Gallup: Only 47% of Democrats “Extremely Proud” to be Americans; 68% of Republicans – 7/3/15

Gallup CEO Tells the Truth about Unemployment under Barack Obama: Full-time Jobs Worst they have been in “30 Years” – Video 2/5/15


Gallup: Barack Obama’s Job Approval Margin Dives 7-Points Since Government Shutdown Began; Approval at 41% – 10/4/13


Gallup: President Obama’s Job Approval Dives to 41% – 8/10/13

President Barack Obama’s first term average job approval rating was near the bottom of a list of recent Presidents. According to Gallup, Obama’s average approval rating was 49.1% for the four years, just ahead of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

Obama’s First Term Average Job Approval Below 50%; Just Ahead of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter – Gallup 1/20/13

GALLUP: President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are within one percentage point of each other in Gallup’s final pre-election survey of likely voters, with Romney holding 49% of the vote, and Obama 48%. After removing the 3% of undecided voters from the results and allocating their support proportionally to the two major candidates, Gallup’s final allocated estimate of the race is 50% for Romney and 49% for Obama. . . Read More

Gallup’s Final “Allocated Estimate” of the 2012 Presidential Race: Romney 50%, Obama 49%

Gallup has posted information today from their polling on people across the nation who have already voted, and they find Mitt Romney leading 52%-46%. Among those who say they still intend to early-vote, they find a tie 49%-49%. But among people who say they will vote on election day, Romney leads 51%-45%:

It’s early – but those are good signs for Mitt Romney.

Gallup Survey Finds Mitt Romney Leading among Early-Voters Nationwide 52%-46% – 10/29/12

Here is video from “The Five” yesterday, where Democrat Strategist Bob Beckel said flatly that if the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll’s numbers are accurate, giving Mitt Romney a 52%-45% lead as of yesterday, “It’s over. It’s. over.” Beckel went on to say if those numbers are correct, there is no way that Mitt Romney, as a “challenger candidate,” is going to come back down under 50%. Bob Beckel has been active in Democratic Politics for decades, and actually ran Walter Mondale’s 1984 Campaign, in which Mondale lost 49 states to President Ronald Reagan.

Now Beckel did make it clear he’s not sure the numbers are accurate. I must agree with him there. I would not be at all surprised for that lead to get smaller over the weekend. Democrats often poll much better on weekends, and other tracking polls have the race much closer (Rasmussen is at Romney +2). This time next week will tell us a lot more. If Romney is still above 50% a week from now, then Beckel’s “it’s over” statement may apply. We’ll see.

Democrat Bob Beckel on Gallup Tracking Poll Showing Romney at 52%: “IF those Numbers are Correct, It is Over. It is Over.” – Video 10/18/12

Here is Karl Rove pointing out that no Presidential Candidate over 50% in the Gallup “Likely Voter” Poll in mid-October has ever gone on to lose the Election. Mitt Romney moved out to a 51%-45% lead over Barack Obama today.

Karl Rove: No Candidate over 50% in Gallup “Likely Voter” Poll in Mid-October has Gone on to Lose the Presidential Election; Romney Leads Today 51%-45% – Video 10/17/12

The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll out today shows Gov. Mitt Romney moving out to a 6-point lead over President Barack Obama, 51%-45%. That’s a two-point increase from yesterday, when Romney led 50%-46%.

I’ll post some of the Twitter reaction below:

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll Shows Mitt Romney with a Six-Point Lead over Barack Obama – 10/17/12

Gallup is reporting that Mitt Romney won the first Presidential Debate by “historic” margins, and that his victory has him dead-even with Barack Obama in their tracking poll for the three days following the debate. Obama had been leading their poll of “Registered Voters” by a 5-point margin prior to the debate. This is not Gallup’s full 7-day Tracking Poll, which still includes several days prior to the debate, but only using the three-days of polling done post-debate:

Once again, notice that Gallup is still using a “Registered Voter” model instead of the more accurate “Likely Voter” model. If they ever switch to “Likely Voters” (it’s less than a month to Election Day), the numbers could get even better for Romney.

Gallup: Mitt Romney Gains 5-Points on Obama in Post-Debate Polling; Wins First Presidential Debate by “Historic” Margin of 52 Points – 10/8/12

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Here is Gallup’s Frank Newport on MSNBC yesterday, where he said “September 7-13” will be when the “bounce” results from the two Conventions will really become evident. Monday will give some indication of what kind of “bounce” Mitt Romney is getting from the Republican National Convention, but those numbers will quickly be impacted by the start of the Democrat National Convention, which starts on Tuesday. Historically, Newport said the average bounce is 5 points, with Democrats usually getting a slightly larger bounce than Republicans. In 2008, Barack Obama got a 4 point bounce, while John McCain an 8 point bounce.

“Gallup’s” Frank Newport Talks Post-Convention “Bounce”; Says September 7-13 Will Reveal Impact of Two Nominating Conventions – Video 8/31/12

Via Gallup

Gallup is out with interesting numbers that put President Obama’s approval rating in historical perspective one-year ahead of the 2012 Presidential Election.

President Obama’s 43% rating is the second worst for a sitting President one year out from a re-election bid. Only Jimmy Carter was worse at 40% – and you know he lost in a landslide in 1980.

One Year Out from Re-Election Bid, Obama Near Jimmy Carter Approval Numbers – Gallup

President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is absolutely tanking – as evidenced by the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. Obama has now slipped below the dreaded 40% level in approval at 39%, with 54% disapproving of the job he is doing as President.

I wonder if the liberal media will now obsess over Obama’s dismal approval numbers the way they did about George W. Bush? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

President Obama’s Job Approval is Tanking; Now at 39% in Latest Gallup Tracking Poll – 8/14/11

Gallup has released new polling on voters’ preference between President Obama and a “Generic Republican” candidate. They report that their latest survey finds voters moving against President Obama. A “Generic Republican” now leads Obama by eight points at 47%-39%.

Perhaps even more ominous for Obama is that he now trails among Independent voters by 10-points, 44%-34%:

Independent registered voters are currently more likely to vote for the Republican candidate (44%) than for Obama (34%), though one in five do not have an opinion. Republicans and Democrats show strong party loyalty in their vote choices, with Republicans showing somewhat stronger loyalty.

While it is true that Obama won’t face a “Generic Republican,” it shows how ripe many voters are to be won over by whoever the Republican nominee will be. Notice how far below 50% “The One” now is, as Americans begin to ponder the reality that Obama has failed miserably.

Gallup: President Obama Now Trails a “Generic Republican” by 8-Points – 7/14/11

Gallup is out with new Obama Approval Numbers today showing that his bounce after the killing of Osama Bin Laden is largely gone. Perhaps the key number is that among Independents, Obama’s approval is down to 42% – close to where it was on May 1 before Bin Laden was killed (40%).

Gallup: Obama Approval Rating Down to 42% Among Independents

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