CNN Anchor Calls “The Star-Spangled Banner” the “French National Anthem” – Video 7/13/17

Welcoming Ceremony for President Donald Trump in France – Video 7/13/17

France Elects Leftist Emmanuel Macron as President; Will continue Disastrous Globalist, Open Borders Policy – Video 5/7/17

ISIS Terror Attack Strikes Central Paris; One Police Officer Killed, Two Injured – Video Report 4/20/17

BREAKING: Terror Attack Hits Nice, France; Truck Plows into Crowd; 60 Reported Dead, 100 Injured. . . . – Videos 7/14/16

BREAKING: France Launches Airstrikes against the Islamic State; Hit Targets around ISIS Stronghold of Raqqa, Syria – Video Report 11/15/15

Officials Warn of Possible Terror Attacks in U.S. around July 4 Holiday in Wake of Attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France – Videos 6/27/15

French Foreign Minister: Obama Team Caved-in to the Iranians in Nuclear Deal – Video 4/3/15

Krauthammer: “The French are Quite Dismayed at How Much Obama has Given Away” to Iran in Nuclear Talks – Video 3/24/15

Oh My! John Kerry Speaks French, has James Taylor Serenade the French to make up for Boneheaded Paris March Absence – Videos 1/16/15

Dramatic Raw Video of French Police Taking Down Islamic Jihadist in Paris Kosher Grocery Store – Raw Video 1/8/15

France Prepares for Massive Unity Rally in Paris in Wake of Islamic Terrorist Attacks; Eric Holder to Represent the U.S. – 1/10/15

French Police Kill Three Islamic Terrorists as Two Hostage Sieges End; Four Hostages also Dead – Video Summary Report 1/9/15

Outstanding Summary of “Charlie Hebdo” Islamic Terrorist Attack in Paris; Manhunt for Jihadists Continues – Videos 1/8/15

Obama Calls Islamic Jihadist Attack on French Newspaper, “Senseless Violence,” “Cowardly Evil Attack”; No Mention of Islam – Video 1/7/15

French President Says Attack on Newspaper Office “Definitely” a Terrorist Attack; Vows to Hunt down Perpetrators – Video 1/7/15

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