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Here is a Fox News “Special Report” segment from last night that goes into detail on the Obama Administration’s evolving story on what happened in Benghazi, Libya with the attack on the U.S. Consulate there that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

This is an outstanding report, that gives you the timeline of events, from before the events of September 11, 2012, up to the present. We now know that President Obama knew within 24 hours of the attack it was a terrorist attack, but flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser anyway the day it was known that Chris Stevens had been killed. The timeline shows that for days after they knew it was a terrorist attack, Barack Obama and his administration officials kept pushing the idea it was a “spontaneous riot” caused by an anti-Islamic video. Barack Obama himself was still pushing that idea on September 18 on the David Letterman Show. He even insinuated that this week in his United Nations speech, not even using the word “terrorist” or “terrorism” during his address.

This is a mess, and it appears Barack Obama is hiding something. He and his administration is desperately trying to muddy the waters as much as possible, with some officials saying one thing and others something else. Obama is avoiding talking about it directly, and the liberal media is letting him get away with it — so far. They clearly want to push dealing with all this past the election, and if the media does not ask Obama about it in the upcoming Presidential Debates, Mitt Romney has to find a way to bring it up.

We are talking about a terrorist attack on the United States on September 11 that killed four Americans – the first U.S. Ambassador killed since 1979. Barack Obama has a responsibility to come clean about what happened and why his administration pushed a false narrative about the attack for so long. Let’s hope he is pushed to give those answers before November 6.

Must See Timeline Report on the Obama Team’s Evolving Stories on the Benghazi, Libya U.S. Consulate Terrorist Attack – Video 9/28/12

Here is a video report from Fox News’ Ed Henry saying the Obama White House is now in “full damage-control mode” after President Obama said in a recent interview he does not consider Egypt to be an “ally” of the United States.

Report: Obama White House in “Full Damage-Control Mode” over Obama’s Egypt Not an “Ally” Remark – Video 9/13/12

Here is a video report by Fox News’ Ed Henry on Barack Obama’s criticism of GOP SuperPAC Ads, but his refusal to denounce the blatantly false Pro-Obama SuperPAC ad that blames Mitt Romney for the death of a steelworker’s wife. The report reviews the many ways the ad fails to tell the truth.

Obama Slams GOP SuperPAC Ads; Refuses to Denounce Outrageous Pro-Obama SuperPAC Cancer Ad against Romney – Video Report 8/9/12

I thought the Obama White House did not believe in the use of “torture?”

You’d never know that when you listen to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s “tortured” defense of Barack Obama’s indefensible intimidation remarks about the U.S. Supreme Court. Even some in the media are calling Obama and Carney out on it, as you will see in this confrontation between CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell and Jay Carney. Fox News’ Ed Henry gets in on the act as well. O’Donnell eventually kicks the supports out from under Carney’s teetering argument that everyone knows Obama meant it would be “unprecedented” for the High Court to overturn legislation pertaining to the “Commerce Clause”, ignoring precedent since the New Deal era of Franklin Roosevelt! After listening to Carney for a time, O’Donnell bluntly told him that Obama never said any of that in his original remarks – which is absolutely true. Obama is now trying to qualify, and back-peddle, but Carney’s tortured explanation simply makes no sense. But, then, what’s new about that where this President is concerned?

Press Secretary Jay Carney Offers Tortured Defense of Obama’s Supreme Court Remarks; Even Media Not Buying It – Video 4/4/12

Here is audio of Rick Santorum telling Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on his radio show that Fox News is “shilling him (Mitt Romney) every day.” Kilmeade clearly did not agree – and told Santorum so. But Santorum said he and his people watch the coverage and they can see what Fox News is doing. Despite that advantage, Sortum made the point that Romney can’t “seal the deal.” Santorum seemed to be reacting to Dick Morris on “Hannity” last night who said it’s time to rally around Romney, because the GOP needs a nominee soon – not at the end of August, just 60 days away from the Election.

I’ve seen Rick Santorum on Fox News repeatedly, as well as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Fox News has aired plenty of negative attacks on Mitt Romney. I’d say the Romney people, and the Gingrich people probably feel the same way. I don’t see how statements like that help Rick Santorum’s Campaign. Now, some of the pundits clearly favor Romney – Krauthammer and others from National Review – but the news coverage I just don’t see as “shilling” for Mitt Romney.

Via Daily Caller

Rick Santorum Accuses Fox News of “Shilling for Mitt Romney Every Day” – Audio 3/13/12

Charles Krauthammer says Mitt Romney must win in his “home court” of Michigan or else he “could easily have a really bad Super Tuesday” and the whole race would be “reset.”

Krauthammer: If Romney Loses In Michigan It “Resets the Whole Race” – Video 2/15/12

Fox News has already called the South Carolina Primary for Newt Gingrich! It looks like a huge night for Newt. Polls just closed, but Exit Polls show that he will win the Primary. . . .

UPDATE 7:03 PM ET: MSNBC has now projected Gingrich as the winner.

BREAKING: Fox News Projects Newt Gingrich as the Winner of the South Carolina Primary – 1/21/12

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