of a job” – Republicans believe the ultimate “help” is to create jobs so people can work – something President Obama has not quite figured out!!!! What a concept!!!

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Former Dem Rep. Alan Grayson Attacks Republicans on Medicare, Social Security in Interview with Eric Bolling – Video 7/7/11

Here is video of Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney discussing several New Jersey Union Workers who have been suspended for calling in sick in order to participate in a protest to support the Union effort in Wisconsin against Gov. Scott Walker. According to Varney, the workers had jobs that involved transporting people, including the elderly and the disabled, to doctors and other places. They were reportedly left without transportation as a result.

Varney talked with New Jersey Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos about the situation, but went beyond that to also discuss how New Jersey is approaching collective-bargaining rights with public sector worker unions. Kyrillos said the GOP and Gov. Chris Christie are trying to reform pension and health care legislation to avoid taking away collective-bargaining rights. Stuart Varney disagreed strongly with the State Senator, telling him it won’t work – that in the end, they must take away collective-bargaining for taxpayers to be fairly represented and treated in the negotiations with unions.

Stuart Varney Tells NJ GOP State Senator they Must Follow WI in Going After Collective-Bargaining for Public Workers – Video 3/7/11

Bob Beckel gets upset at Pamela Geller when she says he is “carrying water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world today.” Beckel responded, “You better be very careful. You’re a woman, you better be very careful about saying who I carry water for, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. And don’t start putting me in the middle of your crap!”

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Bob Beckel to Pamela Geller: ‘You’re A Woman, You Better Be Very Careful About Saying Who I Carry Water For’ – Video

Sarah Palin and Ron Paul discuss and debate various issues on a lengthy Fox Business channel appearance hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano. At around 16:20 into the video Rand Paul also appeared and joined the discussion.

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Sarah Palin and Ron Paul Make Lengthy Fox Business Channel Appearance

On Don Imus’ show, Chris Wallace says it would be “poetic justice” for Fox News to receive Helen Thomas’ seat.

Chris Wallace: Would Be ‘Poetic Justice’ for Fox News to Receive Helen Thomas’ Seat

On Fox Business channel, Jesse Jackson discusses his call for a nationwide “boycott” of BP gas stations. Jackson called the oil spill Barack Obama’s “responsibility,” but he said, “It’s not his fault.” At around 2:00 into the video Jackson made a bizarre statement, saying, “Some will have mercy on BP, but they’re bigots.”

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Jesse Jackson Calls For Boycott of BP; Says People Who Have ‘Mercy’ On BP Are ‘Bigots’

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