Ted Cruz Proves Wrong Brit Hume Claim He has Not Won any Legislative Fights – Video 10/29/15

Bret Baier and Special Report Crew Act Like Fox News is Not Biased against Donald Trump – Video 9/23/15


Donald Trump says He will Boycott Fox News Shows “For the Foreseeable Future” Due to Bias – 9/23/15

“Morning Joe” Slams Fox News for Debate “Gotcha Questions” Targeting Donald Trump – Video 8/10/15


Robert Costa: Trump says He will “Continue to War” with Fox News; “I have a Lot of Money and. . . I’m going to Win” – 8/8/15

Trump Drops Warning to Fox News Debate Moderators about “Tricky, Wise-Guy Questions”: “I’m sure they Will be Called Out, whether it’s Me or Somebody Else” – Audio 8/5/15

Fox News Announces the Lineup for the First 2016 GOP Presidential Debate – Video 8/4/15

Fox News Duel: Greg Gutfeld Calls Out Shepard Smith for Leftist Talking Points – “Almost as though You are Justifying” Lawlessness in Baltimore – Video 4/27/15

Fox News’ Leland Vittert Interviews Man Shot by Baltimore Police with Bean Bags; Man Admits He was Throwing Things at Police! – Video 4/27/15

In Case You have been Wondering where Bob Beckel is – Greg Gutfeld Updates – Video 3/26/15


Quinnipiac Poll: Fox News “Most Trusted” News Coverage in America; MSNBC Dead Last – 3/9/15

Gov. Mike Huckabee says “Goodbye” to Fox News Channel; Will Decide on Presidential Run in the Spring; “Stay Tuned. There’s More to Come” – Video 1/3/15

Hillary Clinton Gives Long Interview on Fox News with Bret Baier, Greta Van Susteren – Complete Video 6/17/14

Liberal Joe Klein: The Only Place You can Get a Straight Newscast at 6 PM Now is Fox News; Jeff Greenfield Agrees! – Video 4/28/14

“Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson Interviewed on Fox News’ New Year’s Eve Show; Says All is Now “Fine” with A&E Network – Video 12/31/13

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Reveals He has Lost His Doctor because of ObamaCare – Video 11/26/13

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