Donald Trump on GOP Race: “It’s Over. . . . Cruz cannot Win. He’s Got No Highway. He’s Got Nothing” – Video 5/1/16

Donald Trump does Extensive Interview with “Fox News Sunday’s” Chris Wallace; Strongly Defends the 2nd Amendment – Video 1/10/16

Carly Fiorina in Extensive “Fox News Sunday” Interview: “I’m Confident I’ll be on that Debate Stage” August 6 – Video 5/31/15

Dem Rep. Adam Schiff Avoids Question on whether Hillary Clinton Signed Federal Form Asserting She Turned over All State Department Material – Video 3/15/15

Dr. Ben Carson Confirms He is Likely to Announce a Presidential Run by the End of May – Video 2/8/15

Obama Chief of Staff: Foley, Sotloff Families were Not Threatened; The Law was “Explained” to Them – Video 9/14/14

George Will: “I would be Surprised” if Vladimir Putin “wanted to Stop where He is with Crimea” – Video 3/16/14

Karl Rove Skewers Democrat Ted Strickland with His Own Record on “Fox News Sunday” – Video 2/16/14

Brit Hume: Al-Qaeda Resurgence in Iraq because Barack Obama “Shrank” from U.S. Historic Peacekeeping Role – Video 1/5/14

Gov. Mitt Romney Holds “No ill Will” Towards MSNBC for Segment Mocking Family Photo with His Adopted African-American Grandson – Video 1/5/14

Gov. Chris Christie Does “Lightning Round” on His “Conservatism” in “Fox News Sunday” Interview – Video 11/10/13


Report: George Will Leaves ABC News for the Fox News Channel – 10/1/13

Sen. James Inhofe, Rep. Peter King: So Far, Votes Not there to Pass Resolution for War against Syria – Video 9/1/13

Gov. Rick Perry: 2016 Run For President an “Option” He is Considering – Video 7/7/13

Sen. Rand Paul Says He Intends to Go to the U.S. Supreme Court to Challenge NSA Spying on Millions of American Citizens – Video 6/9/13

Preview Clip from “Fox News Sunday” Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney: 2012 Election was “Like a Roller Coaster” – Video 2/28/13

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