Report: George Will Leaves ABC News for the Fox News Channel – 10/1/13

Sen. James Inhofe, Rep. Peter King: So Far, Votes Not there to Pass Resolution for War against Syria – Video 9/1/13

Gov. Rick Perry: 2016 Run For President an “Option” He is Considering – Video 7/7/13

Sen. Rand Paul Says He Intends to Go to the U.S. Supreme Court to Challenge NSA Spying on Millions of American Citizens – Video 6/9/13

Preview Clip from “Fox News Sunday” Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney: 2012 Election was “Like a Roller Coaster” – Video 2/28/13

“Fox News Sunday” Profiles Dr. Benjamin Carson and “The Speech” – Video 2/24/13

Here is video of Kirsten Powers on Fox News Sunday today where she said if President Obama insists on nominating U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State – it will show his “arrogance” and could be “his undoing”:

“I don’t know. I think if he does though it could be, that kind of arrogance, which I think it would be, would be his undoing. Because if she is put under oath and is forced to go through and answer all of these questions about Benghazi, it’s going to put the administration into a really bad position. And I don’t think she was the frontrunner. I don’t understand where this came out of. Everything I had heard was that she was in the running, but it was really leaning more towards John Kerry. And then we had this Press Conference where the President just kind of went off about Susan Rice, and it’s now become almost a sense of pride. . . . His defense of her was fine but then it kind of went into an area that didn’t make sense.”

Kirsten Powers: If Obama Names Susan Rice to Succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State it Will Show His “Arrogance” and Could be “His Undoing” – Video 11/25/12

Here is video of Gallup’s Frank Newport talking to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” today. Newport discussed their polling that shows Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by a six-point (7-point lead today). Newport said Romney really moved up over the past week, and they show Romney leading in the Battleground States by 4-points. Newport did not back down an inch in the face of the Obama Campaign’s criticism of their findings.

Gallup Poll’s Frank Newport Stands by Findings Despite Obama Campaign’s Criticism; Says Romney Made Strong Gains in Past Week among Likely Voters – Video 10/21/12

Here is “Fox News Sunday” host, Chris Wallace, pointing out yesterday that it has now been 1,617 days since Barack Obama agreed to appear on “Fox News Sunday.” This, despite his having pledged to “not be a stranger” to the show when he appeared on it in April 2008. Wallace said Obama has been invited every week for years to appear for an interview, but has been unwilling to do so.

Obama knows he would get tough, substantive questions from Chris Wallace, something other than, “What’s your favorite color?”

Chris Wallace Points Out Barack Obama has Now Avoided Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” for 1,617 Days Despite Weekly Invitations – Video 9/30/12



Here is complete video of an extensive interview with Gov. Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, on Fox News Sunday.

Mitt and Ann Romney in Extensive Interview with “Fox News Sunday” – Video 8/26/12

Here is video of Mitt Romney adviser Ed Gillespie on “Fox News Sunday” today where he talked with host Chris Wallace about the latest devastating jobs report that came out on Friday showing the Unemployment Rate increased to 8.2%. When asked his reaction, Gillespie said it shows Barack Obama’s “policies are hostile to job creators.

Romney Adviser Ed Gillespie: Grim Jobs Report Shows Barack Obama’s “Policies are Hostile to Job Creators” – Video 6/3/12

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume today saying he believes it would be “embarrassing” for President Obama to lose in the Supreme Court on “ObamaCare” and on the Arizona Immigration Law. Both rulings are likely to come in June, and many believe the High Court did not receive well the Obama’s Administration’s arguments in the cases this month. Hume disagrees with some who contend losses on one or both of the rulings would give Obama second life, allowing him to run against the Supreme Court for the Fall Campaign.

Via Daily Caller

Brit Hume: Losses for Obama in Supreme Court in June would be “Embarrassing” – Video 4/29/12

Who will be Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential running mate? The Fox News Sunday Panel bats it around.

Karl Rove seems to favor Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Marco Rubio or Rep. Paul Ryan. Bill Kristol tends to think Rubio or Ryan would make the most sense. Other names mentioned by the group were Gov. Jeb Bush, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Gov. Bob McDonnell, Gov. Chris Christie, and Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Who Will be Mitt Romney’s VP Pick? “Fox News Sunday Panel Weighs In – Video 4/22/12

Here is video of the “Fox News Sunday” Panel Plus discussing the upcoming 2012 General Election battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The panel pretty boiled the strategy down to which campaign can succeed in making the election about the other guy. Romney has to make the election about Obama – his record of failure. Brit Hume said the Obama re-election hopes rest on their ability to make Americans believe Mitt Romney is “scary.” He doubts they will succeed.

Brit Hume: Obama Re-Election Chances Rest on their Ability to make Americans Believe Mitt Romney is “Scary” – Video 4/15/12

Here is video of Rick Santorum on “Fox News Sunday” yesterday, where he said of the GOP Nomination battle – “This race is a long, long way from being over.”

Santorum is looking to tomorrow’s caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota, and the Missouri Primary as the opportunity to “show improvement.” He mentioned that Missouri is a chance to show what he can do head-to-head with Mitt Romney, since Newt Gingrich did not get on the ballot there.

Santorum said he is the candidate who can defeat Barack Obama. He characterized Romney and Gingrich as candidates who are “not up to the task” of defeating Obama.

I think Rick Santorum is going to do very well on Tuesday – particularly in Missouri. He’s going to surprise some people, and if he does, he still has a real shot at winning the GOP Presidential Nomination. He expresses himself so well, and would be a very compelling candidate to take on Barack Obama.

Rick Santorum Looks to Missouri Primary to Show what He can do Head-to-Head against Mitt Romney – Video 2/5/12


Here is video of Sen. Rick Santorum on Fox News Sunday today where he declared himself to be “the consistent conservative” in the GOP Presidential race. Santorum made the statement in relation to his being endorsed by a group of Conservative Christian leaders who gathered in Texas this weekend. Santorum was reportedly chosen on the third round of balloting in the group to be the candidate they urge conservative Christians to rally around for the GOP Presidential Nomination.

Sen. Rick Santorum Declares “I am the Consistent Conservative” in the GOP Presidential Race – Video 1/15/12

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