In our most recent Freedom’s Lighthouse Poll, more than 1200 votes were recorded on the question: What do you think the chances are of President Obama being re-elected 15 months from now on November 6, 2012?

Only 13% think Obama is a “sure thing” to be re-elected, with 17% putting the chances at “50/50.” By far, the vast majority of votes (70%) believe Obama’s chances are either “slim” or “not a chance.”

We’ll run that poll again as we get closer to the election and see how it changes.

FL Online Poll Results: 70% Believe Obama’s Re-Election Chances are “Slim” to “None” – 9/4/11

The results of our latest Freedom’s Lighthouse Poll find GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann favored over Gov. Sarah Palin by a majority of those participating.

The poll asked, “If you had to choose between Rep. Michele Bachmann and Gov. Sarah Palin, who would you prefer as the Republican Nominee for President?”

The results out of nearly 1,000 votes:

55% Bachmann

45% Palin

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FL Poll Results: GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann Favored over Gov. Sarah Palin – 8/7/11

Our Freedom’s Lighthouse Weekly Poll for July 3-10 just concluded, and it shows that 62% of those voting would support the idea of a one-year Federal Income Tax Holiday for all Americans.

We asked: GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has reportedly endorsed the idea of a one-year Federal Income Tax Holiday for all Americans. This would mean no individual would pay Federal Income taxes for an entire year. Would you be in favor of that?

The results: 62% voted, “Yes, it would be a huge stimulus to the economy,” while 38% voted, “No, it sounds good, but that’s no way to deal with the nation’s debt crisis.”

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FL Weekly Poll Result: 62% Support Idea of a One-Year Federal Income Tax Holiday to Spur the U.S. Economy – 7/10/11

In our Weekly Poll for June 26 – July 3, we asked what readers thought would be President Barack Obama’s biggest obstacle to re-election by the time November 2012 rolls around. The clear winner with 59% of the vote was “Unemployment.” A strong second was the “Massive U.S. Debt” with 29%:

59% Unemployment

29% Massive U.S. Debt

9% Monetary Crisis

2% A Foreign Policy Crisis

2% Social Issues

1% High Gas Prices

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FL Weekly Poll Result: 59% Believe “Unemployment” Will be Obama’s Biggest Obstacle to Re-Election by November of 2012 – 7/3/11

In our Weekly Poll for June 19-26, 2011, we asked: If you had to say right now, what do you think (not hope) the chances are that President Barack Obama will be re-elected in 2012?

We had more than 400 total votes. 68% said Obama either has “no chance,” or that his re-election is “possible, but unlikely.” 14% believe his chances are “even money,” with only 17% believing he has a “good chance” or that “he’s got it in the bag.”

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FL Weekly Poll Result: 68% Believe Obama’s Chances of Re-Election are “No Chance” or “Unlikely” – 6/26/11

The results are in from our most recent Weekly Poll. For the second straight month, GOP Rep. Ron Paul is the top choice for the GOP Nomination. Paul received 589 votes for 48% of the votes cast. Interestingly, more than 500 of those votes came in on Thursday when a concerted Facebook effort was used to move Paul’s percentage from 9% to 54% in just a few hours. This makes two straight months that Paul supporters have used a Facebook effort on Thursday during the GOP Nomination Poll to run up the total for their candidate.

I think they have made their point – that they are the most zealous in seeking out and dominating online polls. We’ll likely narrow the field of candidates listed next month in order to see who the readers that frequent our site actually support.

In this poll, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was second with 210 votes (17%), followed by Sarah Palin with 128 votes (10%). Herman Cain was fourth at 113 votes (9%).

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FL Weekly Poll Result: Ron Paul, Rick Perry Top Choices for 2012 GOP Nomination – 6/19/11


In the results of our Weekly Poll for June 5-12, 2011, 83% of those who voted do NOT think Donald Trump will end up running for President as an Independent in 2012. Trump has been making soundings that he just might run as a Independent if the Republicans don’t “pick the right guy.” But most of our readers don’t seem to think he’ll go through with it. Thanks for participating!

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FL Weekly Poll Result: 83% Think Donald Trump Will NOT Run for President as an Independent in 2012 – 6/12/11

By a wide margin, our readers hope to see Texas Gov Rick Perry jump into the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race. The results of our Weekly Poll just completed (May 29-June 5) show that 53% of those voting want Perry to get in, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie the second choice with 25%. Rudy Giuliani was not far behind at 19%. Gov. George Pataki was favored by only 3%. There were 156 votes recorded. We hope you’ll vote each week in our poll. A new poll is posted each Sunday.

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Weekly Poll: 53% of Readers Want Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Jump into the 2012 GOP Presidential Race – 6/5/11


The results of our Freedom’s Lighthouse Weekly Poll for May 22-29 are in. By a margin of 62%-38%, our voters do not think Gov. Sarah Palin will enter the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race. There were 355 votes in the poll.

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FL Weekly Poll Results: 62% Believe Sarah Palin Will NOT Run for President in 2012


In our first “Weekly Poll,” we were thrilled to have nearly 1,800 votes, May 15-22, 2011! As you see from the results, GOP Rep. Ron Paul came out on top, with 36% of the vote. He was followed very closely by Herman Cain with 32% – who just made his announcement for President.

Cain made a very strong showing. He led the vote until Thursday, when Ron Paul received a large number of votes. In fact, there were more than twice as many votes on Thursday, than any other day of the week. Paul’s supporters have a history of putting their man over the top on online polls.

Gov. Sarah Palin came in third with 11% of the vote, and Gov. Mitt Romney was fourth with 5%. Perhaps what was surprising was the fact that Gov. Tim Pawlenty – despite having run for months now, and being talked about quite a bit as a top-tier candidate – only got 25 total votes, for 1%.

We’ll run the 2012 GOP Nomination Poll again in the middle of June, and each month thereafter until the caucuses and primaries begin. Thanks to everyone who voted! I hope you will continue to vote in each of our weekly polls. Look for a new one every Sunday afternoon.

Check here for all the results.

Results of Freedom’s Lighthouse Weekly Poll: Ron Paul, Herman Cain Lead 2012 GOP Field

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